Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thanks you guys!

I'm lucky and happy to have such wonderful friends who always have my back covered.
I can always count on them for anything...

Thank you guys! (you know who you are) and I love you all so much.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stop Complaining, Start Contributing!

This post may offend some of my readers but I'm just merely stating the truth, if you're not happy please do not bother to read on and go visit other blogs that make you happy.

The week after the final-year exam, has been really stressful and hectic for us, the marking of papers and the preparation of the Charity Dinner this coming Friday night.

I'm proud to say, I'm a teacher of this school and usually the impression that I get when I say am a teacher of this school, that I'm lucky as it is an elite school where you can find all the rich people's and VIPs children here. They are not wrong but we don't get things that easy here as sadly it is difficult to get contributions from all these people.

I'm aware being a teacher you are bound to shoulder all kinds of responsibilities, and I don't intend to complain here, I do not mind at all but my heart is a bit heart-broken when all the effort done, do not really get the support from the students and their parents themselves.

Sometimes, I think to myself is it worth all the sacrifices made, though most of teachers only have the best interest of the students in their mind but my heart keeps questioning, is it all worth it when some of the students themselves do not care a hoot of what the school is doing for them?

Since we became the cluster school, especially this year,I believe the school has done so much to serve and to cater for the students needs, but what do we get in return? I can tell you this, not much.

I had to stay back whole of this week for the orchestra practices for the charity dinner. I came on Sunday too. We prepared new blouses for the girls, we prepared permission letters, we prepare working papers, we need to prepare food for them, we hired a bus, we are hiring the conductors, we have to pay arrangement for the songs, we are paying the vocal teacher on top of our core work which is teaching and all these done so that the girls will get the chance to play and showcase their talent for the Queen in Nikko Hotel. It's a big event and it is done to upgrade all the facilities that we have in school, we are trying to be 'the school of the future' and what we want in return is to get the support from the parents to make this a reality by contributing RM200 per seat for the dinner in the name of charity.

The sad thing is that some of the parents are not even aware of this BIG event as they were not told by their children though we have distributed the letter for all the parents and we even published it in our website. We got such poor response and some students can even say the are facing 'financial crisis'? FINANCIAL CRISIS? Mind you, these words blurted out came from the students who have drivers to take them home, whose parents car are dwarfing all the teachers' car, they carry handphones that are more expensive and sophisticated than mine, who wear watches which cost hundreds of ringgit, who are willing to pay hundreds of ringgit worth of ticket concert, who go for holiday overseas annually, whose parents are willing to buy Guitar Hero, PS2, PSP and they are not willing to fork out RM200 for the school. This event is all done for the benefits of the students, definitely not us the teachers, as to prepare such big event we are bogged down with just more work.

It is just sad to see this whole scenario happening in an environment where majority of the students come from such affluent and privilege families where we have to beg them to contribute for the school. It is just sad what more with what the school has done for the students 'the Musical Night, Mantap Minda, Majlis Restu, Graduation Night' just to name a few, and the only thing that we often received is the rising number of complaints from the students and the parents. So if you're not willing to contribute, please stop complaining.

So who can we blame when the students have such selfish act?

Ask not what the school can do for you but what you can do for the school.

P/S- I remember for the years I was in that school, I had been contributing to build-up of the surau, I did not get to enjoy the privilege then but it did not stop me contributing for the school.

To write and serve with love.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

One Malaysia- One Whole Day Affair

Yesterday afternoon, my two elder children were offered to do a promo for Astro TV on One Malaysia. Aina was ecstatic, Nabil wasn't because he was more looking forward to attend his football practice tomorrow. Thinking that he will still make it for the practice we persuaded him to take the job. It was pretty a last minute thing as the shooting is to be done today and we have to be there at 9.00 am.

As last night, I attended the Form 5 Graduation Dinner in KGNS which ended around 11.00 pm and as I was knackered after that thus I did not get the chance to check my e-mail for the script that the children need to memorize. So I only managed to get them to read the script this morning at around 8.00 am and Aina being excited for the job succeeded in memorizing the whole lines in mere 10 minutes whereas Nabil could not be bothered to learn it by heart. Which pissed me off but I did not want to spoil his mood so I actually let him be. So the script goes like this:-

It doesn't matter,
How we look,
How we speak,
What colour we are.

We all laugh
We all cry,
We all take pride,

In our home,
In our future,
In our country,
One Malaysia.

We were told to bring 3 different colours of clothes; white, red and one casual wear.
We reached ASTRO at around 9.20 am, we actually got lost (ni semua punca because some husbands who just refused to listen to the wives) I taulah I buta jalan but I've called to ask the way tapi some husbands believe diaorang lagi pandai than the wives kan! Opppss...out of the topic, that part nanti kita cerita lain ok? ahak ahak.

So upon reaching there, after all the mumbo jumbo at the security post we were escorted inside. We were taken to the cafeteria for breakfast, the sandwiches and the curry puffs were good. So no complain there. Then we were taken to the dressing room, the kids waited to be made up. Oh by the way, the were 20 other talents involved in this promo, 14 adults and 6 kids.

Nabil after the made up. He requested for rambut Ultraman.

We waited and waited, the children while their time away watching TV, as I was in a hurry burry this morning, I did not bring anything with me so I wasted my whole day today doing nothing besides waiting and waiting and waiting. I should have brought my test papers to mark or a book to read. Regret! regret! Alright so after they have been made up, they were brought to the studio for a rehearsal. So that too took quite some time as they were about 6 people ahead of us. And each person had to do quite a number of takes. As it was already lunch time, we were told to take our lunch first. So the food was good, we had fish curry, sweet sour chicken, fried wantan, mixed veggie and fish fillet, the children truly enjoyed their meal. Both Aina and Nabil went for a second helping. I guess as it was so bl**dy cold in there, it made us get hungry easily.

After lunch, the kids were sent to do some touch-up and then we went back to Studio 3 and there were still 2 people doing their shoot. Once they were done, Nabil was called to the floor, he said his lines and he sounded like a robot, he was later coached by one of the crew members, he was slightly better but he spoke like he was reading one boring book. Nabil was told to take a break and it was Aina's turn, she delivered her lines pretty well and we were all happy. As hubby and I had some errands to do, we left the kids under the care of my cousin who was a part of the production team. Thinking that they will do well as they sounded ok when we told them we had to leave, we then joyfully made our way to the exit.

Thirty minutes later, I received a call from my cousin saying that Aina cried and she did not finish her shoot because she requested for her mother to be around. As we were almost reaching our destination, I told her to give us an hour for us to settle our things and will be right there soon after.

More than an hour later, we saw the kids and we heard them giggling away as they have made friend with Vijay of the Geng Bas Sekolah. By this time, a lot of waiting involved as the second batch of talents arrived for their shoot. So we waited and waited again for their turns. Nabil was the clown of the day as he had to do so many takes, apparently he did not take instruction very well. Luckily enough the crew members were all patient and nice group of people, even the talents were all friendly and managed to put the kids at ease. Nuraina did pretty well this time and she only had to do two takes for both sections.

Aina all set to say her lines

This promo was divided into 3 parts, the first one, individual lines, second one, group photos and the third one each talent takes turn to hold the flag. So we waited and waited for each talent to finish their individual line, we went for tea then we waited to get everybody to do the group thing, we waited until all the groups done, then we went for dinner and we waited and waited again to do the last segment the holding of the flag. We were then finally allowed to go home at around 9.15 pm. And before we left, they were still a few other talents who haven't finish with their individual lines.

Waiting to be divided into groups
Nabil's group shoot

This promo may take less than a minute to be on air, my children may appear on tv for few seconds but it took more than 12 hours of preparation. So that's it children, I will never allow you to choose a career in this entertainment business, the working hours are just too ridiculous. So jangan mimpi nak jadi superstar ok? So the rest of you out there, watch out for this promo which will feature my kids (omigosh! am so proud) sometime next month.

Till then, take care.

P/S- Oh man! I have orchestra practice to attend to tomorrow from 9-12. Sigh! I need rest. Can I not go? (hmm...wishful thinking!)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My darling Khairina

My third child, aka my second daughter Engku Nureen Khairina turned 6 last 15 October. As this month is a busy month for all of us, we didn't get to make a birthday do for her. Nonetheless to celebrate the day she requested for a special dinner at Swensen's restaurant as they wanted to indulge on ice-cream after the dinner.

Khairina succesfully managed to persuade Abah to take us to Swensen's

The long-awaited ice-cream cake

The children goofing around

My Khairina is a very gentle girl, she's very lady-like so different than my other 2 girls as the other 2 are pretty loud and quite aggressive. So much so, she is often being bullied by the siblings. She doesn't really know how to fight back hence we will see her crying most of the times. She gives in most of the times, selfish is not in her vocabulary making her at a lose end most of the times.

Of all my children, I felt that she was not very ready to become a big sister when I was pregnant to my fourth as she was still a baby herself though she has the widest age gap between my fourth. She is the slowest to read, she still hasn't finished her books compared to the elder two who completed the whole course when they turned 6 early of the year. She's still reading Iqra' 4 when the other 2 have read quran when they were her age.

As she'll be going to Standard 1 next year, she's adding up to my worries as they way I see it she is still unprepared to face the primary school out there. She lacks the sense of responsibility, she has such hideous handwriting, she often loses her things and she takes things very easy. However, this girl of mine is very helpful, not that stubborn and such an amiable person. She is Hilman's favourite sister and a favourite among her uncles and aunties too.

Khairina, my hope for you is that you will find success in life and always remain happy throughout your life. In the meantime, can you please please please take good care of your things and yourself? Kalau orang buli tu, cuba lawan sikit and learn to say 'no' when you don't really want to do the thing people ask you to, but Ibu is an exceptionlah you cannot say 'no' to Ibu tau. ok?

Lotsa love my dear,

P/S- oh ya your birthday do, insyaAllah will be held somewhere in the mid of November so please be patient and your birthday gift will come on that day too so stop asking the question over and over again. ok?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One for All and All for One

Dear readers, if you've visited this blog and kept seeing the same old post, am really really sorry. Life has been quite busy with final year exam and marking essay papers and the fact that i have to share this lappie with hubby and I only get to use it at night.

I feel bad though and this feeling is plaguing me until I've settled my debt to my readers.

Ok, I've actually drafted three entries weeks ago, so instead of having 3 posts am just gonna wrap it up everything in one go. There will not be much of a rambling more of a reporting and let the photos do most of the talking. Ok? Ready? Here it goes.

My Raya

Our first day of raya was celebrated here in my mom's house and as usual it was such a busy and tiring day as many relatives near and far would come over as my mom is the eldest daughter so we actually had guests from morning till night. My friends and neighbours too came, my friends actually had no choice because I made them come whenever we have to celebrate our first day raya here in PJ. Thank you guys. I know I can always count on you.

My girls attacking the raya biscuits

Ibu and her girls. My face pucat sebab terlupa nak put on lipstick. Was busy making pasta soup.

Hubby and the boys. This year didn't manage to capture a proper family photo.

On the second day, we made our way to hubby's hometown in Kuala Terengganu. The journey was fun as the kids were excited to meet their cousins in Terengganu as they seldom get to see them. Traffic was not too bad but when we got to the trunk road, traffic got heavy as I guess people were busy visiting friends and relatives for raya.

On the third day, we all went off to Besut as we had a family gathering there on my father-in-law's side. It was wonderful to see that they managed to gather all my FIL's siblings all 10 of them (one had passed away in Mecca), there were about 200 odd people there, uncles, aunties, cousins and grandchildren. We had a photo session, meet and greet session and a lot of food and it was just great. The highlight of the whole event was everybody get to meet and mingle with our glamorous relative, none other than the famous Ms Erra Fazira and family and I only have to say nice things about her as she was humble, soft-spoken, friendly and even her baby was super nice, she was friendly, did not mind to be carried by strangers and not cranky at all.

My hubby's uncle Engku Ibrahim Engku Ngah, the penyimpan mohor besar, delivering his speech. At the background is my FIL, the man responsible in preparing his speech.

At last a proper family photo

Tumpang glamour

Oh yes! This family gathering appeared in Utusan Malaysia and Kosmo newspaper.

On the fourth day, we had lunch at the famous ICT (Ikan Celup Tepung) at Seberang Takir, can you imagine after 10 years of marriage that was the first time I got to enjoy the scrumptious delicacies and we definitely going there again every time we have to go back to Terengganu.

On the fifth day, we went to the beach and it was fun. The tide was low, the water was calm and inviting and the weather was just nice to be outside.

Fun at the beach

On Friday, we made our way back to KL.

Aina's Birthday

Last 30th September was my daughter Engku Iman Nuraina's 9th birthday. To mark this special day, we chose to celebrate it at Friday's as this is the place where the make big fuss on the birthday girl/boy.

Aina singing the Best of Both Worlds by Hannah Montana

Aina having a good time

The children joined in the fun

She was a real sport, she sang and even the waiters and the waitresses commented on what a sport she was. We were glad that she had a good time and she was happy to get Hannah Montana's stuff from her Tok Mama and Ibu.

The Orangutan Prize Giving Ceremony

Well remember the orangutan blog that I've pestered all of you to vote? Alright so on the 4th of October we were invited to the prize giving ceremony held in The Curve. I had 2 students travelling with me in my car as I was not confident with my way to The Curve. Me + direction = lost. So we were there quite early, we had our breakfast at Mcdonalds and later settled down at the ceremony area. Before starting, we were briefed on what needed to be done if we made it to the top 3. At this point, I began to have butterflies flying in my stomach.

As usual, it started with speeches, some video showing of the students effort and a performance by one of the schools which took part. I did not really get to enjoy the whole thingy because I was just too nervous that I started to get cold sweat. The prize-giving started with consolation prize, they had 7 to give away and they mentioned the school one by one. It was nerve-wrecking. After they have given 5 consolation prizes, our hope starts to build up, I mean at this point I was almost sure we could make it to the top 3 as our blog was really catchy, informative and creative (so I said lah!). Fine. I syok sendiri. So when they announced the next consolation prize goes to the, I almost died of heart attack. We didn't win! But we did our best. There always next year, right girls? And we were the youngest group, so that something we should be proud of.

We didn't win but we were the prettiest lot. Chewah! Oh and we were the only ones in baju kurung and they all were commenting how lovely we look. Betul!

Khairina Graduation Concert

div>On Sunday 5th November was Khairina graduation concert held in Summit Subang Jaya. We were there early to secure a good spot for us to sit. The concert starts at 8.00pm and we were there from 6.45 pm and our place was right smack in the middle. So we had good view of the whole event.

Khairina singing her hearts out

Khairina all made up for the concert
The children posing with Ms Jothi. This teacher is the reason why we sent the kids to that kindi.

The week after, I was busy attending open houses, setting final year papers and now in the process of marking the exam papers. Not only that, we have the Form 5 graduation dinner and the Gala Charity Dinner whereby our queen has agreed to attend to. So my days after this, will be filled with orchestra practices preparing for that grand event.

So I hope now you understand why I have not been updating my blog.

I feel better now that I've settled my debt. Take care!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Some people....Sigh!

Ok, before I go on, I actually have drafted three new entries about my raya celebration, Nuraina's birthday celebration and Khairina's graduation concert but I'm having problem uploading the photos into my blog, such a turn-off to my regaling and I promise you these entries will be for your viewing once I'm done rectifying the problem and with setting of the final year question paper, one down, I have one more to go.

However this post cannot be postponed anymore sebab sakit hati.

You know,
I just don't get it some people who like to give sarcastic remarks to other people but they can't accept sarcastic remarks given to them,

some people who like to 'pau' people's food on other people's table and never once offered theirs, reason given,(quote I cannot have food on my table as I will end up eating all the time unquote) so it's ok to finish up other people's food? Memanglah letak kat table to untuk dimakan tapi kalau2 asyik engko je yang dok makan tau malulah sikitkan. Tak fahamlah some people ni kan. And siap boleh tanya tu when are you going to refill your supply. Ada ka? Tak faham betul. isk! isk! isk!

Some people who do not have sympathy and empathy towards other people, please remember we work as a team so if you do not do your part, other people from the team have to do it! So is it fair?!

Some people who just have to give negative comments on other people's work and effort when never once did you offer the help nor ideas on how to do it, so just shut uplah ok?

Some people who believe they are so clever, efficient, organised and only them can produce a good job but they can't help much because they are too busy with their lives and hectic schedule and orang lain tak faham sebab kita semua yang orang biasa-biasa ni, goyang kaki aje.

Some people who like to highlight their workload to everybody especially to the administrator so the people up there do not give more than what's already on his/her plate tapi bagi orang lain yang kononnya tak banyak kerja.

Some people who appear to be goody-goody, a yes man and always have nice things to say to the people up there but actually very very calculative with her work and kat belakang mulut tu boleh tahan juga.

Some people who do not like to smile or greet one another, hey come onlah, we are colleagues and of a same gender too, is it so hard to smile?,bukannya i nak tackle you pun. tak hingin!

I know life is unfair and I sound grumpy and we are all bound to face this kind of people and life has to go on but it sure feels good to let it out of my chest.