Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You gain some, you lose some

For the days that I have spent here, I think I have gained 3 kg. There's not much thing to do here. I can't really go out as Hilman will be so unhappy. I can't even go to the toilet without him crying. He hates everybody here, even the cleaner as he thinks that she is also a part of this conspiracy that will inject pain in him. So everytime when someone opens the door, he starts sobbing, and when they approach or say hello he wails.

So basically I have to take his temperature, give him his medicine, do the nebaliser, do the repercussion, is not that I mind but they disturb my sleep too.

I'm so bored here, I have no one to talk to, thank you 'blog' for keeping me company and allowing me to pour my feelings here. I'm so bored that I managed to interview almost all the trainees here. Hey do you know to learn nursing in Sime Darby for 3 years cost RM45,ooo? Gila mahal.

The reason I'm blogging now besides to kill the boredom, it helps me NOT to indulge in food, because I am so bored I ended nibbling as it gives me something to do. Yeah I know, pathetic!

Not only that as Hilman has lost his appetite due to his throat infection, I gobbled his food too, though not that yummy but why waste is my motto....again pathetic I know! This is what happened when you are cooped up in the four walls of the room with no adult to talk too. So lets see what have I ate for the past 2 days:-
a) 2 bars of chocolates (erkkkkkk...)
b) biscuits
c) cheese twisties
and all the 3 meals

I also realised the contractor workers here work until 9.00 pm everyday and there are just not many cleaners here. Last night, Hilman vomitted, so I requested for the room to be cleaned and moped and it was only done 4 hours later and... and.. Hilman physiotherapist this sweet young thing is a Penangite and getting married in June to a doctor here. This girl is so so gentle with kids. So good for her. And infact I would consider attending if it was done here. Ahak ahak I actually invited myself to her wedding. What a Loser!!!!

Sorry if I've wasted your time with my ramblings.

P/S- Can't believe I would actually say this, but 'I miss school, I miss the girls though I'm very sure the feeling is not mutual as they will go 'Yay no teacher today' but I do, just can't wait to get back to civilisation.

Recent update- Doctor just came in (imagine at 10.30 pm-takdak lifelah jadi doctor ni kan? yesterday was at 9.40 pm) and said 'Engku (aparaa doc tu bukan nama're confirmed to go back tomorrow) yay! but you have to bring the child back again in 2 weeks time.


Doctor just came to check on Hilman. Though the fever is at bay but the cough is still bad. So it's going to be another night here. Waaa.....!!!

P/S- Bang if you're reading this, can you go and buy more Barney DVDs and a few for me too? e.g The Traveller's Wife, Labour Pain. I love you much.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Greetings From Room 571

Oh yes, my baby is warded in SDMC, Room no 571, and tonight is my second night here and it is definitely not a nice feeling to be here.

This is his third time warded in less than 6 months. I feel bad!!! It shows that I have not been doing a good job.

This time around is just awful.

Hubby took him to the hospital last Monday as he has shown no sign of improvement, I didn't expect him to be warded as he didn't look that sick. He was coughing with slight flu. So I didn't follow them for his check-up as I thought he'll be undergoing physiotheraphy and that he'll be fine. Turned out it was more serious than that as his lungs were cloudy with phlegm and bacteria infected and he suffered from throat infection too.

When hubby told me he needed to be warded, I was still in school, sitting in a meeting hence I can't rush and see him there and then. Hubby told me he refused to eat and drink his milk as his throat hurt. After the meeting, sent my mom for her treatment, picked up the kids from school, sent Aina for Kumon, picked up my mom, packed my stuff and straight away made my way to the hospital.

He cried when he saw me and I was heart-broken as at this stage he has already lost his voice. He wanted to be carried and pointed to the door and said 'Alik, Ibu dom alik' (Balik, Ibu jom balik) and that was just painful hearing him say that.

He just cannot stand the sight of nurse as he will be bawling his eyes out crying non-stop until they left the room and that made him tired and he will fall asleep after that but his sleeps are often disturbed with nurses checking his temperature, for nebaliser session, physio, medication and he'll be crying during all these sessions. To make him stop I will to take over as he wouldnt let the nurses even to touch his hand.

He struggles less now during nebaliser but for pyshio he will be crying at the top of his lungs and shouting 'akit akit' (sakit sakit). It was excruciating to see him to go through all these but I know it is for his own good.

He's asleep right now and he's still wheezing. He has 2 more pysiotherapy sessions tomorrow and 2 more nebaliser and 1 more antibiotic shot and am praying hard that tonight will be our last night here.

For the days that we have spent here, he has watched 4 Barney's DVDs and I've watched 3 DVDs, The Proposal, My Sister's Keeper and Julie Julia which I bought them before Raya last year and didnt have the chance to watch and I loved each one of them. Such wonderful stories!!! They helped me to feel less miserable.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

For the Curious Cat Out There

Well, what can i say? Life has been busy. Work is starting to pile in, children are getting busy with their school work that needs Ibu's help almost all the time especially my Year One. Not only that I have to help her pack her bag everyday too. Besides all that, I am needed to chauffeur them around for their 'agama' school, house practice, tuition, piano, extra co-curricular activities, buying things for school and etc.

Some updates on the kids:-

1) Nuraina managed to get through the audition for her Choir Club and she is put in the Performing group hence she has practices on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I was not very keen for her to join choir the fact that she will be missing classes and the fee was (RM600) exclusive of costume that will be around RM80 and printed material (RM10) and (to think that my orchestra members are unhappy that they have to pay RM100 for a whole year). I was surprised that none of the parents actually complained on the amount which I find to be ridiculous but as my girl is very interested and she seems to be serious in it we might as well close one eye and pay for it, as anyway it will do her good (it better be as we have paid RM600 for that!) as she gets to perform and that I hope will give her good marks for her co-curricular as this team is a pretty strong team, they have won the district and the national level.

2) Nabil - third week of school and he has successfully managed to lose 3 erasers, 3 pencils and one pencil colour. On top of that he managed to misplace his bag where he keeps his PJK clothes in, his t'shirt and track bottom that we had to buy him a new set. (Geram!) He even lost his water tumbler and food container. (Double geram!!!)
His books has dog ears on almost all the pages, he has messy handwriting, last week he brought all his books to school as he was lazy to follow the timetable until I realized that his bag was heavy that I ran amok and he begins to follow his timetable after that. He is happier in school and we have no problem getting him ready compared to last year where he had been counting the days until the next weekend/holiday or the fact that he pretended that he couldn't wake up early in the morning and we might gave up on him and go 'Susah sangat nak bangun, tak payahlah pergi sekolah' but never happened, mak cikgu kan, takkan boleh tolerate anak nak ponteng sekolah. According to the teacher he is well behaved, helpful and obedient boy (the teacher exact words). "Errr...teacher, are you sure you are talking about my son ah?" was my thinking.

3) Khairina - school is starting to take its toll on her. She has been complaining of being tired and torpid but never once she said 'can i not go to school?' as she seems to like school. She was ecstatic the other day that Alysha (Haziq's sister) of Tom2 Bak knows her name though they are of a different class. Everyday she talks about this girl 'Alysha is sooooo pretty....., Alysha has nice bag....., I want to keep my hair long like Alysha (eh girl it was you who wanted your hair shortlah, saying that long hair not nice, may you look like 'Ju-On'), Alysha this...Alysha that... She has been wasting her money in the bookshop buying erasers, stickers and other useless stuff until I ran amok again and that had put a stop to her spendthrift in school. Her homework consists of writing the alphabets and numbers 1-10 and a lot of colouring that sometimes I have to help as all subjects need colouring Maths, Science, BM, English.

4) Dhaniyah now takes the van to school. She had problem the first 2 weeks that my hubby had to sacrifice his lunch hour and send her to school. She was ok the week after and prefers to ride on the van than having me sending her to school. The other day as I was getting ready to go out and I sprayed some perfume on me, Dhaniyah went 'Ibu you are sooooooooooooo smelly, I like'. ahak ahak.

5) Hilman has not been feeling well this week, he has been coughing with a slight flu, he has been showing symptoms of getting his asthma attack, just praying for the best and that he is not getting any worse.

P/S Hey turned out I have a lot to tell actually kan?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

It was a good start!

Though it was a lot of drama with my kids at home this week, life at work, has not been too bad. It was great too finally meet all my friends at work. I've been missing them. There's in fact a new addition to the panitia, turned out she was my boss for a work I did 4 years ago, I liked working with her and she is still the same nice lady I've known, so it is actually wonderful that she's now joining us here.

I like the classes I got, I hope to do more with the Form 3 classes this year. As some of these girls are getting me for the third year of their secondary school life. Not sure whether it's a pain or a bonus. I hope it's the latter. ahak ahak. I have not met the Form One yet, just hope that they would leave their immature, childish act in their former school and would not go 'teacher, teacher' everytime.
I am looking forward to meet them and scare them of their wits. Muahahaha. evil!

So here's hoping to a good year at work and at home.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Khairina and Dhaniyah First Day of School


So it was Khairina first day of school today. I still remember her first day in kindi, when she was 4, how she was unhappy and cried when I had to leave the premise. Hence I'd imagined that it may be a drama today too as well although few weeks before that she told me how excited she is to be in Year One and she just can't wait for school to start soon. Not only that she had been parading her school outfit in front of everybody with socks and shoes on and backpack strapped on her shoulders. So I commented on hubby that should be a good sign ain't it?

And that reminded me of Nabil on the eve of his first school day where he went 'Abah, is it true that I'll be Year One tomorrow? I'm not ready,' and how that statement caught us off guard as we thought he is brave enough to go through Year One and everything will be plain sailing. How wrong we were!!!

Alright back to Khairina, so I was actually prepared for her to suddenly get nervous breakdown and that she may shed a few tears or even throw a tantrum so I told hubby to just stay on until recess.

That morning when I woke her up, I was pleased that she woke up with a smile, getting her ready was also easy, so when all 3 were ready I sent them off to their father's car.
While I was at work, I called hubby to see how thing went and he said everything's fine. Khairina is ok and she has managed to make few friends.

Khairina eagerly waiting for the lesson to start

As my timetable was quite free on Monday, I decided to check on her during her recess. I watched her from afar and she was doing so fine, she looked calm and confident, she chit-chatted with her new found bestfriend, they sat together and ate the food they brought from home. When I aprroached, she was pleasantly surprised to see me and a few minutes later, the big brother joined her for break and played his brotherly role pretty well, sitting next to the sister and making her comfortable in this new environment. I was overwhelmed, they are both big kids now that I had to put both my hands on my chest. (Read : emo+overeact).

When I told her, I need to go off, she just said "Pergilah" and when I asked "Will you be alright?' She went 'Yes, yes, Ibu pergi ajelah' and that made me sad. My girl is so big, she doesn't need me that much anymore. Waaaaaaaaa....! Letting go is never easy. Soon, before I know it she's going to get married and she'll forget about me. Waaaa....!! (ok ok that was overboard and way out of topic). sorry.

Look at that smile. This photo is taken right after recess

Engrossed in a discussion

That night when I asked her how she liked her school, she said she liked it because she can go shopping and I went Shopping?! Where?! And she went shopping in the school canteen, I like it Ibu, I like spending money in the canteen. Hah! Alamak who taught you this huh? Wonder where you get that idea from? And that night before going to bed she told hubby that he doesn't need him to wait in school anymore.

We got worried for nothing. She is doing fine. She likes school just hope she continues to like school for the next 10 years of her life.


Today was Dhaniyah's first day in a kindergarten. We opted for the afternoon session class as she has trouble waking up early in the morning. For the past 2 weeks we have been getting her prepared for school by reminding her she needs to go to school soon and making her repeat her class name and teacher's name.

She was not eager with the idea of going to school. When we asked her whether she looks forward for school, she will say 'school ada slide' so we weren't sure whether 'ada slide' is good enough to make her go to school. Nonetheless, it was difficult getting her ready today, but when was told that I'll be coming home to take her to school, she was ok.

Was happy at the very beginning

Busy colouring

She made no fuss entering the classroom, so I was happy and I thought this should be easy. I told her to sit down, she obliged, the teacher gave her a piece of paper, a picture of 2 pears for her to colour, she quickly took out her colour pencils and began to colour, she was doing a good job and I told her that I shall wait for her outside, she went 'Ok, tapi Ibu jangan pergi mana-mana ok?' and in my heart I went 'Oh Oh' so I stood there and from time to time she would lift up her head to make sure I was there. About half and hour later the principal told us to leave the premise and that the children are under their good care so while I was making myself to the exit I heard 'Nak Ibu, Nak Ibu' and I saw her running after me. I did not have the heart to leave her that way, that I carried her back to her classroom, she protested but after I promised that I shall wait for her she agreed.

She was sobbing here

Instead of sitting on the chair, she decided to sit on me and continued colouring, they were other kids crying too and I felt bad that I was the only parent there when the rest had left the building. I then coaxed her to sit on the chair and to make sure that I will not leave her, she had one hand holding the colour pencil and colouring the picture given and the other hand all the time holding my hand. Smart girl!

About 20 minutes later, the teacher told them to line-up so they can go to the sink to wash their hands and ready for snack so I took the opportunity to fled when I heard a loud wail of 'Nak Ibu, Nak Ibu, Ibu tipu Niyah' Alamak! My own daughter called me a penipu. What example have I set? What have I done. It was a tear-jerker, heart-wrenching but I had no choice so I left the place.

I waited for her to get back, when she did, she looked happy and when I asked 'Did you like school?' She said 'Best' and when I asked are you going tomorrow she answered 'yes' I was overjoyed until she said 'Besok Ibu kena hantar shaya pash tu tunggu shampai shaya balik tau, shebab nanti shaya nangish shebab shaya shedih shangat shangat pash tu shaya nangish banyak banyak'

Ayoyo! How now brown cow?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Know What You Did Last Christmas

Happy 2010 Everybody!!!

Ok before school re-opens soon, I better write, what we did last Christmas holiday.

Last Wednesday 23/12 we headed to Penang for a holiday. We bunked in my sis-in-law's house for 2 nights in Bukit Mertajam. The place was actually pretty small to fit us a family of seven but as hubby doesn't like the idea of checking in into the hotel when he has his siblings around, he prefers that we sleep in the sister's house. His idea of strengthening the bond among family members. So who's to argue? I pity Hilman though as he is allergic to heat and sweat and for the 2 nights we were there, he didn't actually sleep well and he had been tossing and turning to find a good, comfortable, airy spot and on top of that he was scratching all over as he was perspiring. Nonetheless the hostess were such hospitable people and the kids had fun goofing with the aunt and uncle (the newly wed).

The next day we made our way to Penang. As the children never had the experience of riding on the ferry, we opted for ferry of course over the famous Penang Bridge. Once inside, the kids became quite 'jakun' going up and down the stairs on the ferry and watching the ram going up and down with amazement.

Enjoying the sea breeze

Happy faces first time on a ferry (the kids I mean)

The kids were amazed with the ram

Once we reached the Penang Island, we straight away headed to the Toy Museum. The journey to the Toy Museum took quite sometime as we were unfamiliar with the roads and the places that the kids began to complain and the million dollar question of 'are we there yet?' blurted from their mouth. I always thought driving in KL is bad enough but Penang's traffic is even madness. The roads are narrow and the drivers were more aggressive.

We reached the Toy Museum at around noon, and they were already many people inside mainly tourists, once stepped in the children were awed with the toys put on display and they went 'hey hey look! look! or 'check this out' or 'wow' or 'come come look what I've found' running around and shouting when they found toys or statue that were interesting or that they were familiar with.

The largest Toy Museum in the world

The entrance

With the character Po from Kung Fu Panda

A character from Monsters Inc

Hilman was just fascinated with the numbers of Sesame Street miniatures in the showcase

Dhaniyah with the one of the statues at the exit

Once in Penang we would not want to miss to savour the delicious nasi kandar there, so we opted for Kassim Mustafa as we were told they serve really good nasi dalca and kandar. And we have to agree, the dishes were indeed succulent.

Once our tummies were filled up, hubby thought of driving around in Penang, however as driving in Penang was just crazy with the heavy traffic that Christmas eve, and the children grew tired and started whining we decided to head back to Bukit Mertajam. The kids wanted to ride the ferry again though we suggested that we should try going on the famous Penang Bridge, but they insisted ferry ride would be more fun. So we agreed, but funny thing happened, hubby suddenly took the wrong exit and suddenly we were on Penang bridge much to the dismay of the kids. We thought of doing a u turn and ride again on the ferry to Penang but our sanity told otherwise.

The very next day after lunch, we made our to Bukit Merah Laketown Resort. Hubby booked a 2 room apartment in Suria apartment and the number of people checking in that day was just too many that it took quite a while for us to get into the room. The kids were satisfied with the size of the swimming pool and once inside the room, they quickly changed into their swimming suits.

As everyone was tired on that day, we turned in early to get ready to go to the Ecopark on the next day.

The next day after breakfast at the apartment, we went to the Ecopark, again the queue was long that I decided to bring the munchkins into the cafe as it was air-conditioned. So rather sitting around not buying anything, I decided to order one kiddie set meal for Hilman, as he was asleep when we went down for breakfast that morning. The meal was good that Hilman managed to finish the whole set. So nothing was wasted.

Once inside the Ecopark, I'll let the photos do the talking;

At the entrance

Feeding the tiny monkeys

Another monkey (I mean the one in the cage) ahak ahak

Since everyone else was just scaredy cat, I took the challenge with the albino pyhton

Feeding the deers

Hilman feeding the fish

The sky cycle ride

The fun of the day. The kids had 3 rounds of this ride

The very next day, the Orang Utan Island

At the jetty

The boat ride

The king, he has 4 wives

The playful babies

So like any other holiday, I was stressful and became more tired and I need a longer holiday to recover from this holiday. Typical me!

It's first day of school tomorrow, Khairina will be Year One, and I am more nervous than she is. Hope everything goes well. I wish to witness the day, however I have other children to think about and to take care off. Hubby will look through everything for the first 3 days, it will be Dhaniyah first day at kindi too. So here's hoping to a great year ahead.

Take care everybody.