Monday, March 15, 2010

Alamak! How should I React to This?

You know when people commented " have 3 girls ah? Pening ah nanti."  I didn't actually comprehend what they are trying to say.  To me nurturing children is one tough and challenging task and I do not think having different genders children would make much of a difference.

And I always hate it those people who read about social ills in the newspaper or listen to the immoral acts of todays teenagers and went 'Nasib baik aku takde anak perempuan'.  What is that supposed to mean? What are you trying to say here? That all the things happening are all women's fault because it is visible to us and it is ok for men to have such bad behaviour because the parents tak payah tanggung malu sebab orang tak nampak if the child ter'pregnant'.

  What I want to stress here is please do not make such gender bias kind of comment, it is the man who is supposed to protect us the woman who apparently by nature dijadikan sebagai kaum yang lemah and not to take advantage of us.  We are born with 9 nafsu and 1 akal whereas the men have 1 nafsu and  9 akal and kalau ikut maths pun 9 is such a big number and logically is able to kawal the 1 nafsu tu betul tak? I think it is just  simple maths. Budak darjah 1 pun boleh identify that 9 is a lot lot more than 1.

So basically what I want to say here is that because we are so used to hear such comment, I believe it makes the men to become less and less responsible because society is condemning only the girls and not the boys.  How is that fair? What we should say is, we all should take care of our kids and make sure this thing does not happen to us and not put all the blame only to one gender- the girls.

Alright actually what I want to write is not about the issue above but how my 10 year old daughter has been getting attention from the other species and I am not sure how I should I deal with it.  You know when our kids were young we beamed when people praised them but now that she has slightly grown up and starts to develop some curves, I no longer appreciate the praise that she gets from the male species, grown men.  The other day, when we were in pasar malam I told her to get the 'keropok lekor' while I buy the veggies at the next stall. The guy manning the stall started to strike a conversation with her, making jokes and whatnot and I got worried and that was not the first time it happened, there was one time that a guy selling burgers was busy asking her name and phone number, luckily she was smart enough not to 'layan' these people.  These people could be harmless but it sure got me worried.  Am I overreact?  It is difficult now to get her to help buying things because she will bring this kind of distraction and I definitely do not welcome it.

Not only that, the other day, I happened to read her messages in her inbox.  I wasn't snooping it's just that she told me to help with her FV.  This boy confessed his love to my girl 'Aina please love me'.  I got the shocked of my life, I asked her and she went 'I hate it Ibu, please delete the message.'  The next day he wrote 'why are you not responding to me, is it because you love someone else?' and she went 'Issh Ibu gila ke apa budak ni?' She told me to delete the message but not until I replied to the message 'I am still young to think about love, can we be friends instead?' just because I was told he is such nice and a polite boy by her friends.  He's not bad-looking too as he comes from a mix parentage, the mom is a 'minah salleh' ok, actually he's a hunk.

So yesterday when she was in the car with me, I asked about the boys in her school and she went 'semua kawan jelah Ibu and I'm not sure kenapa that boy tulis macam tu because I have never talked to him, he was my classmates last year tapi tak pernah cakap pun but the girls adalah usik cakap S is in love with me.'  And I asked 'Dia pandai tak?' and she went "pandailah jugak, he is in the second class, I'm in third class' and I went 'he is good looking and clever, oklah tu Aina' and she went 'Apalah Ibu ni, Aina taknaklah, mengarutlah Ibu'.  Ahh...what a relief! to hear her answered like that as I am not sure how am I supposed to react to that if she too develops the same feeling for that boy?

Oh Aina you still my baby, my little girl tau, don't think about boys yet until you are 25 ok?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Being Sick Is Awful

Is it age or is it the virus?  The kids are sick, my 3 younger ones are down with fever last Wednesday, the worst is Dhaniyah, her once chubby cheeks have now shrunken, she has lost her appetite, she doesn't take her milk as often and she cried during her birthday celebration as she was actually unfit to attend school, Dhaniyah is still unwell and she's not attending school today,  Khairina is recuperating, fever gone but she has a slight cough, Hilman is still coughing but he has shown slight improvement.

I had fever too on Saturday and it was awful, is it age factor, the weather or the virus? The fever made my whole body ached, my head spinning and my feet felt like pins and needles everytime I had to put my feet on the ground. I have slight temperature today, I still feel dizzy and it sucks, the normal fever which usually takes 2 days to recover now it drags to 3 days, I want to blame the latter but I guess age is playing a factor too and the lack of exercise I believe is the main factor making my whole body so weak and fragile.  It's a sign to start exercising and should consider to use the Wii Fit that is still sitting in the box, oh don't get me wrong, it is being put to good use, unfortunately not from me but by Nuraina who does her cheerleading routine using the Wii Fit and she has been losing quite a number of calories based on the record shown on the Wii Fit.

Ok, I feel quite dizzy now and would like to take a nap while Hilman is asleep, so take good care of yourself, try to stay indoor as much as you can because the weather is super-hot nowadays and talking about which  Hilman is developing this heat rash all over his body and it is difficult as he is asthmatic he can't be in air-conditioned room for too long, he is allergic to sweat so what should I do? 'Fening, fening'.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Dhaniyah

This 5th of March, marks my Dhaniyah her 4th birthday. Dhaniyah a very entertaining girl, she has many stories to share, has a wide laugh and kuat merajuk at times.  Dhaniyah is well-liked in school by her teachers and friends and she is the tallest in her class.

To my Dhaniyah, happy birthday dear
Ibu, Abah, Kakak Aina, Abang Nabil, Kakak Nina and Hilman love you so so very much.