Friday, May 29, 2009


Hey people.... Sorry for the hiatus and the long silence. My laptop kaput again and now using hubby's laptop. I know I need to get a new one and right now trying to save enough money for that. Anyway, lots of things have been happening to me. Where should I begin? Oh well...remember my eldest daughter Nuraina she was supposed to compete in the daerah Pertandingan Syair Islami well well well she did pretty well, she got third! Enjoy the video.
So sorry the video is senget. Not sure how to rectify it.

I was so impressed and proud of her as at this stage she had to compete with other winners from the zone level and they were 16 of them. This time we managed to watch her in action and she was good, although the ustazah said she did a lot better during her practises as this time around she was not so mendayu-dayu and her speed was faster. When I told her that the ustazah said she was faster than usual she said 'Aina ketarlah ibu, Aina nak cepat-cepat habis'. Gelak I. Nonetheless, I'm so so proud of her. Well done sayang! You know the morning of the competition, we were so so nervous as like I told you earlier the runner ups and the winners of the zone level meet here to choose the best to represent daerah Petaling. When we arrived in Subang Jaya, these girls had extravanganza props and ours were minimal. Hence this added to my daughter nervousness (if there's such a word! ahak ahak) but the ustazah told us that props only added 10% to the whole performance but it sure scared the hell out of us. Can you imagine they brought carpet, bouncer net, handphone, picture frames, stroller and etc etc and my daughter only had a doll, a napkin, a cane and a styrofoam in a shape of a tomb. And on that same day I got my new car. It's nothing big or fancy but it is nice. Slightly bigger than the one I had before so now it's easier to ferry the kids around. Hmmmm... what else? Oh yeah the highlight of the day, I danced for the teachers' day celebration today. It was a blast! I had a great time dancing away with my great friends and the students enjoyed the performance too. We danced to the song 'Dancing Queen' from the Mamma Mia soundtrack. The funny thing, it took us 3 days to dance to the tune and the result was awesome. (READ: Perasan! ahak ahak). We wore afro wigs and we had plume ( the feathers boa). We had so much fun basking the glory after that ahak ahak. No pictures yet. I hope to cilok from my friends or my students so I can post it here. Girls, if you happen to record of us dancing, can you burn it in a cd and give it to me. Very much appreciated if you guys could do that to me.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Joy of being a Mother

Being a mother is a gift. A fantastic one I tell you. And as a mother you get one extra occasion to look forward to the 'Mothers' Day'. Mine started as early as 1.08 am when a friend sent me mms wishing me 'Happy Mother's Day' and around 8.30 am onward messages kept pouring in. Up to this hour, I've received 11 messages wishing me Happy Mothers Day from friends and the messages come with lovely poems about the joy of being a mother.

Well at home, the first one to wish me was my eldest daughter, she hugged me and wish me 'Happy Mother's Day, ibu. I love you, tau.' And she spoilt the surprise by saying 'Abah, when can we give the present?' much to Abah annoyance. I could see my hubby eyes were about to bulge when she said that and he only managed 'Ok, we shall wait until all your siblings are up.'

Anyway, this morning we went to Shah Alam as my daughter has saved enough money to buy her Hannah Montain raincoat. We got back at around 11.00 am and I was upstairs when I heard my 3 year-old daughter Dhaniyah singing 'Happy Birthday to you, Ibu' and the elder 2 siblings went 'Bukan birthdaylah, Niyah' and she corrected herself with 'Happys Mothers Days, ibu' followed by Aina and Nabil while presenting me with a huge card and a small present. Dhaniyah later went 'Let me help you to open the present Ibu' and the sister went 'tak payahlah, Niyah sibuk aje, bukan untuk Niyah pun' and Dhaniyah went 'takpe, takpe, Niyah nak tolong ibu' so she helped me unwrap the cute lil' present.

The lil' gift that Dhaniyah helped to unwrap

The children with the giant card.

The other 2 kids were missing from this picture because Hilman poo-poo(ed) and bibik was washing him up and Khairina was busy watching her favourite programme on telly. Sigh!

Nonetheless, Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there and I hope you have fun celebrating this day with your children and hubby. We have the children to thank for for making this day possible for celebration. Cheers!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nuraina's Diary

Aina on the first week she received her prefect's tie

My nine-year old Nuraina has a diary with a picture of Hannah Montana as the cover. I didn't mean to pry but as I was checking her school work I saw this diary neatly tucked at the front pocket of her school bag. Seeing me scrutinizing her diary, as this diary has a padlock, she went 'you can read it Ibu, I don't mind'. She later unlocked her diary using the key that she has kept inside her purse and shoved it to me.

I took the opportunity, expecting to witness something juicy written in her diary but this is what I got:-

30 March 2009

Dear diary,
Today I have a great day. I already have my pengawas tie but the bad thing is I got 68% for Maths. So I was really sad and I don't know when to change. I dream I got 100% for Maths. Thank U!

31 March 2009

Dear diary,
Today I have a great day. You know my aunty Erra Fazira has given birth to my cousin. Her name is Engku Aleesya. My brother loves to go to school. He always asks me where to wait and I always say wait at the BUS STOP!!! Thank U!

*NB from Ibu - I can sense her irritation on the last line as she has been answering the same question everyday. It has been 3 months already. (Note to Nabil- stop asking Kakak Aina this question again- you should know by now where you are supposed to wait for your sis, ok Nabil?)

6 April 2009

Dear diary,
Today I had a great day, luckily today I got to jaga at the tangga. The great thing is after school, I went to my mother's school and it was terrific. I saw my school mate and she always says "Hello budak Taman Megah.' I saw the orchestra practised and it was terrific. Thank U!

14 April 2009

Dear diary,
Today is a sunny day. I like it. My mother said if I can save enough money I can buy Hannah Montana raincoat. And I think I can do it. I love my family but just if people scold me I will be very sad but I know that I am wrong. I love U Ibu! I love U Abah! I love U Tok! I love U Tok Mama!

5 May 2009

Dear diary,
Today I had a great day. The most I like is I got first for my syair competition. Now I will fight with daerah because all the winners will fight here. I hope I can win. Thank U!

She actually wrote more than what is written above but only these entries are worth sharing.

I find her diary entries to be interesting because:-

1. she often starts her day with a great day.
2. she ends her diary with thank you. how cute!
3. she is willing to share her thoughts with me.
4. she loves her family.

I just hope that she will keep on sharing her thoughts with me. I hope that we will remain best friends forever and I hope she will always know that I love her so very much.

Thank you, Aina. Thank you for sharing.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Interesting Conversation

Two days ago
Ibu : Dhaniyah, tadi bibik kata, Niyah poo-poo dalam seluar, kenapa?
Dhaniyah : Tak tahu.
Ibu : Tak tahu? Mana boleh tak tahu. Niyah poo-poo dalam seluar ke tak?
Dhaniyah : Iya. (raising her voice)
Ibu : Kenapa? Kalau nak poo-poo pergi toilet, bukan dalam seluar.
Dhaniyah : Ok Ibu.
Ibu : Lain kali nak poo-poo panggil Ibu atau bibik.
Dhaniyah : Tadi tu kan, ibu semayam (praying)kan, pas tu bibik kan kat luar.
Ibu : Abah kan ada, kenapa tak panggil abah aje?
Dhaniyah : Sebab hari tu kan.... hu...jan...
Ibu : Huh?????.......

A couple of months ago

I was lying down on the sofa, reading a magazine. Dhaniyah came and sat beside me.

Dhaniyah : Ibu kaki ibu ni busar(besar)lah Ibu. Kaki Niyah ni kecik aje. (Pointing
and comparing my calf to hers)
Ibu : Yalah sebab Ibu big, nanti bila Niyah big kaki Niyah pun besar macam
Dhaniyah : Haaah? Niyah tak naklah Ibu.
Ibu : Why?
Dhaniyah : Sebab kaki Ibu ni busar sangat.
Ibu : ???????????

One night

Ayah Chik : Cantiknya baju Niyah...
Dhaniyah : Yelah. Tok Mama buli(beli) kat pasar malam.
Ibu : Bukanlah. Tok Mama beli from Thailand.
Dhaniyah : Pasar malam. Ibu yang tak tahu.

That's the problem with Dhaniyah, all her bajus come from pasar malam in front of our house. Tak kira beli kat mana pun, she'll say pasar malam.

Dhaniyah my 3-year-old daughter