Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our school Rocks!!!!

Students of Sri Aman, you all should be proud of your alma mater. It is the most happening school in Selangor, don't you agree? This year we have appeared in the TV3 news, newspapers, EduwebTV and soon will be appearing in Bang Bang Boom and Disney Channel.

The Hannah Montana Rock with Sheila today was awesome, she was talented and we have a bunch of talented school girls too. I had fun and so did my kids.

I'm not sure about you but I'm sure proud to proclaim that I'm a teacher of Sri Aman, you all are so lucky that you are students of this school as a lot of interesting things are done here in this school for the benefit of the students. Hence, I reckon that you prove yourself worthy to be a student of this school and make us more proud of your achievement. All the best to all of you and good luck in your future undertaking.

We the teachers here will always stand by you and definitely support you from the back.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In a Flash

Last Saturday, my eldest daughter Nuraina took part in a competition called 'Pertandingan Syair Islam' and she emerged as champion beating other 20 students from other religious schools all around P.J. Good job darling!

Sadly, we did not manage to witness our daughter road to glory due to a communication breakdown. We started the day quite early as my daughter had to be in her religious school by 7.15. So I woke her up at around 6.30 am, after taking her bath and prayer, I told her to get ready, she was then clad in her agama school attire as stated in the rules for the competition. She told me to put some light make-up on her face and once done, the time was closed to 7.10 am. I told her to eat something but she went 'we are late already, Ibu, we have to go now, Quick'. Furthermore, she didn't feel hungry due to the butterfly fluttering in her stomach.

So we walked to the school which takes less than 3 minutes walking distance and true enough we were the first to reach the school. The other participants for tilawah, story telling, pidato and khat writing came minutes later. Their ustazah (the religious teachers) were the last ones to arrive about 20 minutes later. So things got pretty kelam kabut and I was told she was number 31 to perform that day. The ustazah told me that the competition will commence at 8.30 am.

At around 8.30 am, I called my daughter through her handphone, and she said it is not starting yet. As we were planning to take everybody to watch kakak Aina, we basically time ourselves that we should have ample time to watch her if we go around 10.00 am as each contestant takes 5 minutes to perform. So as we were about to get everybody into the car at around 10.00 am, hubby received a message from Kakak Aina 'Dah habis dah' and we were looking at each other and our brood in the car and we went HUH! Dah habis! Laaa... Macamana boleh jadi camtu?

Dissatisfied, we still went to the religious school located in Damansara Utama. The place was swarming with people, it was difficult for us to locate our dear daughter, as everybody looked almost the same in their uniform. Afer a wild goose chase, met her ustazah and was informed that only 20 students took part and she was the 16th person to perform. That was around 10.30 and result will only be announced at around 2.30. So we decided to go back.

When asked on how did she think she performed that day, she said "Ok, I don't think I can get number one sebab ada orang yang hebat lagi tapi no 2 or no.3 can kot Ibu". Nevertheless, she tried her best and that what matters. So she only got to know the result on Monday when she attended her agama school. The ustazah took the trophy home on her behalf.

Hilman had his second haircut last Sunday, he was such a sport that he didn't cry at all this time. Well done, my boy!

Nabil is now playing football in this team called Elves and he plays the position of a striker and doing pretty well in his team.

Khairina is now reading quite well, still slow but not too bad. She had us almost worried as the elder siblings could read at the age of 5 and she was still struggling when she was at that age. She still behaves like a baby, doesn't have a sense of responsiblity, often loses her belongings be it books, pencils (especially), eraser and etc. Tak tahulah budak ni. Berbuih dah mulut cakap.

Dhaniyah still loves dancing and singing but still shy and timid in public. But she sure can shake those booties.

So that's it. My progenies in a flash!

Monday, April 27, 2009


It's nice to be important but it is MORE important to be nice.

The Geography Quiz held in the school gallery today, showed me the true colours of my students. The so called 'elite' class behaved in such a way that had me flummoxed. In the quest to get marks for the class, the students can be too agressive that got me almost injured. The girls were practically snatching the microphone without thinking the safety of others. Tsk! tsk! tsk! This kind of behaviour had definitely changed my perception towards you guys.

The aim of this quiz is to instil that learning takes place in a fun and a spontaneous way, but, when we had people that were too 'kiasu', the game no longer became fun. What is so great of getting high marks when you leave such a bad impression of yourself? Talk about first class facility but third class mentality.

Do we teachers have to remind you to be nice every time? Nagging can be tiring you know, and it is no fun especially when you have to nag to 6 other classes of thirty odd students. You people come from a girls school, a cluster school and many of you have parents who are professional but you guys definitely do not behave like one.

As teachers, of course we are happy to have clever girls but what is the use of being clever when people talk more of your rowdy behaviour? We teachers appreciate more of our polite and obedient students. These students may not be clever but there are the ones that we remember to this date.

I know it is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice. Please remember that, as we Malaysians are slowly lacking in this. Please bear in mind too that society tends to associate a child behaviour to his or her upbringing at home. So please do not tarnish your parents name and the school name. Take care.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Phantom of the Opera

I've been teaching the Form 2's for many years now and basically the novel 'The Phantom of the Opera' that we are doing for our literature class is something that I almost know by heart like, who said those lines and what happens next are like at the back of my hand now.

And I've been taking the girls watching the musical video, once we're done with the novel. This year is my third year watching the dvd with my students and for the past 3 consecutive years, tears never stop from streaming down my eyes and mind you I watch it everytime my 3 classes have to view it.

As the video takes about 3 hours playing time, I need to have at least 3 periods for the girls to watch the whole thingy and everytime the scenes between Christine Daee and Eric the Phantom appear, I'll get goosebumps. Everytime. The acting and the songs are excellent and I can't help it but feel sorry for the Phantom unrequitted love to Ms Daee.

This story is about how a phantom deformed since birth, was given a mask when he was a little child and he had hid himself from the public in the Opere house that he had helped built. A genius and excellent builder, this phantom had built secret passages and doors in the Opera populaire. His house was located on the lake under the Opera house. This phantom named Eric, then secretly fell in love with a opera singer wannabe from Norway named Christine Daee. Eric helped her gained stardom by being her music teacher. Ms Daee called him, her 'Angel of Music'.

Daee however had already fallen in love with her childhood sweetheart a Vicomte de Chagny named Raoul. So the story and the suspense revolves here in the Phantom quest to gain Christine's love.

The ending is pretty touching as the phantom had his first kiss from Christine as nobody had ever kissed him before even his own mother would turn her face away from this beast.

Unfortunately, the protagonist (the Phantom) in this video to be quite of a hunk and macho compared to the hero and I think I do not mind kissing this beast too. ahak ahak.

And I cried everytime watching the ending. This phantom had a good heart but because he was disfigured he felt that the world has been cruel and unkind to him and thus made him to be cruel too. However Christine managed to soften his heart as she taught him the meaning of love, sacrifice and compassion.

Sweet kan? How not to cry? You tell me.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Simple Pleasures of Life

Last weekend, hubby took me to watch the movie 'The Confessions of a Shopaholic'. He doesn't enjoy chick-lit and this type of movie is definitely not cup his tea, but the fact that he made the effort to fulfil his wife needs, really made my day and loved him even more. The fact that we went out just the two of us, definitely strengthen the relationship and the love that I have for him.

And there was this time when my son was 4, after coming home from kindergarten during his first month of schooling days, he was unhappy to be in school(doesn't this sound familiar?), I was feeding him rice for lunch, I told him that whenever he is unhappy, I'm unhappy too and he said 'I'm not happy when I'm school because when I'm in school, I miss you too much.' I was flabbergasted and was closed to tears. This kind of love that comes from the heart so pure and pristine never fails to make me shed a few tears.

There was also day, when my eldest daughter was selected to represent her school for a story-telling competition and I couldn't make myself to attend as I was still in my confinement and she went, 'I'm sad when you can't come and watch me, when you are around I feel better and more confident of myself.' Her words made my heart swelling with pride because she needed me and my presence meant so much to her.

And also the times when the children uttered 'Thank you, Ibu' everytime I buy things for them, never fails to make me feel good of myself being a mother. Not forgetting the times when they say 'I'm sorry, Ibu' when they did something wrong and they actually meant it shows that I have taught them some good values in their life.

Not forgetting the hugs and kisses the children give me everytime without asking are among a few simple pleasures in life that I treasure so much.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hypocrite? I am not.

Hypocrite? I wish I am one.
The inability of buttering people up, is definitely a shortcoming of my side.
To be a hypocrite is definitely a talent or a skill that I wish I have. To be one, definitely will take one further in life. You will be loved by your superiors and that what matters, isn't it?

I am an open book. What you see is what you get and I find this to be of a disadvantage in my workplace politics. Been doing this profession for 12 years now and it definitely didn't get me anywhere. All my hardwork is not recognised just because I'm not the type who's good in blowing my own trumpet. Some people did it with such flair that they appear to be so busy and more capable than their colleagues. All their hardwork is mentioned and recognised. Maybe I need to shed some crocodile tears to make myself sound convincing. But a drama queen? I am not.

The feeling of unappreciated sometimes kills your passion and it is definitely killing me slowly inside. What's the point of sacrificing so much when you get nothing in return? I hate being calculative, but when you are too long in the same environment and doing the same thing for over a long period of time and not recognised for all the effort that you have put in, you tend to be tad calculative as you have to juggle other things too.

Maybe I need a new environment. Like the saying 'the grass is always greener on the other side.' Maybe I should give it a try.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some credit please...

Why is it in every meeting, the bad things are often highlighted first? The good things are seldom mentioned or they are being overshadowed by the negative vibes.

Is it also a norm, when you do some major good things, the credit you'll get will only last for a minute but when you did something bad, the effect last a lifetime?

As subordinates, we need constant compliment and encouragement, so that we feel appreciated. Furthermore, most of us did the things that we are required to for the benefit of the students and the school and not out of our personal interest.

So give us some credits please for all the good things that we have done.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Husband's Love

This entry is based on my personal opinion and feeling only;

I believe that when you have your husband's love, things can never go so wrong. I also feel that with a husband's constant encouragement and support, a wife would achieve many great things in her life and family. It is also my personal opinion that a wife who always receives constant hugs and kisses from their husband will never aged, she will often look radiant and her happiness will reflect on her face and her action. She is often vibrant and ready to take the world in her hands.

I also believe that when you lack the feeling of a husband's love, a small matter can turn into a big row. I also believe that when your husband takes you for granted, your physical self will start taking its toll, you will often feel tired and you get angry easily. You will feel that you have so much to do and nobody seems to care.

Your children may not listen to you, your maid does not do the things that she is supposed to do, your parents expect too much from you, your work in the office is pilling up, some people just difficult to work with, some friends just get on your nerves but when you have a husband who is willing to lend his ears and time, a husband who tries to understand, all these things will suddenly became minor and you know you are able to handle all those things and there are always solutions to the said problems.

Of course your family and friends are equally important but I believe a woman is at her happiest when she knows that she will always have her husband's love, care, support and encouragement. I also feel that a happy wife contributes to a happy home.

Well, but then again this is just a 2 sen of my thought.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nabil and school

Just the other day i was asking Nabil, how does he feel going to school nowadays, and he answered school is okay as he has more friends now and he gets to run around the school with his gang during recess. I was so so relieved to hear that and thus it brought back memories of his first month in Std 1.

The eve before he was supposed to start his first day in Primary 1, he approached my hubby and went 'Abah, betul ke besok Abil dah darjah 1?' We were dumbfounded. We didn't see it coming as we thought he was so ready for school. And my hubby went Darn! We sure gonna face lots of problems with him tomorrow morning.

True enough, the next morning he had difficulty waking up, dragged his two feet into the bathroom with dissatisfaction look plastered on his face.
Hubby took the day off to send Kakak and Nabil to school. According to my hubby, the school was swarmed with eager parents sending their children off to school. Nabil was seated at the back of the classroom and he looked nervous and miserable. The first 2 days my hubby took the liberty in making sure he is settled in this new environment.

As I knew that I may need to be checking my son in Std 1 from time to time, I requested that my timetable to be free from 9.30 to 11.00 for the first month. So on the third day onwards I went off to see him in school, to check on him and buying things needed from the bookshop. I was told to wait in the canteen and at 10.10 I watched him coming out in the classroom, alone, looking bored and unhappy. He was stuck to me all the time during recess, all the time holding my hands when i had to go to the bookshop to get him his stuff. His ex kindi friends greeted but he didn't bother to greet them back. I thought he was being macho, little did I know that he was actually feeling miserable inside.

So after recess, it was time for me to bid him farewell, he kissed me on my hand and cheeks, i told him to get inside him classroom and as i was above to wave him goodbye, i saw tears welling up at the corner of his eyes. I asked him what's wrong? but he just shook his head. He looked devastated and he made me feel bad (for sending him to school). The next 2 days, the same thing happened, everytime i had to go back, there will always be tears in his eyes.

The week after, parents were no longer allowed in the school compound even during recess, so he survived the second week but he was still a loner, he didn't bother to make new friends. The third week, he looked a bit better and I asked 'Do you like school now?' and this was his answer 'Ok. I look forward to P.E, Music and Recess.' I tried to keep a straight face but i could feel my face twitched to a smile. A week later he added 'Ibu, Abil suka sekolah sebab ada p.j, muzik, rehat dan balik. Pas tu hari jumaat paling abil suka sebab ada wushu.'

So to know that he looks forward to school and that he has friends now, shows that we had made the right choice in sending him off to school in the first place. ahak ahak.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Year Older

Thank you friends for the birthday wishes. You guys are so thoughtful.

My day started with the Literature workshop held in school. My friends got me a birthday gift and one of my friend's daughter got me a slice of a birthday cake. Love the gifts.
At around 2 hubby took all of us out to Friday's. The kid enjoyed the celebration. They joined in the fun by singing and clapping too. Went for a little shopping spree.
Later in the afternoon, Mama bought an ice-cream cake, got all her cucus to gather around and sing the birthday song. The cake was a hit and it was gone in a jiffy. I may not look forward to be a year older but it feels great to be special once in a year.
Thank you everybody for making yesterday a special day for me. Muah!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Eduweb TV

Girls, check out this website On the right hand side under carian, type in sri aman, there will be 2 files under sri aman. Click on Unggul BI and you will see segments on your friends especially Grace Kiew, Stephanie Tan, the form 4 choral speakers, the choir girls, the orchestra members and the whole class of 2 Hormat.

You guys look so good in this eduwebtv. So proud of you all!