Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's A Party Here!

My school holiday has been pretty productive. I have been attending to my farms and restaurant on a daily basis. I have managed to harvest thousands of crops, plants, milked the cows and been helping my neighbours with their farms and restaurant too. It has been wonderful.

This week has been quite a party in the house with my nephews and nieces bunking in the house for 5 days. The kids are having lots of fun. No doubt the house is in a lot of mess, tak larat nak kemas dah sometimes, turun bawah semak kat bawah, naik atas semak ke atas. I've turned into an evil stepmom named 'Cruella' shouting at these 8 kids aged 3 to 9, minus Hilman to bathe, to eat, to pray, yadda yadda yadda. It may sound stressful but not too bad actually as my kids have been whining less and I got to cabut kejap from time to time without the kids asking 'Ibu nak pergi mana? Nak ikut!' pantang I pakai baju cantik sikit as they have their playmates around so they tend to forget about me sometimes.

At times I have to stop my kids and demand them for a kiss or a hug and they will go 'Ala Ibu ni' because they are either busy playing or just too embarass to kiss me in front of their cousins tapi tak kisah janji diaorang stop and acknowledge my existence. Right now the girls are playing doctor2 and the girls take turns to be the pregnant lady and the labour part is just hilarious with the preggie one panting and screaming 'Arghhh ! Errghhh! Warghhh! sakit2, mana suami saya, bagi dia masuk, tolong nurse, tolong doktor' the doctor then checks the preggie lady's stomach by covering herself and the preggie lady's stomach with a blanket or a towel. I have no idea where they learnt this from and the funny part is the doctor will give the name to the baby example 'ya puan, ni anak puan, namanya Lisa' ahak ahak and the nurse will start calling the other family members who are eagerly waiting outside the so called labour room 'ya boleh masuk sekarang, selamat bersalin, nama anaknya Lisa' kadang2 nama Nurinlah, Adamlah, Dafilah macam-macam.

My eldest Nuraina however does not join this kind of ludicrous act, she has found the joy of facebooking and has been chatting with her friends and other cousins and even attending to her farm too. The boys conquer the Nintendo Wii and playing football in the house or trading and playing their Match Attack cards.

Bibik has been extra busy in the kitchen. I love it when they are many kids in the house as they will eat like there's no tomorrow, semalam satu periuk nasi lemak habis for breakfast, this morning 2 packets of spaghetti gone, petang two large pizzas gone in a jiffy, makan berebut2 nampak seronok sangat, 5 packet of Chipsmore lenyap, baru beli on Tuesday, 4 packets of mini cadbury chocolate pun abis, sekali tu I opened the fridge tinggal kotak aje dlm fridge, punyalah geram tak reti nak buang ke kalau dah habis.

Overall life has been great. I hope you all have a great holiday too.
Cruella signing out.

Friday, December 4, 2009


Khairina Selfless Act

You know my daughter Khairina is such a selfless homosapien. Too selfless that sometimes it worries me that she'll get easily bullied by the people around her. Though she looks forward to be in Year One soon but because of her too selfless act, I can't help but worrying and as it is now I'm trying to teach her to be tougher and learn to say 'No' but so far it has not been successful.

For example just the other day, my two elder girls were watching tv in my dad's room and my eldest Nuraina was sitting on the chair and Khairina on the bed and Nuraina complained that she needs more room to stretch her legs because her legs feel crammed and you know what, Khairina offered her shoulders for Nuraina to rest her feet on. I was appaled when she said that and began lifting her Kakak Aina's leg to put on her shoulders and I was even mad at Aina for letting her to do such.

Sometimes she's just too sweet, gentle and nice (I know I should be glad) that people easily take advantage of her even baby Hilman would order her around, everytime when he throws the ball he'd go 'Kakak amik' and Khairina would obligingly follow his instrcution without protest and mind you this goes on more than 10 throws ok?

That is why Hilman first word was 'Kakak' because he was all the time refering to this particular 'kakak', Khairina who would come to his aid every time.

Hilman Monosylabic words

As for Hilman, ever since he knew how to talk I've been teaching him to say please and thank you and everytime he asks for milk I will make him say 'Please Ibu, I love you Ibu soooo much.' But what happens now is whenever he asks for milk and when I say 'what must you say?', instead of saying 'please' he'd say 'ooo mud'(so much). Yeah so basically I've been teaching him to say the wrong thing.

Not only that when he counts, he doesn't start with the number 'one' instead he will go 'tuu, twi' eventhough when we mention 'one' with expectation for him to repeat he'll proceed with 'tuu, twi' with his toothy smile.

And one more interesting thing about Hilman, everytime when we enter the house he'll go 'Ahhkom' meaning (assalammualaikum), I find that to be so cute and that never fails to make me laugh everytime.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

What Have We Done!

Gosh! 4 more weeks before the school holiday ends. Time sure flies fast when you are in the midst of having fun. So what have I been doing? Well the first weekend was more to family bonding time by lazying around, watching tv, napping and playing cards, tumbling towers and the sorts.

The week that follow, we planned to go back to Terengganu for the Raya Haji celebration, however, it wasn't finalized then as there was report of floods in the area, so I did not bother planning my packing. On Tuesday, I brought my mum and Aina to JCard Day. It was crazy as usual with too many people in the mall. As it was a school holiday, I was lucky to get a car park quite easily as we were there early. My mom planned to go there again the next day and I was happy to oblige....when suddenly...

My hubby came home at 7.00 pm at inform that we are going back to Terengganu the next day, our hopes to go shopping crushed and can you imagine how haywire things became to pack everything in such a short notice? My room looked like a capsized ship with clothes and other stuff thrown everywhere. Everything became chaotic as packing for a family of 7 is definitely a challenging task and doing it at a last minute is definitely not my cup of tea as it tends to jam up my brain with so many lists to think about milk, thermos, how many sets of pyjamas, daywear, undies, diapers, toiletries and etc etc. I could go bonkus!

The journey to Terengganu was quite pleasant although there was some rackets going on at the backseat but overall not too bad as the kids managed to nap throughout the journey. Although I loathe packing and long journey but I do not mind going back to Terengganu for a change of scenery. Not only that, the kids too get enough sunshine as they will be running around further than their usual house compound gate, chasing chicken, watching the grazing cows and feeding the horse, breathing the fresh air. On top of that I love going back to Terengganu because I have the opportunity to stock up cheap local made frozen food of sausage bread, roti canai, curry puffs, pau, popiah and not forgetting the keropok lekor, keropok kering and buying new designs and cheaper tudung there.

In Terengganu, the 'korban' is often done at the host house compound so my kids had the chance to witness the ritual done and even touch the cow before it being slaughtered. Besides celebrating Raya Haji, our days were filled with swimming session, shopping and enjoying the Ikan Celup Tepung (ICT) with my parents in law. Oh another reason why we like to go back is the fact that my mom-in-law is such a good cook and all of us truly love indulging in the food she has prepared. And the fact that my mother-in-law is such a true gem you can't help but just to love her. On Saturday we had a small birthday do for her and she was pleased and we were glad as we do not really get the chance to celebrate her birthdays that often.

On Sunday we embarked on our journey back to KL and it was hell! We spent 12 hours on the road and it was so tiring. We reached home at 12.00 am and we were all knackered. The next day everybody woke up late!!! The days that follow were the usual routine of the kids besides reading, revising and practising piano making lots of noise in the house and watching tv and yours truly going to school to do some unfinished school work.

Yesterday we decided to invest in Nintendo Wii so the children could play some active and interactive games and would bother us with their whinning less and it has been an answered prayer as they actually have not been bothering us as much. ahak ahak. But we had made some rules and regulations. Playing is only allowed after the reading, revising and piano practise are done and so far they have been abiding the rules.

Not only that hubby suggested Wii Fit too for me to exercise. So it's actually a sign for me to start moving that heavy butt of mine and do some exercises and I have no reason now for not doing it. Yikes! I am so in trouble now.

So life has been pretty quiet right now and I'm allowed more time to myself. Selfish, no?

N.B.- Thanks to Myra for giving us the idea on buying the Wii.