Saturday, September 19, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Everyone

It's Raya tomorrow people. The children are getting excited. The girls especially have been re-trying their raya apparels and shoes, parading in the living hall , showing off to their grandparents. The cousins are here, all looking forward to play the sparklers tonight.

Ibu has been quite busy with some last minute raya shopping and helping tidying up and decorating the house. The last 3 days were spent on packing to balik kampung to Terengganu on the second day of raya and as I loathe packing so the last 3 days have been stressful, packing for my 5 kids and yours truly.

To me, raya is definitely for the kids, am excited because the kids got nice baju raya and shoes as for myself i tailored only 3 pasang yang simple2 aje, just for the sake of wearing a baju baru on raya day, all in all here's hoping to a wonderful raya and to those of you celebrating, may you have a great raya and I'll be on hiatus for I'll be in Terengganu on the second day of raya and becoming back on Friday. Till then,

Maaf Zahir Batin

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vote For Us!!!!

Hey remember the blog that my students created for the love of the orangutan? Well, well, well I'm happy to announce that our blog has been selected to be among the top 10 best orangutan blogs nationwide.
Thank you for your support for making this possible.

However, I need more favour from you, please please be kind enough to vote for us. How can you do that? Just click to this url . On the top part you can see the icon blog contest, click on that icon, from there you can see a few icons on the left side, scroll down to VOTE and vote for the blog created by my students the Vote wisely as the voting site can be quite tricky, so please make sure that you vote for the right blog.

Official voting starts today 16 September - 25 September.

So if you have arrived here before the closing date, do it now! NOW please! I know I sound desperate, and I am because my students have worked so hard and I am proud to say they did a fantastic job so i do not want to see their effort gone to waste. What we need now is to get as many support as possible.

Every vote counts, help us to make a difference in these orangutans lives. Your vote means so much to us and is highly appreciated. Thank you.

Last but not least, just a gentle reminder,

'DO IT NOW! please! (ahak ahak)


Yes now!

P/S- So have you voted?

Thank you.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

For Better or Worse, Till Death Do Us Part

Yesterday 4th of September was my 1oth wedding anniversary. Sad to say, although plan was made for us to celebrate this auspicious occasion, Hilman was admitted to the hospital on the 2nd of September due to a acute pneumonia attack. We were discharged at noon today, he's a lot better but need to be monitored from time to time.

Was I sad not able to celebrate it? The answer is No! as at that time what matters most is for Hilman to be strong and healthy. Like I said to hubby, Hilman is a sign for us not to add any more member to the family, and he agreed. ahak ahak.

Why I marry thee?

I remember the year it was somewhere in September 1998 when you came into my life. Mutual friends of ours kept saying we'll make a good couple. They believed that they have found for us our soulmates. I gave my number but I did not expect anything to come out from it because I was tired and fed-up with my previous love life. After 3 years of courting with my ex, I finally see that there was just no future with him, there were just too many obstacles and challenges and I can't afford to go through all that mumbo jumbo again.

I think it took months when I finally said that I was ready to get to know you. You called and upon hearing your voice, it felt like magic, it was so soothing that suddenly all my problems just burst into thin air. You were soft-spoken and a real gentleman that I pictured you a man who doesn't know how to be angry. Hmm... How wrong I was! ahak ahak.

After a year of courting, it was on that date 4 September 1999 when you shook my father's hand in front of the kadi and other guests, with one lafaz that I officially became your wife. I was ecstatic for having meeting my soulmate at last and finally you are mine and I believed that this was a match made from heaven, come to think of it so are thunder and lightning. So yeah I was right!!!! ahak ahak.

I can still remember the moment that I was very sure you were the one for me. It was this one night that I felt too overwhelmed with the whole situation, you were asking for a serious relationship and my ex kept on bugging me, it was just too much for me to handle that I felt trapped. That I night I decided to end everything, to give myself a breather, I switched off my mobile. I just did not want to be disturbed so I could relax and think things over.

You couldn't contact me the whole day, I just refused to talk to you when at last you decided to call the house at night instead. I wanted to hang up but you plead for me not to do so, you told me to get out of the house so you could deliver some things to me. I was pissed but I did. I went to your car and there you were with a bouquet of flowers in your hand. Red roses. It was such a romantic gesture, you didn't know what you did wrong but you took the effort to make me feel better, you were afraid that it was you who caused me all the pain and you had the feeling I'm driving myself away from you, you can't bear to lose me and that my dear had made all the difference. You had made it so easy and clear for me, that I should choose you and not think of anyone else.

To me it was a sign. A sign of true love, enough for me to agree to take your hands in marriage. After that everything seemed to fall into place, even the preparation for the engagement, akad nikah and reception was plain sailing. I felt it was a blessing from God, that you were the one for me and I have made the right choice. I'm grateful and thankful to Allah for giving me you.

Though 10 years have passed, where flowers no longer speak the language of our love nor make their usual presence in my life, am happy. If I were to turn back the time, I would still be with you... I would still choose you. I just can't imagine my life without you.

They say 'love is blind, and marriage is an eye opener,' I guess I need to get myself a pair of spectacles because I'm still blinded with your love, you still bring magic into this relationship although sometimes the magic doesn't really work out right but you succeeded most of the times.

I love you so very much. Here's to 10 years of marriage and hopefully to more wonderful years to come.

P/S- This entry was supposed to be posted earlier, but I was ehem...ehem... ada sikit unhappy with you, so that explains the delay. But I still love you, that my dear hasn't changed. ahak ahak.