Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Joy of being a Teacher

It's not the wish that you get on Teachers' Day nor the number of presents you received on that day,


It's more of being appreciated and being remembered

for the knowledge that you have disseminated,
For the time you spent to listen to their rant and offering help any way possible
for the effort that you have put in so that they will achieve success in whatever they do,
For the learning experience that you have given them,
For the joy we shared during lesson,
For the love and care that you have showered them directly or *indirectly,

Not asking for much...

Just teacher 'thank you for making me what I am today and I truly appreciate all the things that you have done'

Those simple words will carved in my heart for eternity.

*(all the shouts, nags and stares)

P/S - And thank you girls for keeping me sane, making me young at heart and all the joys and laughter you have brought into my life.  There's never a dull day in a teacher's life.