Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm hurt

I'm deeply hurt, talking about it will just going to hurt me more.
However I do want you to know:-

Dear friend,
I love you so, I want the best for you too and I'm sure you will find joy in your new place (I will be extremely jealous!) but yes I do want the best for you.  I pray we shall remain as close friends and you can always count on me for support, your shoulder to cry on.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Doa Akhir Tahun dan Awal Tahun

Doa Akhir Tahun dan Doa Awal Tahun

Doa Akhir Tahun
Akhir Bulan Zulhijjah 1432H [26 November 2011, Sabtu] (Akhir Waktu Asar)

Waktu Membacanya:
Doa akhir tahun dibaca 3 kali pada akhir waktu Asar atau sebelum masuk waktu Maghrib pada akhir bulan Zulhijjah.  Sesiapa yang membaca doa ini maka akan berkata syaitan, 'Kesusahan bagiku dan sia-sialah pekerjaanku menggoda anak Adam pada tahun ini dan Allah akan membinasakan aku pada saat itu juga.  Dengan membaca doa ini Allah akan mengampunkan dosanya setahun.'

Segala puji hanya bagi Allah, Tuhan yang memlihara dan mentadbir sekalian alam.  Selawat dan salam ke atas junjungan kami Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. serta ahli keluarga baginda dan para sahabatnya.
Ya Allah, sesungguhnya pada tahun ini aku telah melakukan laranganMu tetapi aku masih belum bertaubat sedangkan Engkau tidak reda dan melupai perkara itu.  Engkau telah menangguh azabMu yang telah ditetapkan kepadaku.  Engkau telah memerintahkan supaya aku bertaubat dari kesalahan itu.  Sesungguhnya pada hari ini aku memohon keampunan dariMu, ampunilah aku dan apa yang telah aku lakukan pada tahun ini yang Engkau redai dan Engkau janjikan pahala maka aku memohonnya daripada Engkau.  Ya Allah, ya Karim, ya Zaljalali wal ikram.
Selawat dan salam ke atas junjungan kami Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. serta ahli keluarga baginda dan para sahabatnya.  Segala puji hanya bagi Allah, Tuhan yang memelihara dan mentadbir sekalian Alam.


Doa Awal Tahun
Akhir Bulan Zulhijjah 1432H [26 November 2011, Sabtu] (Di Waktu Maghrib)

Waktu membacanya:
Doa ini dibaca 3 kali setelah masuk waktu Maghrib pada malam 1 Muharram. Sesiapa yang membaca doa ini maka akan berkata syaitan, 'Telah amanlah anak Adam daripada godaanku pada tahun ini kerana Allah telah mewakilkan dua malaikat untuk memeliharanya dari fitnah syaitan.'

Segala puji hanya bagi Allah, Tuhan yang memelihara dan mentadbir sekalian alam.  Selawat dan salam ke atas junjungan kami Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. serta ahli keluarga baginda dan para sahabatnya.
Ya Allah, Engkaulah yang kekal abadi untuk selama-lamanya.  Demi kelebihanMu yang Maha Agung dan kemurahanMu yang melimpah, sesungguhnya pada tahun ini aku memohon kepadaMu perlindungan daripada syaitan yang direjam, dari sekalian kuncunya, tenteranya dan penolongnya.  Aku juga memohon perlindungan daripada nafsu amarah yang sentiasa mendorong ke arah kejahatan dan melalaikan dengan perkara yang tidak berfaedah daripada mendekatkan diriku kepadaMu.
Selawat serta salam ke atas junjungan kami Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. serta ahli keluarga baginda dan para sahabatnya.  Segala puji hanya bagi Allah, Tuhan yang memelihara dan mentadbir sekalian alam.

Read more: Nadia Goes Malaya in the Millenium: Doa Akhir Tahun dan Doa Awal Tahun http://watikah-nadia.blogspot.com/2011/11/doa-akhir-tahun-dan-doa-awal-tahun.html#ixzz1ep1dp0S7

Friday, November 25, 2011

Holiday please stay!!!!

The first week holiday is almost ending, sigh!
Time please move slowly,

Thursday, November 24, 2011

In case you didn't already know

My silence means I'm deeply hurt and no words can express the wounded feeling bottled inside,
When I'm silence I don't expect an understanding I just expect  to be given some  space,
Though I might take time to recover but am the type of person who is easy to forgive and forget,
And I am the type of person who do not like to talk about things that will make her upset,

This is just me and please don't expect me to share my problems when I'm not ready too
because I will break down and what I will say will not longer carry weight because I just cannot carry on the conversation and I hate crying over things that make me upset.

When I'm silence it is also because I hate that I might end up say things that I will regret,
It also a sign that I'm angry and I might ended up saying all sort of negative things which I don't really mean,
In case you didn't already know I'm the type of a person who tries to avoid friction at all cause because I'm vulnerable and I crumble easily.

And life is more than that than mulling over negative matters.

P/S - This post has nothing to do with my LONG silence.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Unfinished Groin and Other Gems..

I got this from kamabakar.blogspot.com.  Hilarious!

Go on, raise a ruckus. Please, we beg you. After all, the operators are already standing by...

We forgive you, now that we know you were born yellow-bellied ....

.. specially made for those whose mind is hopelessly lost in the gutter...

One iced latte please, and be generous with the WtFs and MoFos, if you don't mind.. 

Wonder what the poor vegetarian did to deserve this...

Oh, this is so anal. For the best aroma, try Animal Colon (air freshener); it stinks fast and good! (I hear KittyPoo brand is just as effective....)

For pete's sake don't rush the fall; take your time, plunge gently..

Yo, fire fiend! Try Housekeeping; it's pyro heaven in there, what with all those beddings..

Anyone for hamster & apple curry? Says here the curry's cute; don't know if the hamster's still cheerful, though..

Uh uh, Clotty Pussi. Sounds all clogged up. And painful to boot. This definitely calls for My Fannie toilet paper.. 

Don't be too surprised if their other store is called Bullshit. Perhaps they specialise in Dungarees?

Don't burn Fire Chief san; he's flame-resistant. Torch the mayor instead; word has it he's not eco-friendly..

Your groin's unfinished and you still have 'activities' down there..? Fuuuhh.. Cayalah!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Funnies .. 

Look what I found while blogwalking, I got this from kamabakar.blogspot.com.

This is so reassuring; no, we won't forget..

People are indeed a dangerous specie...

For those whose brains have gone missing..

That's ok. We love you just the way you are...

I'll take that less bratty one, please..

Waitress: Soup or sand, sir?
Customer: I'll have two of those egg sand, please..

What will I Christmas of this year present?
Do I get it what it is?
Remember you Santa present for ask?

"I'm a lil bit cuntry, I'm a lil rock & roll.."

Bash it with your bare head,
you get hurt faster that way..

See? THIS is why we sent you to school!

Thanks but no thanks; I'm not into your nuts,
no matter how fragrant...

One hand coming up, a leg to follow,
all in the name of charity...

Ahah, a kosher bunny!

These pesky Peruvians are everywhere!

I'll share my fannie paper with your fannie..

Pecker hole pretzel, nothing could be more apt..

May I outside then?

Please slow down the stairs,
the handrails need catching up..

Hilman yang pandai berkata-kata

I enjoy talking to Hilman because he is not pelat and sometimes the words that come out from his mouth are something unexpected from a 3 year old child.

One day Hilman and Abah in the car.

Hilman  :  Kita nak pergi mana ni?

Abah    :  Stesyen minyak.

Hilman  :  Nak buat apa?

Abah   :  Isi minyaklah.

Hilman  : Kan kereta ni boleh jalan lagi, tak payahlah isi, jom pergi Giant lagi best.

Abah   :  Tapi minyak dah nak habis, nanti kereta tak boleh jalan.

Hilman  :  Hilman boleh tolak.

Abah   :  Hilman tak kuat, kereta Abah berat.

Hilman : Hilman ada Ultraman (pointing to his Ultraman toy figure)

Abah  : Hahahaha.. takpelah Abah isi minyak jugak

Hilman : Oklah, tapi Hilman nak coklat.

Hilman and YO!

Hilman  :  Wazzap yo!

Ibu       :  Apa tu?

Hilman  :  Hilman nak makan yo!

Ibu       :  Jom turun

Hilman  :  Let's go yo!

Ibu sambil menyuap Hilman makan.

Hilman  :  Sedap yo!

Ibu       :  Dahlah yo yo tu, menyampah ibu.

Hilman  : Ok yo!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I got this from another blogger friend of mine.  As I am not a patient person, this is also a reminder to me to stay calm and be positive all the time.

A man came to the Prophet, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon himraise his name, and asked what he needed to do to get to Paradise, so the Prophet told him: “Do not get angry.” (Saheeh Al-Bukhari)

The man was an individual who would get angry quickly, so the Prophet told the man that he needed to do change his angry nature.  So changing oneself and one’s character is something achievable. 

The Prophet also said: “Whoever pretends to be patient (with a desire to be patient) God will give him patience.”  

This is recorded in Saheeh Al-Bukhari.  This means that although some people are born patient the rest of us can learn to be patient.

Interestingly in Western psychiatry and psychology they used to tell us to get it off our chest, don’t hold it in because if we did we would explode, so better to let it all out.

Later on they discovered that when people let it all out small blood vessels would burst in their brain because they were so angry.  They found that it was actually dangerous and potentially damaging to let it all out.  So now they say it is better not to let it all out.

The Prophet told us to try to be patient, so externally we should give that fa├žade of being patient even when internally we are boiling.  And we do not try to be patient externally in order to deceive people; rather, we do so in order to develop patience.  If we are consistent in this then the external image of patience also becomes internal and as a result complete patience is achieved and is achievable as mentioned in the Hadeeth quoted above.

Have patience and may you be blessed today.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


My eldest daughter Nuraina has been piling on so much weight for the past few months.

You know,she started off being such a skinny baby as she was close to be underweight we have been giving her a lot of multivitamins and minerals to make her go strong, chubby and healthy.  As she hit six months, we fed her appeton for babies on a daily basis, once she turned one we began to give her Scotts Emulsions and vitamin C and when she was down with fever she had lost so much weight making her look so skinny and fragile that we changed her milk into Weight Gain for 2 months. When she was in Year One she started to grow nice and proportionate and we were satisfied with her development.

There was this one day an acquittance commented that her son is the smallest in class and that she is worried, as he is a boy and he may get bullied when he goes to school later so I told her that I used to worry about my daughter's growth and I have been giving her loads of supplements and multivitamins to promote her growth.  She then commented she had a friend who used to be so small that she had been taking lots of supplements and now she has weight issues.  She said the after effect of the supplements takes many years later to get the results.  I didn't think much about it and just pushed the thought aside.

But NOW.....

I see her point, my daughter Nuraina has begun to show interest in food and she eats all the time. She enjoys eating, sometimes after taking lunch she will munch on biscuits and her stomach looks so round and protruded.  From a scrawny baby into a chubby girl, we now have problems finding clothes for her.  When she was younger she used to wear one size smaller than her age, now she wears 2 size bigger than her age.  She is 11 but she wears 13-14 clothes.  Just the other day, we bought a pair of baju kurung the largest in the kids section size 13 - 14, I was confident it could fit her because it looked big, sadly, she can't even bring the sarung to her waist, it got stuck at her thunder thighs and even the baju kurung we had problems to bring her hand out of the sleeves.

I am worried, I want her to not eating much but sometimes when I cook she will be the first I call to eat because it's nice looking at her enjoying the food I cooked as I felt all the efforts I have put in to prepare the meals have not gone to waste compared to her younger siblings who are basically needed to be forced to eat for every meal.  She even commented 'You want me to be kurus, but you also make me eat'.  Yalah tu Aina but most of the times I stop you from eating and indulging in cookies and other things kan?

This where the dilemma lies as I often stock up food in the house like biscuits, chocolate, ice-creams, fruits, wedges, nuggets and other tidbits to encourage the younger ones to eat as they are not rice-people.  The problem is that Kakak Aina will wallop what they are eating too.  On top of that when they could not finish the drinks or the food they consumed Kakak Aina will be summoned as not to let the food go to waste.  So how?

I hope this is just a phase and she will not continue to balloon up as the years go by.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I am upset!

Remember Khairina my 3rd child my blur and unfocussed daughter who is struggling in school?

Well, last week she told me she lost her Maths activity book.  I was so mad, of all the subjects, Maths, the subject she is weakest in?  Therefore she has not been doing her work, we went to quite a number of shops searching for the book and apparently they no longer reprint the book because of the new syllabus KLSSR.

Last Saturday was the Open Day, I dragged seeing her class teacher one because this is the same teacher who penalized my eldest daughter for asking question in class and labeling her as 'busybody', when I got to know the same teacher is to be Khairina's class teacher I had not so good feeling about it.  Nothing happened after that it just that Khairina's performance has been deteriorating, she never has flunk Maths before, the lowest she has scored  was 67% (I know its not great but coming for Khairina I was complacent) until this mid-term when she scored only 37% I was upset.

I've been going through her books and as usual they are all a lot of incomplete work written all over the page, I am unhappy that the teacher did nothing about it, I can help if the work was taken from the textbook but the problem is that it was work written on the board and knowing Khairina she copies things slowly and a loner she ends up daydreaming in class.

When I sat down with the teacher during Open Day she kept on repeating 'I know you're very busy' or 'you must be very busy' as though I have not done much to help my daughter,  She told me about my daughter's missing book, I told her I'm aware of that and that I've been going to bookstores to hunt for the book and I told her if I could have someone's book to bring home, so that she can do the work that she has missed.

I took one home, got it photocopied Saturday itself, there were about 12 pages front and back that needed to be done.  Unfortunately Sunday was a busy day, I woke up 5.30 am to fry drummets for Nabil to bring for his football tournament.  Hub and Nabil left home at around 6.30 am, as bibik was not around I had to attend to the household chores, at around 8.30 I had to put make up on Aina as she has her choir performance at The Curve, sent her to school, bought breakfast and headed home.  Bathed the kids, fed them and took the whole brood to Giant to do some groceries shopping, I was done by 12.30 pm unloaded the thing and drove to The Curve to catch Aina's performance.  Spent about half an hour to secure a parking space when finally Aina called to inform that she has just finished performing.

Got lost in The Curve as we went in through the wrong entrance, walked around for about 15 minutes before reaching her which is at the other side of where I parked my car.  To cut thing short, after lunch and waiting for the heavy downpour to abate we reached home close to 5 pm.  So after shower and dinner Khairina sat down to do her work at around 6.30 pm.  As she was slow in her doing her work and a lot of careless mistakes as she's easily confused with what she was suppose to do etc etc at around 11 pm she is still not done with her work.

I felt pity for her as she was sleepy and I was tired and sleepy too, I told her to put away her things and get ready to bed.  She was worried she didn't get to finish her work and I told her to explain to the teacher that she will get it done the next day.

So today when she came back to school, she was unhappy because the teacher scolded her for not finishing her work and her papers were all over the place as I have forgotten to staple them.  What I am upset is that the teacher made a remark of "Your parents are stupid for not stapling the paper, and they do not want to help you, how're you going to improve like this?"

I was soooooooo mad and so upset, that was so uncalled for making an upsetting remark to an 8-year old girl.  I admit I was wrong but there's no need to use such words!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not sure her rationale of blurting those words, it's like she's asking us to come over and challenge her.  I am not sure if confrontational will do any good as I'm afraid that she will mark my daughter and penalized her even more.

I am still in rage but after writing all this down it has managed to calm me a tiny bit.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hilman and Ibu

Pada suatu malam,

Hilman : Ibu, saya rasa saya suka sangatlah kat Ibu.

Ibu      :  Rasa je?  Ibu loveeeeeeeeeeeeee Hilman

Hilman :  Saya pun.  (and keeps kissing me all over my face)

Ibu     :  Awwww......

He likes doing that now, kissing me over and over again.  Hilman please stay and be my baby forever ok?


Some people can be soooooooooooo hypocrite,
Always having this nice, sweet, am-holier-than- thou look,
But capable of being malicious behind your back.

Some people said they meant well but hide it under a pseudonym,
How could you  mean well when you are afraid of giving out your identity?
It does show that you have a hidden agenda in whatever you are trying to say,
Is either you are jealous or just unhappy and you hope by saying something not so good about other people
you will make them unhappy too?
Sorry it doesn't work with me that way, lady!
My advice to you lady....

GET A LIFE!  Go fly a kite or something!

This is my space so I can jolly well write whatever I want,
If you're not happy, please get lost!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Alahai cik adik oi!

I went to my usual pharmacy yesterday afternoon.  I was in a haste as bibik was not around and hub and Nabil were to leave for their Friday prayer soon.  I wanted to be quick to get my supply.
The usual salesgirl suddenly so surprised to see me dashing into the pharmacy and went 'Dari mana kak?'  That greeting caught me by surprise as she never greeted me that way before.

As I was making my way to the pharmacist, I couldn't help but feel that I am suddenly budging into a serious discussion the pharmacist was having with a young couple.  While I was waiting for the pharmacist to attend to me I could actually listen to the conversation they were having.  The pharmacist didn't actually look happy and so was this sweet, pretty, young thing (not older than 20) the only person who remained calm and didn't utter a single word was the boy beside her.

I could sense something was wrong and my instinct proved me right when I discovered that the girl is 5 weeks pregnant and she's looking for medication to abort the baby.  When she was told to take the pills 7 tablets in the morning, 7 tablets in the afternoon and 7 tablets at night until the fetus dropped, I could see the blood draining from her face because she went '7 biji tiap2 kali? Sampai berapa lama?'... 'Sampai benda tu jatuh lor' said the pharmacist.

The pharmacist realized that I was there, quickly asked me what I wanted, gave me the thing and told me to pay up at the front counter.  At the counter I blurted 'Sedihnya org kita buat perangai camni' and the cashier went 'dah jadi perkara biasa dah kak, ramai dah minta ubat nak gugur kandugan.'

I was soooooo sad, I sat in my car and waited for the couple to come out from the pharmacy, the girl looked forlorn and unhappy, the boy looked calm and didn't say a word until they were out from the pharmacy then only I could see his mouth moving with a slight twitch of a smile.

I am sad so sad and I can't help but to put myself in her mother's shoes on how heartbroken she could be.

A pretty girl like her wasting her youth and time with a boy who's not even good-looking and not responsible enough to father the baby.  Sigh! I am just so sad and I am soooooo afraid.

Ya Allah please protect my children from indulging in such behaviour, jangan fikir seronok je, kesianlah kat mak-bapak ni, yang sayang dan sanggup bergadai untuk anak2.  Fikir panjanglah anak2 oi, kasihanilah kedua ibubapa mu yang telah bersungguh2 membesarkanmu. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Joy of being a Teacher

It's not the wish that you get on Teachers' Day nor the number of presents you received on that day,


It's more of being appreciated and being remembered

for the knowledge that you have disseminated,
For the time you spent to listen to their rant and offering help any way possible
for the effort that you have put in so that they will achieve success in whatever they do,
For the learning experience that you have given them,
For the joy we shared during lesson,
For the love and care that you have showered them directly or *indirectly,

Not asking for much...

Just teacher 'thank you for making me what I am today and I truly appreciate all the things that you have done'

Those simple words will carved in my heart for eternity.

*(all the shouts, nags and stares)

P/S - And thank you girls for keeping me sane, making me young at heart and all the joys and laughter you have brought into my life.  There's never a dull day in a teacher's life.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Love vs Marriage

 I got this from one of the Makcik Bloggers, Kak Ezza of Bicara si muffinbiru

PANTUN- Marriage Life Before and After !!

Before marriage.
Darling here.. darling there...
After marriage.
Baling here... baling there..

Before marriage.
I die for you. . .
After marriage.
'You die, up to you. '
Lagi lama married.
You die I help you!

Before marriage.
You go anywhere. . I follow you.
After marriage. .
You go anywhere. . up to you .
Lagi lama married.
You go anywhere, better u got lost!!

Before wedding
you are my heart, you are my love'
After wedding
'you get on my nerves.

Before wedding
'you are sweet and kind just like Cinderella'
After wedding
'you are worse than godzila'

Before wedding
Roses are red, violets are blue. Like it or not, I'm with you
After wedding
Roses are dead, I am blue. You get on my head, I sue you!

Before wedding
Every makan he brings you to Shangri-La
After wedding
You want to go, he says you wait-la!

Before wedding
She looks like Anita Sarawak
After wedding
Don't know whether katak or pontianak


Difference Between Love n Marriage

Love is holding hands in the street.
Marriage is holding arguments in the street.

Love is dinner for 2 in your favorite restaurant.
Marriage is a take home packet.

Love is cuddling on a sofa.
Marriage is one of them sleeping on a sofa.

Love is talking about having children.
Marriage is talking about getting away from children.

Love is going to bed early.
Marriage is going to sleep early.

Love is a romantic drive.
Marriage is arrive on tops curvy tarmac .

Love is losing your appetite.
Marriage is losing your figure.

Love is sweet nothing in the ear.
Marriage is sweet nothing in the bank.

Tv has no place in love.
Marriage is a fight for remote control.

Love is 1 drink and 2 straws.
Marriage is "Don't you think you've had enough!".

Conclusion: "Love is blind, Marriage is an eye opener!"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh Khairina my dear!

Khairina my second daughter and my 3rd child is as gentle as a lamb.  She's so gentle that she's easily bullied by people around her.  Out of the 3 attending primary school, she's the one struggling with school work and the environment.  She does not project any demeanor of being confident, she is very timid, introvert and afraid to ask question.

She had been lagging in her school work and more often than not her exercise books have comments of 'incomplete work', 'work not sent on time', 'kerja tak siap' and 'tak lengkap' and thus she often gets the shelling from me and I often blame her for being unfocused and dreamy in class and she denied all the accusations made.  This happened last year and this year she has promised that things will change and that she will change for the better.

However on the first day of school she sat at the back row of the classroom because she had wondered around the school and  forgotten to book a seat.  I was so pissed that her being unfocused and dreamy resurface.   Three weeks after, when the kids were given homework, I got even madder when I saw that her books were still not up to date, her work was messy and there's incomplete work remark in her books.  I told her to borrow a book from a friend, she said nobody wanted to lend her their book and I went 'don't you have any friend?'  Nabil heard this and went 'she's always alone Ibu, she eats alone in the canteen and she walks around the school after that all by herself.'

 I then began to realize that she's never invited to any birthday parties, It wasn't an issue then because she's always following Kakak Aina (the miss popular) to parties so I didn't think much of it, but invitation from her friends, she has none.  She's a real loner, she does not make any effort to make friends and whenever I ask her 'don't you have friends?' her answer is always yes but no one is her good friend as she finds waiting for them to go to the canteen and finishing eating then only walking together, as cumbersome. She's happy when she's with her siblings you can see her being bubbly and active, running around and coming out with new ideas.  That's why I was caught of guard when Nabil told me she's a loner.

Ok back to the issue, I told her since nobody wants to lend you their book, next time can you please please please pay more attention in class, stop being dreamy because this is class work I cannot help you because I don't know what the teacher has written on the board, and she went 'Ibu I always pay attention in class, I copy slowly because I cannot see what is written on the board.' You mean to say, you can't see? Gosh! I could feel my blood draining.  All this while you were not able to finish your work on time because you cant see?  Husband did the test and true enough she failed the 4m range test. Nooo..... Oh Nina you have to wear spectacles? I'm not ready for this darling, you are to young to wear glasses.

We took her to the opticians the next day and turned out her eyesights were pretty bad her left eye the reading was 100 and her right eye 225.  After that incident, I could not help but to feel bad for accusing her of being dreamy and unfocused. While waiting for the spectacles to be ready we talked to her teacher to let her sit in front.  It has been two weeks now and so far she's doing fine with her school work.

However tonight something sad happened.  At around 9 pm I went all around looking for Khairina, she was not with Dhaniyah, not in the maid's room, neither was she in my mom's.  I was calling out her name when I suddenly  I heard a soft cry of 'I am here Ibu'.  I was so shocked she was in her room, the door was ajar but I didn't bother to check it then because the light and fan were switched off.  I went in, switch on the fan and the light and there she was lying on the bed with tears streaming down her cheeks.

I sat on the bed and asked her what went wrong, and she went 'I'm just sad' and I asked her 'why?'. And she went 'nothing' I tried to probe but she kept on saying 'nothing' when I finally said 'when you are sad, I am sad too, I love you too much that I don't want you to be sad.'  That got her more teary eyed and she went 'not many people love me Ibu,  I don't have friends, the teachers don't really pay much attention to me and even my brothers and sisters don't love me that much,'.  Oh Khairina, I was shocked to hear her say that and I became sad too 'Khairina no matter what, Ibu and Abah love you unconditionally, your siblings love you too, it is just that they have a weird way of showing it,  so it does not matter if you don't have that many friends, what's important is that you love yourself and always work hard to improve yourself, never let other people put you down and please please remember that Ibu loves you soooooo much and only want the best for you.'
She got better and went to sleep.  Looking at her sleeping, breathing evenly, looking calm and angelic made me even sadder.

Sigh!  I am not sure whether I have handled it well but I feel bad.  Bad for her to feel this way, for her not having friends and for her to have such low self-esteem.  I don't really know how to tackle this because I am a person who depends on her friends, I will be lost without them,  I need friends and I have been blessed with wonderful friends around me.  So having to handle this situation is actually out of my league! Help!

P/S - After the incident, she hugged me crying again and she said 'I did try Ibu, I tried to make friends but I don't think my friends like me that much, I'm just not important'.   'Oh baby you are really special and important to me, if they don't like you they are not worthy as your friends, they are other people out there who will be worthy of your friendship, it's just that the time has not come yet.'

Gosh! She's only 7+ and already facing this kind of problem, I really pity you Khairina and I hope things will be better for you, stop trying so hard, because you end up hurting yourself, I have faith that things will get better, I always believe that good things happen to those who wait, be patient my dear!

Hilman buat magic

This is just gonna be a short post but I just want to get it jotted down before I forget.  Yesterday when we were in KFC attending to a birthday party, I saw 4 very cute water bottles and I decided to buy 3.  Hilman was so happy with his.  We got home, gave the bottle a rinse and then filled it with water for him to sip.  So, he has been using it since every time he needs to quench his thirst.

So after dinner today, I was drinking my water from the cup when he said he want some,

Ibu         :  Why are you drinking in my cup?

Hilman   :  Because I am thirsty.

Ibu        :  What happen to your water bottle?

Hilman   :  Oh I dunno.

Ibu        : Dunno?  Go and look for it.

Hilman  :  I dunno.  Dah hilang dah.

Ibu       :  Cannot be.  Go and look for it.

Hilman  :  Yesssssss dah hilang dah, tadi ada pastu Hilman buat magic (claps his hands) so now dah hilang dah.  Terror kan Hilman buat magic?

Ibu     :  Hmmmm..... (pandailah ko Hilman, sebab malas nak cari kan?)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I got this from Nadia-Is-Cute

I got this from a friend who got this from her sister.  I find it funny yet so true that I feel that I should share it as well.