Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's A Party Here!

My school holiday has been pretty productive. I have been attending to my farms and restaurant on a daily basis. I have managed to harvest thousands of crops, plants, milked the cows and been helping my neighbours with their farms and restaurant too. It has been wonderful.

This week has been quite a party in the house with my nephews and nieces bunking in the house for 5 days. The kids are having lots of fun. No doubt the house is in a lot of mess, tak larat nak kemas dah sometimes, turun bawah semak kat bawah, naik atas semak ke atas. I've turned into an evil stepmom named 'Cruella' shouting at these 8 kids aged 3 to 9, minus Hilman to bathe, to eat, to pray, yadda yadda yadda. It may sound stressful but not too bad actually as my kids have been whining less and I got to cabut kejap from time to time without the kids asking 'Ibu nak pergi mana? Nak ikut!' pantang I pakai baju cantik sikit as they have their playmates around so they tend to forget about me sometimes.

At times I have to stop my kids and demand them for a kiss or a hug and they will go 'Ala Ibu ni' because they are either busy playing or just too embarass to kiss me in front of their cousins tapi tak kisah janji diaorang stop and acknowledge my existence. Right now the girls are playing doctor2 and the girls take turns to be the pregnant lady and the labour part is just hilarious with the preggie one panting and screaming 'Arghhh ! Errghhh! Warghhh! sakit2, mana suami saya, bagi dia masuk, tolong nurse, tolong doktor' the doctor then checks the preggie lady's stomach by covering herself and the preggie lady's stomach with a blanket or a towel. I have no idea where they learnt this from and the funny part is the doctor will give the name to the baby example 'ya puan, ni anak puan, namanya Lisa' ahak ahak and the nurse will start calling the other family members who are eagerly waiting outside the so called labour room 'ya boleh masuk sekarang, selamat bersalin, nama anaknya Lisa' kadang2 nama Nurinlah, Adamlah, Dafilah macam-macam.

My eldest Nuraina however does not join this kind of ludicrous act, she has found the joy of facebooking and has been chatting with her friends and other cousins and even attending to her farm too. The boys conquer the Nintendo Wii and playing football in the house or trading and playing their Match Attack cards.

Bibik has been extra busy in the kitchen. I love it when they are many kids in the house as they will eat like there's no tomorrow, semalam satu periuk nasi lemak habis for breakfast, this morning 2 packets of spaghetti gone, petang two large pizzas gone in a jiffy, makan berebut2 nampak seronok sangat, 5 packet of Chipsmore lenyap, baru beli on Tuesday, 4 packets of mini cadbury chocolate pun abis, sekali tu I opened the fridge tinggal kotak aje dlm fridge, punyalah geram tak reti nak buang ke kalau dah habis.

Overall life has been great. I hope you all have a great holiday too.
Cruella signing out.

Friday, December 4, 2009


Khairina Selfless Act

You know my daughter Khairina is such a selfless homosapien. Too selfless that sometimes it worries me that she'll get easily bullied by the people around her. Though she looks forward to be in Year One soon but because of her too selfless act, I can't help but worrying and as it is now I'm trying to teach her to be tougher and learn to say 'No' but so far it has not been successful.

For example just the other day, my two elder girls were watching tv in my dad's room and my eldest Nuraina was sitting on the chair and Khairina on the bed and Nuraina complained that she needs more room to stretch her legs because her legs feel crammed and you know what, Khairina offered her shoulders for Nuraina to rest her feet on. I was appaled when she said that and began lifting her Kakak Aina's leg to put on her shoulders and I was even mad at Aina for letting her to do such.

Sometimes she's just too sweet, gentle and nice (I know I should be glad) that people easily take advantage of her even baby Hilman would order her around, everytime when he throws the ball he'd go 'Kakak amik' and Khairina would obligingly follow his instrcution without protest and mind you this goes on more than 10 throws ok?

That is why Hilman first word was 'Kakak' because he was all the time refering to this particular 'kakak', Khairina who would come to his aid every time.

Hilman Monosylabic words

As for Hilman, ever since he knew how to talk I've been teaching him to say please and thank you and everytime he asks for milk I will make him say 'Please Ibu, I love you Ibu soooo much.' But what happens now is whenever he asks for milk and when I say 'what must you say?', instead of saying 'please' he'd say 'ooo mud'(so much). Yeah so basically I've been teaching him to say the wrong thing.

Not only that when he counts, he doesn't start with the number 'one' instead he will go 'tuu, twi' eventhough when we mention 'one' with expectation for him to repeat he'll proceed with 'tuu, twi' with his toothy smile.

And one more interesting thing about Hilman, everytime when we enter the house he'll go 'Ahhkom' meaning (assalammualaikum), I find that to be so cute and that never fails to make me laugh everytime.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

What Have We Done!

Gosh! 4 more weeks before the school holiday ends. Time sure flies fast when you are in the midst of having fun. So what have I been doing? Well the first weekend was more to family bonding time by lazying around, watching tv, napping and playing cards, tumbling towers and the sorts.

The week that follow, we planned to go back to Terengganu for the Raya Haji celebration, however, it wasn't finalized then as there was report of floods in the area, so I did not bother planning my packing. On Tuesday, I brought my mum and Aina to JCard Day. It was crazy as usual with too many people in the mall. As it was a school holiday, I was lucky to get a car park quite easily as we were there early. My mom planned to go there again the next day and I was happy to oblige....when suddenly...

My hubby came home at 7.00 pm at inform that we are going back to Terengganu the next day, our hopes to go shopping crushed and can you imagine how haywire things became to pack everything in such a short notice? My room looked like a capsized ship with clothes and other stuff thrown everywhere. Everything became chaotic as packing for a family of 7 is definitely a challenging task and doing it at a last minute is definitely not my cup of tea as it tends to jam up my brain with so many lists to think about milk, thermos, how many sets of pyjamas, daywear, undies, diapers, toiletries and etc etc. I could go bonkus!

The journey to Terengganu was quite pleasant although there was some rackets going on at the backseat but overall not too bad as the kids managed to nap throughout the journey. Although I loathe packing and long journey but I do not mind going back to Terengganu for a change of scenery. Not only that, the kids too get enough sunshine as they will be running around further than their usual house compound gate, chasing chicken, watching the grazing cows and feeding the horse, breathing the fresh air. On top of that I love going back to Terengganu because I have the opportunity to stock up cheap local made frozen food of sausage bread, roti canai, curry puffs, pau, popiah and not forgetting the keropok lekor, keropok kering and buying new designs and cheaper tudung there.

In Terengganu, the 'korban' is often done at the host house compound so my kids had the chance to witness the ritual done and even touch the cow before it being slaughtered. Besides celebrating Raya Haji, our days were filled with swimming session, shopping and enjoying the Ikan Celup Tepung (ICT) with my parents in law. Oh another reason why we like to go back is the fact that my mom-in-law is such a good cook and all of us truly love indulging in the food she has prepared. And the fact that my mother-in-law is such a true gem you can't help but just to love her. On Saturday we had a small birthday do for her and she was pleased and we were glad as we do not really get the chance to celebrate her birthdays that often.

On Sunday we embarked on our journey back to KL and it was hell! We spent 12 hours on the road and it was so tiring. We reached home at 12.00 am and we were all knackered. The next day everybody woke up late!!! The days that follow were the usual routine of the kids besides reading, revising and practising piano making lots of noise in the house and watching tv and yours truly going to school to do some unfinished school work.

Yesterday we decided to invest in Nintendo Wii so the children could play some active and interactive games and would bother us with their whinning less and it has been an answered prayer as they actually have not been bothering us as much. ahak ahak. But we had made some rules and regulations. Playing is only allowed after the reading, revising and piano practise are done and so far they have been abiding the rules.

Not only that hubby suggested Wii Fit too for me to exercise. So it's actually a sign for me to start moving that heavy butt of mine and do some exercises and I have no reason now for not doing it. Yikes! I am so in trouble now.

So life has been pretty quiet right now and I'm allowed more time to myself. Selfish, no?

N.B.- Thanks to Myra for giving us the idea on buying the Wii.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Great Food, Good Company!

Last weekend Myra invited me for dinner in her house. I was excited because she's a real good cook so this is a chance to savour all the wonderful food she has prepared. The invitation was done through the facebook and as I replied to the thread messages, I felt like an outsider because Myra was the only person I knew, so I then became quite sceptical to go. But to miss out on the good food, no can do! So I braved myself there.

I took Dhaniyah with me as the elder two girls went for a sleepover at their cousin's house. As I was to drive at night, I asked Myra the direction to her house and with lots of prayers, I made my way to Shah Alam. As usual, I got lost but and thank God for handphones Myra guided me through all the way to her house.

Upon seeing her, I never fail to shed a few tears because she reminds me of arwah (my best friend) and how much I miss her. As she ushered me to the house, I was later introduced to her good friends Nadia, Jaja, Amelia, Ami and Kamalia. They were all such nice friendly people and they did not make me feel awkward at all.

And there on the dining table, was a whole spread of wonderful succulent food that some looked really alien to me. There was minestrone soup, chicken pie, scoth eggs aka dinosaur eggs, meringue, blueberry cheesy tarts, chocolate peanut cheese tarts, spaghetti carbonara, chicken sandwiches, chocolate muffins. Not only they looked good, it was so tasty too. I had made the right move to come.

Not long after came the diva the Desert Rose, I was eager to meet her as I have been following her blog and she's really one entertaining person. I pictured her to be loud and aggressive, turned out she's such a soft-spoken person but she was still funny. Then came Anna Maria, a good friend of arwah and talking to her made me sad again as she reminded me of how much I missed arwah.

I made a move around midnight and I felt happy. Not only I got to eat the succulent food, I enjoyed the company too. Myra thank you for inviting me and introducing me to all these wonderful people.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dhaniyah - My Drama Queen

Just the other night when I was going up the staircase after dinner, I saw my Dhaniyah sitting on the stairs with tears streaming down her eyes. I was somewhat puzzled as earlier she, Nabil and Khairina were playing happily in the room. I asked her what went wrong and she said 'tak nak' and turned her face to the opposite direction.

I felt bad looking at her sorrow face, decided to sit on the staircase beside her and gently ask on why she's here while I could listen to the elder siblings chattering and laughing in the room and she went 'Shaya ni tengah shedih shangat' Why darling?! 'Shebab takde shaper dah shayang kat shaya, shemua orang tak nak kawan dengan shaya' and I went maybe because you're being naughty, that's why nobody wants to be your friend. 'Shaya naughty shikit aje, shaya cuma gigit sikit aje' with tears still flowing down her cheeks.

I then took her hand and brought her into the room where the other children were playing demanding them to justify what had just happened, Khairina then came to me and showed me the teeth mark on her cheek. The wound was deep that there was blood mark on it. 'Dhaniyah, ni bukan gigit sikit, ni gigit banyak. Kenapa Niyah buat camni kat kakak, because you were being naughty tulah semua orang tak nak kawan. Ibu pun tak sukalah Niyah buat perangai camni. I am now very very unhappy with you too, you know?' Waaaaa.....came a loud wail. 'Shemua orang tak shayang shaya...waaaaaaaaaa...Shemua orang nak marah je kat shaya...waaa...shaya shedih shangat ni, shaya ni shedih shangat tau Ibu......Ibu, Ibu tak shayang shaya ke?

There you are people, my Dhaniyah, the drama queen. Sigh! How to marah lama2 like that?

On another note, Dhaniyah has the tendency to cakap terbalik for example if she wants to eat orange the first time she will said 'nak eron' and there was this one incident when we were all in the car on the way to Terengganu she asked me 'Ibu, Ibu ada bawa tak baju rukung Niyah, malam ni Niyah nak pakai baju rukung.' And my hubby went baju rukung? and we all laughed so hard because what she meant was baju kurung.

Hai Dhaniyah, Dhaniyah.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Drama Minggu Ini

You know my elder son Nabil is so so passionate about football and he is also a die hard Liverpool fan. He can name all the players, the managers, the position they play not only for this club but other clubs too. On weekends and holidays he will stay up to watch any football matches with my husband. Sometimes he'll give my hubby the updates when my hubby accidentally dozed off to slumberland. If he had his way he will stay up on weeknights too but of course we had to draw the line when it comes to school days. (hmmm...just wish he's this passionate about his studies too). Oh well!

Anyway, Nabil has a collection of this Match Attack cards. He has an album almost full of these EPL club players. He treasures this album so much. Every day he will flip through the pages and once in a fortnight he buys a set of this cards from his allowance that he had saved for the weeks.

Lately he has been pestering me to allow him to bring all his Match Attack cards to his Agama school. I of course banned him from doing so as he has collection of hundred over cards and they're all nicely arranged based on the teams the players are in. But he did not give up but kept on asking me the permission to do so, his reason was, so he could exchange some of the cards with his friends. Well, thinking that his exam is over, I thought why not but with one condition he can only bring the extra cards (the cards he no longer needed as he already have them in his album). That was the deal.

So last Thursday, as I was in the car waiting to fetch the children home for the Agama school, I saw my son counting his cards. In his hands I saw about 10 cards, thinking that those were the extra cards he brought, I asked whether he managed to exchange the cards with his friends. He said he didn't exchange but some of the boys actually bought the cards from. The paid him RM1 and some gave him their toys in exchange of the cards. At this point, I was unhappy as he was supposed to exchange them not sell them. He said he didn't ask for the money but they willingly gave. Ok fine.

After picking them up, we usually will go round to find kuih to be eaten for tea. So we stopped to buy these sweetmeats and drinks and tah apa2 lagi, as Nabil was hungry he ate his doughnut in the car, so when we reached home he was still eating hence he has forgotten to bring down his bag from my car.

So at around 6.00pm, they kids were shooed to take their bath. When suddenly Bibik came down and told me Nabil is in the room crying. When I came into the room, I could see he was still sobbing, I asked him what's wrong but he just kept quiet only the sobs were heard and shoulders shaking. Not long after hubby came into the room and asked what happened and he blurted that all his Match Attack cards were stolen. Stolen? How? Apparently he brought all the cards to school and now they are no longer with him. He claimed the Std 4 and 5 boys took them from his bag.

At this point both Abah and Ibu dah mula nak naik darah dah. Despite what we told him not to bring the whole lot, dia tak dengar so memang saja nak kena marahlah kan. So he memang kena left and right from both of us. He dared not say much as he knows it was his mistake to begin with. He was so so upset that he cried himself to sleep tu belum mandi lagi tu. So at around 8.00 kejutkan dia untuk mandi tapi muka dia mmg nampak so so heart broken and frustrated all the cards that he has collected gone mcm tu aje. Before going to bed, he cried again sebab terlampau sedih. Kesian gaklah tengok.

That night before going to bed my hubby said if they refused to give them back, he's going to confront these boys and demand for them to return those cards to him. Myself pun sakit ati jugak lah these bigger kids bullying younger kids like him, kan. Thus terkeluarlah all the nasty words like pergi sek agama tapi panjang tangan, apalah diaorg belajar kat situ, tak sedar dosa pahala, etc, etc. (Ibu ni memang emo sikit). So the next day my hubby said he will pick the kids up from school.

So when they arrived, this eager Ibu pun tanyalah how? dapat balik tak? and my hubby gave me this smug look and Nabil sheepishly said the cards were not stolen or missing as they were in his bag all this while. Huh?! Turned out he checked the wrong bag sebab his agama school bag was still inside my car so the cards mmg ada kat dalam tu. Aiiikkkk?!!!!

Tulah drama sensasi minggu ini. Dengan airmata yang bercucur-cucuran dan berbucket-bucket and Ibu's nasty words yang berkilo2, all for nothing. Buat dosa je.

Haiiyoo.... sabor jelah anak jantan aku ni. mcm-mcm.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Dear - Happy Birthday

Hubby dear,
Happy happy birthday to you *confetti*. Though we did not really get to celebrate this aupicious occasion, I hope today turned out to be a special day for you with the cake the children chose, the card they selected and the practical gift I got for you. It's the thought that counts, kan? So I do hope you are happy to be a year older today. Lots lots lots and lots of love. Muah!

P/S- Am such a romantic wife, no?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My New Toy

Before I go on on my new toy, let me tell you about the Charity Dinner. The dinner was a success. The hall looked posh, everybody was well groomed and elegant. The queen was impressed too. My orchestra members made me proud, they sounded really good and to my ears they were flawless, they were so so so good, I was so proud of them and that actually made me closed to tears. Six long years with them, all the hardwork, the long practices and the headache paid off when I heard them play. Everybody was happy too even the queen expressed her satisfaction with the performances. She even extended her stay from 45 minutes to one whole hour.

The funny thing was during the one whole hour she was around, the hall was so quiet you can hear a pin dropped, everybody dared not move or talk much but the moment she left the hall, there were roar of laughters and chatters. It was like everybody suddenly sighed a huge sigh of relief. It was hilarious.

Now, Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to say that right now I'm blogging from my new toy. My new laptop the Acer 4540. Wahahaha... I'm now a proud owner of the laptop picture below.

It's great, finally a new laptop after pestering for months for a new laptop so last 2 weeks I finally got one. The feeling is exuberant (close to orgasm) ahak ahak. Is that good. However I had to actually refrain myself from caressing the shining metal thing, the LCD screen, the soft keyboard just because I still had exam papers to mark and other unfinished school work to attend to. I dare not touch it for fear of addicting to it and refusing of letting it go. Nonetheless the image of my virgin laptop still sitting in its box never actually left my mind, even when I was busy with my work.

And when the day came, it was just what I expected it to be, the keyboard was soft to the fingers, the screen was nice to look at. Everything looked beautiful even my inbox had nice splash of colours, suddenly. Oh by the way, this laptop is an anniversary gift from hubby. Isn't he sweet? I know. ahak ahak.

Alright I'll sign off here. I've a lot of other (cyber) work to attend to. Restaurant City, Farmville, Farm Town, Barn Buddy, here I come.....!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thanks you guys!

I'm lucky and happy to have such wonderful friends who always have my back covered.
I can always count on them for anything...

Thank you guys! (you know who you are) and I love you all so much.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stop Complaining, Start Contributing!

This post may offend some of my readers but I'm just merely stating the truth, if you're not happy please do not bother to read on and go visit other blogs that make you happy.

The week after the final-year exam, has been really stressful and hectic for us, the marking of papers and the preparation of the Charity Dinner this coming Friday night.

I'm proud to say, I'm a teacher of this school and usually the impression that I get when I say am a teacher of this school, that I'm lucky as it is an elite school where you can find all the rich people's and VIPs children here. They are not wrong but we don't get things that easy here as sadly it is difficult to get contributions from all these people.

I'm aware being a teacher you are bound to shoulder all kinds of responsibilities, and I don't intend to complain here, I do not mind at all but my heart is a bit heart-broken when all the effort done, do not really get the support from the students and their parents themselves.

Sometimes, I think to myself is it worth all the sacrifices made, though most of teachers only have the best interest of the students in their mind but my heart keeps questioning, is it all worth it when some of the students themselves do not care a hoot of what the school is doing for them?

Since we became the cluster school, especially this year,I believe the school has done so much to serve and to cater for the students needs, but what do we get in return? I can tell you this, not much.

I had to stay back whole of this week for the orchestra practices for the charity dinner. I came on Sunday too. We prepared new blouses for the girls, we prepared permission letters, we prepare working papers, we need to prepare food for them, we hired a bus, we are hiring the conductors, we have to pay arrangement for the songs, we are paying the vocal teacher on top of our core work which is teaching and all these done so that the girls will get the chance to play and showcase their talent for the Queen in Nikko Hotel. It's a big event and it is done to upgrade all the facilities that we have in school, we are trying to be 'the school of the future' and what we want in return is to get the support from the parents to make this a reality by contributing RM200 per seat for the dinner in the name of charity.

The sad thing is that some of the parents are not even aware of this BIG event as they were not told by their children though we have distributed the letter for all the parents and we even published it in our website. We got such poor response and some students can even say the are facing 'financial crisis'? FINANCIAL CRISIS? Mind you, these words blurted out came from the students who have drivers to take them home, whose parents car are dwarfing all the teachers' car, they carry handphones that are more expensive and sophisticated than mine, who wear watches which cost hundreds of ringgit, who are willing to pay hundreds of ringgit worth of ticket concert, who go for holiday overseas annually, whose parents are willing to buy Guitar Hero, PS2, PSP and they are not willing to fork out RM200 for the school. This event is all done for the benefits of the students, definitely not us the teachers, as to prepare such big event we are bogged down with just more work.

It is just sad to see this whole scenario happening in an environment where majority of the students come from such affluent and privilege families where we have to beg them to contribute for the school. It is just sad what more with what the school has done for the students 'the Musical Night, Mantap Minda, Majlis Restu, Graduation Night' just to name a few, and the only thing that we often received is the rising number of complaints from the students and the parents. So if you're not willing to contribute, please stop complaining.

So who can we blame when the students have such selfish act?

Ask not what the school can do for you but what you can do for the school.

P/S- I remember for the years I was in that school, I had been contributing to build-up of the surau, I did not get to enjoy the privilege then but it did not stop me contributing for the school.

To write and serve with love.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

One Malaysia- One Whole Day Affair

Yesterday afternoon, my two elder children were offered to do a promo for Astro TV on One Malaysia. Aina was ecstatic, Nabil wasn't because he was more looking forward to attend his football practice tomorrow. Thinking that he will still make it for the practice we persuaded him to take the job. It was pretty a last minute thing as the shooting is to be done today and we have to be there at 9.00 am.

As last night, I attended the Form 5 Graduation Dinner in KGNS which ended around 11.00 pm and as I was knackered after that thus I did not get the chance to check my e-mail for the script that the children need to memorize. So I only managed to get them to read the script this morning at around 8.00 am and Aina being excited for the job succeeded in memorizing the whole lines in mere 10 minutes whereas Nabil could not be bothered to learn it by heart. Which pissed me off but I did not want to spoil his mood so I actually let him be. So the script goes like this:-

It doesn't matter,
How we look,
How we speak,
What colour we are.

We all laugh
We all cry,
We all take pride,

In our home,
In our future,
In our country,
One Malaysia.

We were told to bring 3 different colours of clothes; white, red and one casual wear.
We reached ASTRO at around 9.20 am, we actually got lost (ni semua punca because some husbands who just refused to listen to the wives) I taulah I buta jalan but I've called to ask the way tapi some husbands believe diaorang lagi pandai than the wives kan! Opppss...out of the topic, that part nanti kita cerita lain ok? ahak ahak.

So upon reaching there, after all the mumbo jumbo at the security post we were escorted inside. We were taken to the cafeteria for breakfast, the sandwiches and the curry puffs were good. So no complain there. Then we were taken to the dressing room, the kids waited to be made up. Oh by the way, the were 20 other talents involved in this promo, 14 adults and 6 kids.

Nabil after the made up. He requested for rambut Ultraman.

We waited and waited, the children while their time away watching TV, as I was in a hurry burry this morning, I did not bring anything with me so I wasted my whole day today doing nothing besides waiting and waiting and waiting. I should have brought my test papers to mark or a book to read. Regret! regret! Alright so after they have been made up, they were brought to the studio for a rehearsal. So that too took quite some time as they were about 6 people ahead of us. And each person had to do quite a number of takes. As it was already lunch time, we were told to take our lunch first. So the food was good, we had fish curry, sweet sour chicken, fried wantan, mixed veggie and fish fillet, the children truly enjoyed their meal. Both Aina and Nabil went for a second helping. I guess as it was so bl**dy cold in there, it made us get hungry easily.

After lunch, the kids were sent to do some touch-up and then we went back to Studio 3 and there were still 2 people doing their shoot. Once they were done, Nabil was called to the floor, he said his lines and he sounded like a robot, he was later coached by one of the crew members, he was slightly better but he spoke like he was reading one boring book. Nabil was told to take a break and it was Aina's turn, she delivered her lines pretty well and we were all happy. As hubby and I had some errands to do, we left the kids under the care of my cousin who was a part of the production team. Thinking that they will do well as they sounded ok when we told them we had to leave, we then joyfully made our way to the exit.

Thirty minutes later, I received a call from my cousin saying that Aina cried and she did not finish her shoot because she requested for her mother to be around. As we were almost reaching our destination, I told her to give us an hour for us to settle our things and will be right there soon after.

More than an hour later, we saw the kids and we heard them giggling away as they have made friend with Vijay of the Geng Bas Sekolah. By this time, a lot of waiting involved as the second batch of talents arrived for their shoot. So we waited and waited again for their turns. Nabil was the clown of the day as he had to do so many takes, apparently he did not take instruction very well. Luckily enough the crew members were all patient and nice group of people, even the talents were all friendly and managed to put the kids at ease. Nuraina did pretty well this time and she only had to do two takes for both sections.

Aina all set to say her lines

This promo was divided into 3 parts, the first one, individual lines, second one, group photos and the third one each talent takes turn to hold the flag. So we waited and waited for each talent to finish their individual line, we went for tea then we waited to get everybody to do the group thing, we waited until all the groups done, then we went for dinner and we waited and waited again to do the last segment the holding of the flag. We were then finally allowed to go home at around 9.15 pm. And before we left, they were still a few other talents who haven't finish with their individual lines.

Waiting to be divided into groups
Nabil's group shoot

This promo may take less than a minute to be on air, my children may appear on tv for few seconds but it took more than 12 hours of preparation. So that's it children, I will never allow you to choose a career in this entertainment business, the working hours are just too ridiculous. So jangan mimpi nak jadi superstar ok? So the rest of you out there, watch out for this promo which will feature my kids (omigosh! am so proud) sometime next month.

Till then, take care.

P/S- Oh man! I have orchestra practice to attend to tomorrow from 9-12. Sigh! I need rest. Can I not go? (hmm...wishful thinking!)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My darling Khairina

My third child, aka my second daughter Engku Nureen Khairina turned 6 last 15 October. As this month is a busy month for all of us, we didn't get to make a birthday do for her. Nonetheless to celebrate the day she requested for a special dinner at Swensen's restaurant as they wanted to indulge on ice-cream after the dinner.

Khairina succesfully managed to persuade Abah to take us to Swensen's

The long-awaited ice-cream cake

The children goofing around

My Khairina is a very gentle girl, she's very lady-like so different than my other 2 girls as the other 2 are pretty loud and quite aggressive. So much so, she is often being bullied by the siblings. She doesn't really know how to fight back hence we will see her crying most of the times. She gives in most of the times, selfish is not in her vocabulary making her at a lose end most of the times.

Of all my children, I felt that she was not very ready to become a big sister when I was pregnant to my fourth as she was still a baby herself though she has the widest age gap between my fourth. She is the slowest to read, she still hasn't finished her books compared to the elder two who completed the whole course when they turned 6 early of the year. She's still reading Iqra' 4 when the other 2 have read quran when they were her age.

As she'll be going to Standard 1 next year, she's adding up to my worries as they way I see it she is still unprepared to face the primary school out there. She lacks the sense of responsibility, she has such hideous handwriting, she often loses her things and she takes things very easy. However, this girl of mine is very helpful, not that stubborn and such an amiable person. She is Hilman's favourite sister and a favourite among her uncles and aunties too.

Khairina, my hope for you is that you will find success in life and always remain happy throughout your life. In the meantime, can you please please please take good care of your things and yourself? Kalau orang buli tu, cuba lawan sikit and learn to say 'no' when you don't really want to do the thing people ask you to, but Ibu is an exceptionlah you cannot say 'no' to Ibu tau. ok?

Lotsa love my dear,

P/S- oh ya your birthday do, insyaAllah will be held somewhere in the mid of November so please be patient and your birthday gift will come on that day too so stop asking the question over and over again. ok?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One for All and All for One

Dear readers, if you've visited this blog and kept seeing the same old post, am really really sorry. Life has been quite busy with final year exam and marking essay papers and the fact that i have to share this lappie with hubby and I only get to use it at night.

I feel bad though and this feeling is plaguing me until I've settled my debt to my readers.

Ok, I've actually drafted three entries weeks ago, so instead of having 3 posts am just gonna wrap it up everything in one go. There will not be much of a rambling more of a reporting and let the photos do most of the talking. Ok? Ready? Here it goes.

My Raya

Our first day of raya was celebrated here in my mom's house and as usual it was such a busy and tiring day as many relatives near and far would come over as my mom is the eldest daughter so we actually had guests from morning till night. My friends and neighbours too came, my friends actually had no choice because I made them come whenever we have to celebrate our first day raya here in PJ. Thank you guys. I know I can always count on you.

My girls attacking the raya biscuits

Ibu and her girls. My face pucat sebab terlupa nak put on lipstick. Was busy making pasta soup.

Hubby and the boys. This year didn't manage to capture a proper family photo.

On the second day, we made our way to hubby's hometown in Kuala Terengganu. The journey was fun as the kids were excited to meet their cousins in Terengganu as they seldom get to see them. Traffic was not too bad but when we got to the trunk road, traffic got heavy as I guess people were busy visiting friends and relatives for raya.

On the third day, we all went off to Besut as we had a family gathering there on my father-in-law's side. It was wonderful to see that they managed to gather all my FIL's siblings all 10 of them (one had passed away in Mecca), there were about 200 odd people there, uncles, aunties, cousins and grandchildren. We had a photo session, meet and greet session and a lot of food and it was just great. The highlight of the whole event was everybody get to meet and mingle with our glamorous relative, none other than the famous Ms Erra Fazira and family and I only have to say nice things about her as she was humble, soft-spoken, friendly and even her baby was super nice, she was friendly, did not mind to be carried by strangers and not cranky at all.

My hubby's uncle Engku Ibrahim Engku Ngah, the penyimpan mohor besar, delivering his speech. At the background is my FIL, the man responsible in preparing his speech.

At last a proper family photo

Tumpang glamour

Oh yes! This family gathering appeared in Utusan Malaysia and Kosmo newspaper.

On the fourth day, we had lunch at the famous ICT (Ikan Celup Tepung) at Seberang Takir, can you imagine after 10 years of marriage that was the first time I got to enjoy the scrumptious delicacies and we definitely going there again every time we have to go back to Terengganu.

On the fifth day, we went to the beach and it was fun. The tide was low, the water was calm and inviting and the weather was just nice to be outside.

Fun at the beach

On Friday, we made our way back to KL.

Aina's Birthday

Last 30th September was my daughter Engku Iman Nuraina's 9th birthday. To mark this special day, we chose to celebrate it at Friday's as this is the place where the make big fuss on the birthday girl/boy.

Aina singing the Best of Both Worlds by Hannah Montana

Aina having a good time

The children joined in the fun

She was a real sport, she sang and even the waiters and the waitresses commented on what a sport she was. We were glad that she had a good time and she was happy to get Hannah Montana's stuff from her Tok Mama and Ibu.

The Orangutan Prize Giving Ceremony

Well remember the orangutan blog that I've pestered all of you to vote? Alright so on the 4th of October we were invited to the prize giving ceremony held in The Curve. I had 2 students travelling with me in my car as I was not confident with my way to The Curve. Me + direction = lost. So we were there quite early, we had our breakfast at Mcdonalds and later settled down at the ceremony area. Before starting, we were briefed on what needed to be done if we made it to the top 3. At this point, I began to have butterflies flying in my stomach.

As usual, it started with speeches, some video showing of the students effort and a performance by one of the schools which took part. I did not really get to enjoy the whole thingy because I was just too nervous that I started to get cold sweat. The prize-giving started with consolation prize, they had 7 to give away and they mentioned the school one by one. It was nerve-wrecking. After they have given 5 consolation prizes, our hope starts to build up, I mean at this point I was almost sure we could make it to the top 3 as our blog was really catchy, informative and creative (so I said lah!). Fine. I syok sendiri. So when they announced the next consolation prize goes to the, I almost died of heart attack. We didn't win! But we did our best. There always next year, right girls? And we were the youngest group, so that something we should be proud of.

We didn't win but we were the prettiest lot. Chewah! Oh and we were the only ones in baju kurung and they all were commenting how lovely we look. Betul!

Khairina Graduation Concert

div>On Sunday 5th November was Khairina graduation concert held in Summit Subang Jaya. We were there early to secure a good spot for us to sit. The concert starts at 8.00pm and we were there from 6.45 pm and our place was right smack in the middle. So we had good view of the whole event.

Khairina singing her hearts out

Khairina all made up for the concert
The children posing with Ms Jothi. This teacher is the reason why we sent the kids to that kindi.

The week after, I was busy attending open houses, setting final year papers and now in the process of marking the exam papers. Not only that, we have the Form 5 graduation dinner and the Gala Charity Dinner whereby our queen has agreed to attend to. So my days after this, will be filled with orchestra practices preparing for that grand event.

So I hope now you understand why I have not been updating my blog.

I feel better now that I've settled my debt. Take care!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Some people....Sigh!

Ok, before I go on, I actually have drafted three new entries about my raya celebration, Nuraina's birthday celebration and Khairina's graduation concert but I'm having problem uploading the photos into my blog, such a turn-off to my regaling and I promise you these entries will be for your viewing once I'm done rectifying the problem and with setting of the final year question paper, one down, I have one more to go.

However this post cannot be postponed anymore sebab sakit hati.

You know,
I just don't get it some people who like to give sarcastic remarks to other people but they can't accept sarcastic remarks given to them,

some people who like to 'pau' people's food on other people's table and never once offered theirs, reason given,(quote I cannot have food on my table as I will end up eating all the time unquote) so it's ok to finish up other people's food? Memanglah letak kat table to untuk dimakan tapi kalau2 asyik engko je yang dok makan tau malulah sikitkan. Tak fahamlah some people ni kan. And siap boleh tanya tu when are you going to refill your supply. Ada ka? Tak faham betul. isk! isk! isk!

Some people who do not have sympathy and empathy towards other people, please remember we work as a team so if you do not do your part, other people from the team have to do it! So is it fair?!

Some people who just have to give negative comments on other people's work and effort when never once did you offer the help nor ideas on how to do it, so just shut uplah ok?

Some people who believe they are so clever, efficient, organised and only them can produce a good job but they can't help much because they are too busy with their lives and hectic schedule and orang lain tak faham sebab kita semua yang orang biasa-biasa ni, goyang kaki aje.

Some people who like to highlight their workload to everybody especially to the administrator so the people up there do not give more than what's already on his/her plate tapi bagi orang lain yang kononnya tak banyak kerja.

Some people who appear to be goody-goody, a yes man and always have nice things to say to the people up there but actually very very calculative with her work and kat belakang mulut tu boleh tahan juga.

Some people who do not like to smile or greet one another, hey come onlah, we are colleagues and of a same gender too, is it so hard to smile?,bukannya i nak tackle you pun. tak hingin!

I know life is unfair and I sound grumpy and we are all bound to face this kind of people and life has to go on but it sure feels good to let it out of my chest.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Everyone

It's Raya tomorrow people. The children are getting excited. The girls especially have been re-trying their raya apparels and shoes, parading in the living hall , showing off to their grandparents. The cousins are here, all looking forward to play the sparklers tonight.

Ibu has been quite busy with some last minute raya shopping and helping tidying up and decorating the house. The last 3 days were spent on packing to balik kampung to Terengganu on the second day of raya and as I loathe packing so the last 3 days have been stressful, packing for my 5 kids and yours truly.

To me, raya is definitely for the kids, am excited because the kids got nice baju raya and shoes as for myself i tailored only 3 pasang yang simple2 aje, just for the sake of wearing a baju baru on raya day, all in all here's hoping to a wonderful raya and to those of you celebrating, may you have a great raya and I'll be on hiatus for I'll be in Terengganu on the second day of raya and becoming back on Friday. Till then,

Maaf Zahir Batin

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vote For Us!!!!

Hey remember the blog that my students created for the love of the orangutan? Well, well, well I'm happy to announce that our blog has been selected to be among the top 10 best orangutan blogs nationwide.
Thank you for your support for making this possible.

However, I need more favour from you, please please be kind enough to vote for us. How can you do that? Just click to this url . On the top part you can see the icon blog contest, click on that icon, from there you can see a few icons on the left side, scroll down to VOTE and vote for the blog created by my students the Vote wisely as the voting site can be quite tricky, so please make sure that you vote for the right blog.

Official voting starts today 16 September - 25 September.

So if you have arrived here before the closing date, do it now! NOW please! I know I sound desperate, and I am because my students have worked so hard and I am proud to say they did a fantastic job so i do not want to see their effort gone to waste. What we need now is to get as many support as possible.

Every vote counts, help us to make a difference in these orangutans lives. Your vote means so much to us and is highly appreciated. Thank you.

Last but not least, just a gentle reminder,

'DO IT NOW! please! (ahak ahak)


Yes now!

P/S- So have you voted?

Thank you.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

For Better or Worse, Till Death Do Us Part

Yesterday 4th of September was my 1oth wedding anniversary. Sad to say, although plan was made for us to celebrate this auspicious occasion, Hilman was admitted to the hospital on the 2nd of September due to a acute pneumonia attack. We were discharged at noon today, he's a lot better but need to be monitored from time to time.

Was I sad not able to celebrate it? The answer is No! as at that time what matters most is for Hilman to be strong and healthy. Like I said to hubby, Hilman is a sign for us not to add any more member to the family, and he agreed. ahak ahak.

Why I marry thee?

I remember the year it was somewhere in September 1998 when you came into my life. Mutual friends of ours kept saying we'll make a good couple. They believed that they have found for us our soulmates. I gave my number but I did not expect anything to come out from it because I was tired and fed-up with my previous love life. After 3 years of courting with my ex, I finally see that there was just no future with him, there were just too many obstacles and challenges and I can't afford to go through all that mumbo jumbo again.

I think it took months when I finally said that I was ready to get to know you. You called and upon hearing your voice, it felt like magic, it was so soothing that suddenly all my problems just burst into thin air. You were soft-spoken and a real gentleman that I pictured you a man who doesn't know how to be angry. Hmm... How wrong I was! ahak ahak.

After a year of courting, it was on that date 4 September 1999 when you shook my father's hand in front of the kadi and other guests, with one lafaz that I officially became your wife. I was ecstatic for having meeting my soulmate at last and finally you are mine and I believed that this was a match made from heaven, come to think of it so are thunder and lightning. So yeah I was right!!!! ahak ahak.

I can still remember the moment that I was very sure you were the one for me. It was this one night that I felt too overwhelmed with the whole situation, you were asking for a serious relationship and my ex kept on bugging me, it was just too much for me to handle that I felt trapped. That I night I decided to end everything, to give myself a breather, I switched off my mobile. I just did not want to be disturbed so I could relax and think things over.

You couldn't contact me the whole day, I just refused to talk to you when at last you decided to call the house at night instead. I wanted to hang up but you plead for me not to do so, you told me to get out of the house so you could deliver some things to me. I was pissed but I did. I went to your car and there you were with a bouquet of flowers in your hand. Red roses. It was such a romantic gesture, you didn't know what you did wrong but you took the effort to make me feel better, you were afraid that it was you who caused me all the pain and you had the feeling I'm driving myself away from you, you can't bear to lose me and that my dear had made all the difference. You had made it so easy and clear for me, that I should choose you and not think of anyone else.

To me it was a sign. A sign of true love, enough for me to agree to take your hands in marriage. After that everything seemed to fall into place, even the preparation for the engagement, akad nikah and reception was plain sailing. I felt it was a blessing from God, that you were the one for me and I have made the right choice. I'm grateful and thankful to Allah for giving me you.

Though 10 years have passed, where flowers no longer speak the language of our love nor make their usual presence in my life, am happy. If I were to turn back the time, I would still be with you... I would still choose you. I just can't imagine my life without you.

They say 'love is blind, and marriage is an eye opener,' I guess I need to get myself a pair of spectacles because I'm still blinded with your love, you still bring magic into this relationship although sometimes the magic doesn't really work out right but you succeeded most of the times.

I love you so very much. Here's to 10 years of marriage and hopefully to more wonderful years to come.

P/S- This entry was supposed to be posted earlier, but I was ehem...ehem... ada sikit unhappy with you, so that explains the delay. But I still love you, that my dear hasn't changed. ahak ahak.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kids Say The Darnest Thing

Well today marked the 6th day of fasting. The elder two kids so far had not much problem completing the task. Nabil had his puasa penuh last year when he was only 6. Khairina just started this year, and so far she managed to get 3 days of puasa, not too bad, I think for a start.

I did not actually force them to fast, they fast when they think they are ready as it's no use forcing when the child is not ready. But these children of mine can be funny when fasting.

Scene 1

Khairina lying flat on the sofa while watching tv at around 5.10 pm today.

Khairina : Ibu, Nina tak tahan dahlah, Nina nak minum boleh?

Ibu : Nina nak buka puasalah ni.

Khairina : Nina dah tak tahanlah Ibu, Nina nak air

Ibu :
Ok, kalau Nina nak buka puasa, Nina minum air pastu Nina kena makan sekali.

Khairina : Nina tak nak makan, Nina nak minum air sejuk aje.

Ibu :
Macam tu baik Nina puasa je lagi 2 jam dah nak berbuka, tapi kalau Nina nak berbuka pun takpe, tapi kena makan nasi ok?

Khairina : Kena makan nasi ke? Takpelah camtu, Nina puasa jelah.

Ibu :
(dalam hati) Wakakaka....kesian budak ni.

Scene 2

Nabil also lying flat on the sofa in the living room, after tiring himself with rounds of ball kicking.

Nabil : Help me! Help me! I need water! water !Water please!

Ibu :
Ha! ha! Main lagi. I told you to stop, tak nak dengar cakap, sekarang dah dahaga.

Nabil : Mana ada Abil cakap Abil dahaga, Abil cakap nak water je. Bukannya nak minum.

Ibu : (dalam hati) weh! tak sama ke?

Scene 3

Khairina : Ibu, nanti Nina berbuka, Nina nak makan kuih bulu-bulu.

Ibu : Kuih bulu-bulu?

Khairina : Ala kuih yang macam semalam tu, yang warna hijau tu, pastu atas dia ada bulu-bulu warna putih, pastu makan dengan kuah yang black-black colour tu.

Ibu : Yang macam semalam tu kuih lopes lah darling.

Khairina : Hah! Kuih bulu-bulu tu lah, ok?

Scene 4

Before break fast today.

In the kitchen, I was busy preparing for the iftar.

Nabil : Ibu, hari ni Ibu masak nasi ayam kan?

Ibu : Yelah sebab semalam Abil and Kakak Aina kan cakap nak makan nasi ayam, so today nasi ayamlah.

Nabil : Jelly yang Abil suka tu Ibu buat tak?

Ibu : Dah. Dah buat dah. Ada raspberry dengan orange.

Nabil : Coklat Cadbury Dairy Milk tu ada.

Ibu :
Dah beli dah. Ada dalam fridge.

Nabil : Ok. Very good Ibu. Nanti berbuka, Abil nak makan chicken rice, soup, jelly and chocolate, pastu Abil nak minum air grape tau.

Ibu : Yes Sir.

Nabil : Isyy...Ibu ni ada pulak panggil Abil Sir, Abil kan belum kahwin lagi.

Ibu : Huh ! Wakakakaka.....

During berbuka.

Nabil : Sedapnya nasi ayam Ibu. Lebih sedap daripada chicken rice shop.

Ibu : (sangat kembang) Ya ke? So makan puas-puas ok.

Nuraina : Sebab tu Ibu selalu cakap kalau nak makan chicken rice tak yah beli. Ibu boleh buat.

Ibu :
(dalam hati) Ceh! macam terror!

er berbuka

Ibu : Abil, ni Ibu dah keluarkan jelly dengan chocolate. Nak makan tak?

Nabil : Abil sakit perutlah Ibu, sebab Abil makan chicken rice banyak sangat. Tulah sebab Ibu masak sedap sangat, sekarang Abil dah tak dapat makan dah semua tu.

Ibu : Aikkkk! Macamana boleh jadi salah Ibu pulak ni?

Nabil : Yelah, saper suruh Ibu masak sedap sangat, pastu Abil makan banyak sampai dah sakit perut dah ni.

Ibu : Hah! (tak terkata teman)

Funny kan? Sometimes they got me gobsmacked and dumbfounded.

But cooking for the family during Ramadhan has been fulfiling as they enjoy their meals during berbuka. The first week tu enjoylah, not sure on the days to come due to my limited cooking skill and recipe. ahak ahak.

Hope you all have a nice Ramadhan too.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What Ramadhan does to me:-

During break fast today, Nabil commented 'seronoknya berbuka, nikmat Abil rasa' the look on his face and how he finished his food sends some joy in me, knowing that he loves fasting due to the nikmat he gets during berbuka.

The doa my children recite before the break fast, makes me proud of them for being thankful with the food spread on the table.

The family walk to the surau in our praying attire for the terawikh prayer, brings me calmness beyond compare as we walk hand-in-hand clad in our wudhu' is a journey that I enjoy every night during Ramadhan.

Waking the kids up for sahur, though it's a challenge but the fact that they managed to be on the dining table in time for sahur, and finishing up their food gives me an accomplishment that even words can't express.

Sitting together in the living hall, laughing and teasing each other in the wee hours of the morning while waiting for the azan, is another simple pleasure in life that I treasure.

The obstacles the children had to endure to get a puasa penuh is another proud moment that only a mom can understand.

And I get all these during Ramadhan.
The month of Ramadhan definitely strengthen the bonds among my family members and I treasure the every moment it brings.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My weekend

Before I ramble on on my weekend, I hope it's not too late to wish all Muslims out there a 'Happy Ramadhan, moga-moga ibadah kita kali ini lebih diberkati dari sebelumnya'.

So the Saturday that was supposed to be a first day Ramadhan for the Muslims had been a pretty hectic for our family mainly myself, hubby and the two elder kids as they had their Wushu tournament on that day. After the sahur and Subuh prayer Nuraina and Nabil took a short nap as we had to be in the community hall in KBU before 8 for the tournament. Nuraina participated in the Wushudao 1 Individual Pattern competition and Nabil in Primary Students Male Sparring below 22 kg, Nabil is 20.8 kg (kurus kan?)

There was a lot of waiting involved throughout the whole event which irritates me to no end. First we had to wait to get the kids to be registered, then we had to wait for the event to start, we had to wait for the VIP to arrive, basically there was a lot of waiting involved as we were not given a timetable on what event should start first, second so on and so forth. We wasted so much time that day waiting for things to happen.

The hall was filled with so many people. After the registration which I felt like took forever they had a rehearsal for the opening ceremony, the kids did some warming up and some pattern practices, that too took a lot of time, Nuraina event began after the rehearsal and she was in the 7th group to perform. Her pattern performance took less than a minute to execute and we spent hours after that waiting, and we found out she made it to the second round and we waited and waited and waited even after the lunch break only to be told that the second round is to be held the next day, on Sunday. Arrrgghhhh......!!!

So at around 12 ish, it was the opening ceremony where all the participants gathered in the middle of the hall and did their performances. After the speeches, which were all spoken in Mandarin, we had break for lunch.

During the rehearsal

Still doing their routine during the rehearsal

Although the kids were fasting but all the participants were given a pack of chicken rice each. I was pissed when I found out that the rice was 'non-halal'. God!!! Can't they be more sensitive regarding this issue? I know they were not many Muslims taking part in the competition but they were more than 20 Muslim students on the first day, they should be more sensitive and the fact we are all living in Malaysia, so to say a Muslim country. What I cannot understand is, when I asked one of the officers if the food is 'halal,' he did not even know what 'halal' means, omigod! how could there be such ignorant human exist here in Malaysia. And I went to see another officer and she said it is 'halal' and I asked her again 'are you sure?' and she answered 'yes, yes, very sure, it's chicken rice what? It's not pork'. n my heart I went 'God lady 'halal' doesn't mean only pork it means that the animals are slaughtered by the Muslims using the Islamic way'. Haiiyooo.... luckily one officer of a higher rank confirmed that the food is 'non-halal'. Can you imagine if it's not fasting month and my children would already have eaten the food? I'm so so sad that these people are not sensitive enough on this issue.

So after the break, we waited and waited again because Nabil's event will be starting after the secondary school male and female sparring. We waited and waited until it was nearly 5 pm only to be told that he will compete tomorrow morning because his opponent had gone home so he had a walk-over wining. So that was how we wasted our Saturday.

Sunday was almost the same, we were there early in the morning. We waited and waited for the event to start. It was supposed to start with Nabil's sparring but after the draw lot, Nabil got a 'by' and he will straight away go to the final which will start after lunch. Then we waited....and waited...and waited until it was Aina's turn which start nearly around 11 pm. Aina didn't make it through the 3rd round but overall she did fine as she was the only white belt holder made it to that round.

We wanted to go home but was afraid Nabil would miss his chance in competing because nobody could tell us when it will start. So we waited and waited and waited until it was 1.00 pm and I decided to bring Nuraina home as she has her piano class at 4 pm.

Nabil getting ready for sparring. In his mouth is the mouth guard.

So hubby waited with Nabil whilst Aina and myself made our way home. After sending Aina for her piano class, I went to fetch hubby and Nabil bringing the other 3 younger kids along. So it was prize-giving ceremony, Nabil didn't win but he deserved the silver medal as he competed in the final.

Nabil and his medal

Although the children were complaining of hunger and thirst for the 2 days we were there and although I told them they could break fast if they wanted to, they did want and am proud.

P/S- Can you feel my predicament on the many waitings involved on my weekend?
P/S/S- And don't forget to go to the as this your chance to show your support before the due date at the end of this month. Thank you.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Save the Orang Utans!!!

Dear readers,

Our orang utans are at extinct!!!!

Please show your care and support to our orang utans.

My students have worked hard to create a blog in the awareness in saving and caring for the orang utans.

If you have reached this page, please click to this url

We are trying to make a difference in their lives and we hope you are with us.

Leave us your comments and share your ideas to save these little ones.

They will truly appreciate your love and support!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Doesn't this sound familiar?


1. My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE .'If you're going to kill each other, do it outside. I've just finished cleaning.'

2. My mother taught me RELIGION.'You'd better pray that will come out of the carpet.'

3. My mother taught me about TIME TRAVEL .'If you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week!'

4. My mother taught me LOGIC.' Because I said so, that's why.'

5. My mother taught me MORE LOGIC . 'If you fall off of that swing and break your neck, you're not going to the shop withme.'

6. My mother taught me FORESIGHT. 'Make sure you wear clean underwear, in case you're in an accident.'

7. My mother taught me IRONY 'Keep crying, and I'll give you something to cry about.'

8. My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS. 'Shut your mouth and eat your supper.'
9. My mother taught me about CONTORTIONISM . 'Will you look at that dirt on the back of your neck!'

10. My mother taught me about STAMINA. 'You'll sit there until all that spinach is gone.'

11. My mother taught me about WEATHER. 'This room of yours looks as if a tornado went through it.'

12. My mother taught me about HYPOCRISY. 'If I've told you once, I've told you a million times. Don't exaggerate!'

13. My mother taught me the CIRCLE OF LIFE . 'I brought you into this world, and I can take you out.'

14. My mother taught me about BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION. 'Stop acting like your father!'

15.. My mother taught me about ENVY. 'There are millions of less fortunate children in this world who don't have wonderful parents like you do.'

16. My mother taught me about ANTICIPATION. 'Just wait until we get home.'

17. My mother taught me about RECEIVING . 'You are going to get it when you get home!'

18. My mother taught me MEDICAL SCIENCE. 'If you don't stop crossing your eyes, they are going to freeze that way.'

19. My mother taught me ESP. 'Put your sweater on; don't you think I know when you are cold?'

20. My mother taught me HUMOUR. 'When that lawn mower cuts off your foot, don't come running to me.'

21. My mother taught me HOW TO BECOME AN ADULT . 'If you don't eat your vegetables, you'll never grow up.'

22. My mother taught me GENETICS. 'You're just like your father.'

23. My mother taught me about my ROOTS. 'Shut that door behind you. Do you think you were born in a barn ?'

24. My mother taught me WISDOM. ' When you get to be my age, you'll understand.'And my favorite:

25. My mother taught me about JUSTICE 'One day you'll have kids, and I hope they turn out just like you

Hmmmm......? Wow! Turned I actually did teach them a lot of things Maths, Science, History, Religion etc....etc...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Things that I cannot stand and understand

I just cannot stand when a husband cannot speak nicely to the wife.
I just cannot stand when this other half refused to recognise the wife's sacrifices.
I cannot stand when the wife has to oversee to all the things especially the upbringing of the children when it is supposed to be both the parents job.
I cannot stand husband who does all the decision without consulting the wife before hand,
What I cannot stand the most is, when things go wrong, the wife gets the blame.

I just don't understand when some husbands often look down at their wives.
I just don't understand some husbands who want the wives to cover but ogling other women with short skirts and low cut dresses.
I just don't get it husbands who can go out with his female counterparts but do not allow the wives to even befriended a guy.
I just don't get it husbands who refuse to listen to his wives when most of the times the wives are actually right and the things told are actually for their own good.
I just don't get it husbands who hug his wives with only one thing in his mind.

I'm furious at husbands who act pious but watch pornography during his free time.
I'm furious at husbands who dare lay their hands on their wives.
I'm furious at husbands who dare ask money earned by the wives without feeling guilty.
I'm furious at husbands who believe they do not have to appologize to the wives even though it is blatantly obvious that they are wrong.
I'm extremely furious at husbands who do not play their part as the head of the family.

Whatever it is, I'll still keep mine. So this post has nothing to do with him ( if you wonder). Fine. I lied. Well there's actually 2% of him in this post. But he's a keeper and I intend to keep him forever.

P/S- Abang if you're reading this, you know which part you are, kan? Can you change just a
little bit for me? Thank you and I love you, ahak ahak.

Ok . Wow! That was random.

Sorry if I have wasted your time reading the post, but this post is an observation of mine of things happening around me.


Check out Hilman in this video,

As you can see, Hilman's favourite word is 'kakak' ask him anything and he will say 'kakak'. It feels great that he is now at his usual self, healthy and bubbly. Syukur alhamdulillah.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Uber Amazing Blog Award

Well, I was given this award by Myra. Thank you so much dear. I don't think I deserve it nonetheless am thankful. So with this award comes with the rules...

so these are the rules..
# Write five (5) interesting facts about the person who gave you this award.

# Jot down ten (10) interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies.

# Pick your ten (10) most deserving recipients and describe them.# Leave a comment on the recipients' blog to tell them they've been tagged

# Paste the award badge in your sidebar

Actually Myra doing this award is a great challenge for me being such a boring and laid back person ,well somehow I'm just gonna attempt it with a gusto. If I bore you with my nonsense I'm sorry as there's nothing much interesting about me.

Ok 5 interesting facts about Myra

1. she's a sis-in-law of my late good friend Shera (just mentioning her name almost sent tears to
my eyes), who is always with her kind words.

2. she's very selfless, caring person. She cares for the animals and the people she loves

3. she's eccentric to the point of being OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) ahak ahak (jangan
mare ye!) she sets high standard for herself, she wipes spoon and fork before she uses them,
everytime. If she sujud, she must make sure she hits the correct spot, not too far out or
lower. So before praying, she will do her sujud practise first. For further explanation you can
check her blog from my site she goes under the name of Hai Mum. (Myra, I'm promoting
your blog, hope you don't mind.

4. I envy her for her ability to juggle her work, being a good mom to her children and her ability to cook, bake and entertaining her guests with her scrumptious meals and desserts.

5. she has a heart of gold, always putting others first than herself.

Now here comes the challenging part

1. Call me weird but I like to read manuals, even though some of the times (or is it most?) I just couldn't make up what it is all about especially if it just too technical for my standard

2. Another weird thing, my favourite past time is plucking my armpit hair (ewww!) Maybe Boza of Jabishah can confirm you this as she was my partner in crime when we were in college. ahak ahak. So my armpits are almost hairless. I don't shave because that will just take the joy away. This hobby is very therapeutic and rewarding especially if you could pluck it sampai ke
akar dia(fuuhh!!!puas). Masyuk....wa cakap lu.

3. I don't like leaving my kids for long hours except for work basis. Although, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, deep inside I feel a slight tinge of guilt towards my children for leaving them behind. Hence I prefer to take them along almost everywhere I go.

4. I seldom cook for my family, that explains why I envy those people who love to cook and serve the family with their air tangan.<

5. I love being with my family, although I am one garang mother but I just love to be surrounded by my husband and children

6. I tend to forgive and forget. I try not to remember things that make me upset

7. I'm quite dependant. I need to be assured that I'm doing the right thing from my family and good friends. That's why it often worries me if I accidentally make people upset because I just cannot stand being alone

8. I have poor sense of direction. My journey is only to school, home, Giant, children's schools. Yeah, so if ever I need to go to a new place, I'll start hyperventilating, if husband is around, we will go reccee the place before hand. Tapi kadang-kadang reccee waktu malam and bila dah siang benda nampak lain sikit, I akan mula panik. At all time possible, I prefer to car pool with my friends or convoy which I will follow them closely behind not leaving a gap for any car to cilok in between

9. I'm a homely person. I do not like to go out that much. I just love the comfort of my own home

10. I enjoy dancing and acting. I never failed to take part in dancing during the prize-giving ceremony in school since I was in Standard 1 up until I was in Form 5. Every year, without >fail. This actually created a stir between me and my mom because she'll be saying parents who attend that ceremony are proud parents witnessing their children excel in academic and my parents are there just to see her daughter tergedik atas pentas. So they stopped coming when I was in Standard 5.

Ok now I will tag Christina Chan, Sibyl Su, Dikny, Shahid and Nik Rahila.

Sorry I can't do 10 as I don't think I have that many people who actually read my blog.

Myra I'm not sure how to do the last part. So setakat ni jelah yang mampu den buek.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Many of you may wonder why I've been keeping low and quiet for so long. Well, last 2 weeks wasn't a good week for me. It started off with my maid having a bad cough and high fever. Things get a little kelam-kabut as my right hand and leg was not very fit to do the chores around the house. Although she was taken twice for check-ups there wasn't much change to her condition. Then on that Thursday night, it was my turn to be down with high fever and a severe headache. It was so bad that I couldn't make myself to get up for school the next day. The situation got even worse when my baby Hilman and Dhaniyah were down with fever, flu and cough too. As the outbreak of the serious cases of H1N1, we decided to go to the clinic immediately for check up. Turned out all 3 of us had temperature of 39 degrees and were told to do the throat swab in 2 days if the symptoms persist.

As bibik was unwell too, she needed the time off so she could seek traditional help. We granted her the permission because her cough was so bad that everytime she coughs, she vomits. So imagine how chaotic the situation was with my bibik not around and the two younger children being sick. The next day the fever attacked Khairina and Nabil, their temperature was so high that we had to put wrapped ice on their forehead to bring down the temperature. My macho son Nabil shed a few tears because he just couldn't stand the pain. All of them were so weak and terjelepek, I felt so sorrry for them.

My maid was supposed to come back on Sunday night but as she was still so sick, she asked for extension, so Monday morning only Nuraina got up for school with bibik not around and myself was still unwell, she went to school without a belt around her pinafore but I was too sick to go look for it. She was unhappy though and she went***grumble grumble*** I am a prefect***grumble grumble*** not setting a good example***grumble grumble*** I don't look smart***grumble grumble*** with tears flowing down her cheeks. The next day, there was still no sign bibik, we tried calling her but our calls couldn't get through so we started to panic. With Hilman's condition getting weaker, with fever, cough and cold and he will regurgitate everytime when we had to give him the medicine made it even worse, he's once chubby face had somewhat seem to shrivel as he didn't eat and drink as much as he used to.

So the next day began with still no sign of bibik and now all 5 of my kids were down with fever but the other 3 showed sign of recuperating now it was Nuraina's turn to get sick and Hilman to be sicker. Hilman's cough and cold was so bad, he couldn't sleep well at night. He was given suppository for 2 days but still no improvement. Alas! Bibik came back on Tuesday afternoon and turned out she was so sick she couldn't get up.

With bibik being back, Hilman was brought to see his paeditricain Dato Dr Musa in DSH. Parking in that area was so bad, I had to make a few rounds and it took me almost an hour to get a parking space which was 1.5 km away from the hospital itself. Luckily my mom was with me, while I was looking for parking, Mama went to queue for our turn to see the doctor. When I arrived, Hilman looked so sick and weak, he was quiet and clingy. As the doctor was attending to Raja Nazrin's son, it took us longer than usual to get to see him.

Once checked, Hilman was told to be turned in as his throat and both his ears were infected and his temperature was 39.4 degree celcius and he was dehydrated. He was taken for x-ray and to do a blood test. Seeing him in that condition was heart-wrenching as he cried and cried during x-ray and for the blood test. Waiting for our room to be ready took us more than an hour as the hospital was packed with patients. Hilman later was given the nebalizer where he protested everytime, and antibiotics shot on his thigh.

Every 6 hours he was been monitored for fever and suppository was given everytime. We were there for 2 nights until he has completed his 10 sessions of nebalizer and 6 shots of antibiotics. Hilman being an unfriendly baby by nature became so clingy as he refused to be put down, he didn't want to walk, he wanted to be carried all the time and he can't lose his sight of me or he will start wailing. Hence it made my life quite difficult as I had to hold my nature call or bring him along with me. As the place was alien to him, he refused to sleep until I lie down with him on the bed with my tudung detached if I still have my tudung on he just won't make himself go to sleep. He'll go 'nak kut, bu. Nak kut bu'. Until i took off my tudung and lie on the hospital bed beside him. He will start crying everytime he sees the nurses as it means it's time for his shots or nebalizer so the sight of nurses means bad news to him.

Alhamdulillah he got better, no more fever but he's still coughing and he was given ventolin and aerochamber so we can do it home. The timing can't be better as school was closed due to suspected cases of H1N1 in my school so I need not apply for CRK. We arrived home yesterday, it feels so good to be home, sleeping on my comfortable bed and eating rice and lauk at home as we were fed only porridge during our stay there.

Although I am tired and suffer from slight headache, body ache and a backache due to my awkward sleeping position on the uncomfortable hospital bed. It is so goooooooooood to be home. Finally the children are better and am happy to be out of this mess. Home sweet home.

P/S - Myra if you're reading this, I'll try to do that Uber Award entry in my next post. Sorry dear.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's with the Name?

My students often ask me, why my url has 'yo' at the back. Am into rap? Am into nigger music? Hip hop? Well, girls there's a story behind this.

Once, in a not so faraway land where only beautiful princesses live, there were many godmothers, guardian angels and some stepmothers taking care of these princesses, these godmothers were burdened with lots of work to make sure these princesses achieve excellence in their academic and 'sahsiah' as well to prepare them for the real world outside the compound of that 'peaceful' land as the outside world can be a cruel and harsher place to live in by these princesses.

Hence these godmothers were sent for courses after courses to make sure that these godmothers are well-trained in taking care of these princesses who can be quite a challenge to care off sometimes. So about a year ago, these godmothers were sent for an in-house training in a peaceful building in that peaceful land itself. One tall whacko godmother was told to attend, the one conducting the in-house was a friend of that tall whacko godmother.

It was told upon them that 'My dear godmothers these princesses in this peaceful land are majority IT literate and computer savvy so godmothers it is vital for all of yout to keep pace and to have a blog of your own.' These godmothers then followed the step-by step instruction given by the trainer. Along the way, they were few struggling and some were drowning as the computers in that peaceful land did not want to co-operate with some of the godmothers.

As they were all tired and the time showed it was almost 5.00, everyone seemed to get it over and done with and some were already fidgetting to get home, some close friends of that tall whacko godmother managed to create a blog in a short time and posted their first entry. While the tall whacko godmother was still blinking and staring into space on what she should name her url. She had some nice names but they were all taken by other bloggers went suddenly the trainer called out 'Yo Puteri, ko dah siap ke blum? Cepat sikit! We all want to go back to the house already.' That caught her off guard. Thinking that this will be the first and the last time she ever going to visit the blog she created, the name 'puteriinthehouseyo' came into her mind, the name inspired by her trainer. As she was already picturing herself at home nursing the 3 month old baby she had left.

As time went by, her close friends decided to continue blogging and soon the princesses of that peaceful land knew the existence of these godmothers' blog. They were pestering for that tall whacko godmother to continue posting her entry. But she remained nonchalant thinking she had not much interesting stories worth writing and sharing as her life revolves around her work and family only.

However, it was brought to the godmother's attention of her princesses blogs and she decided to give them a visit. Turned out she enjoyed reading her princesses blog especially her then 13-year-old sarcastic princess whom the godmother believes has flair in writing like duck takes to water, then she was introduced to her good friends' blogs and one of the princesses mom's blog and she has been an avid and silent reader of that blog since and other interesting blogs for that matter. She became hooked reading other people's blog.

One fine day during the long break, the godmother decided to start writing her entry as at that time she believed she had something worth sharing and was missing some of her princesses, turned out she liked it as at times it de-stresses her when she put her thoughts into writing. She was hoping that nobody would notice, but they did. The first feeling of being discovered was overwhelming. She got cold hands and feet. It was a mixture of feeling; embarassed and some part quite happy that somebody took notice of what she wrote. As she was so not very adventurous and familiar with blogspot, she was afraid to make any changes, first she wanted to change her url as she now knew it sounded really ridiculuos and junkie but was fearful to do anything as she believed if a wrong button is pushed the computer might explode.

Therefore, the name remained. The godmothers and the princesses then hopefully to live an ever after happy lives.

The End.

So yes boys and girls that is the end of your bedtime story for tonight. Now close you eyes.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hey Newbie!

Training period means you are in a learning process to prepare you for the career that you have chosen to be in. Training also means you are to adopt the culture of the workplace you are in and make the best of it without losing the real you in the process. Training- is also a place for you to observe and learn as much as you can from the seniors and get help if you need too.

In your training process you also need to have respect for your mentor and others in the workforce you are in. During your training session, you have to make a lot of sacrifices and adjustment too, you cannot really choose as nobody in this environment are really given the choice. Although you are young and may have great ideas but you must willing to admit that you are a newbie and still need help from the people who have been in this area way before you were even born as they are the expert and they know the clients more than you do. The seniors are here to help you, we really really want to help that is why you are here, but we can't do so if you are avoiding us and do not want our help when in actual fact you are actually drowning. We can see it and your client see it too.

So please make good use of your training period and count your blessing to be in the environment that you are in now as this is a far cry from reality. If you think you are not cut out for this job, it's too late now, so just make the best of it rather than wasting other people's effort and time.

So stop from being a bodoh sombong.