Monday, November 23, 2009

Great Food, Good Company!

Last weekend Myra invited me for dinner in her house. I was excited because she's a real good cook so this is a chance to savour all the wonderful food she has prepared. The invitation was done through the facebook and as I replied to the thread messages, I felt like an outsider because Myra was the only person I knew, so I then became quite sceptical to go. But to miss out on the good food, no can do! So I braved myself there.

I took Dhaniyah with me as the elder two girls went for a sleepover at their cousin's house. As I was to drive at night, I asked Myra the direction to her house and with lots of prayers, I made my way to Shah Alam. As usual, I got lost but and thank God for handphones Myra guided me through all the way to her house.

Upon seeing her, I never fail to shed a few tears because she reminds me of arwah (my best friend) and how much I miss her. As she ushered me to the house, I was later introduced to her good friends Nadia, Jaja, Amelia, Ami and Kamalia. They were all such nice friendly people and they did not make me feel awkward at all.

And there on the dining table, was a whole spread of wonderful succulent food that some looked really alien to me. There was minestrone soup, chicken pie, scoth eggs aka dinosaur eggs, meringue, blueberry cheesy tarts, chocolate peanut cheese tarts, spaghetti carbonara, chicken sandwiches, chocolate muffins. Not only they looked good, it was so tasty too. I had made the right move to come.

Not long after came the diva the Desert Rose, I was eager to meet her as I have been following her blog and she's really one entertaining person. I pictured her to be loud and aggressive, turned out she's such a soft-spoken person but she was still funny. Then came Anna Maria, a good friend of arwah and talking to her made me sad again as she reminded me of how much I missed arwah.

I made a move around midnight and I felt happy. Not only I got to eat the succulent food, I enjoyed the company too. Myra thank you for inviting me and introducing me to all these wonderful people.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dhaniyah - My Drama Queen

Just the other night when I was going up the staircase after dinner, I saw my Dhaniyah sitting on the stairs with tears streaming down her eyes. I was somewhat puzzled as earlier she, Nabil and Khairina were playing happily in the room. I asked her what went wrong and she said 'tak nak' and turned her face to the opposite direction.

I felt bad looking at her sorrow face, decided to sit on the staircase beside her and gently ask on why she's here while I could listen to the elder siblings chattering and laughing in the room and she went 'Shaya ni tengah shedih shangat' Why darling?! 'Shebab takde shaper dah shayang kat shaya, shemua orang tak nak kawan dengan shaya' and I went maybe because you're being naughty, that's why nobody wants to be your friend. 'Shaya naughty shikit aje, shaya cuma gigit sikit aje' with tears still flowing down her cheeks.

I then took her hand and brought her into the room where the other children were playing demanding them to justify what had just happened, Khairina then came to me and showed me the teeth mark on her cheek. The wound was deep that there was blood mark on it. 'Dhaniyah, ni bukan gigit sikit, ni gigit banyak. Kenapa Niyah buat camni kat kakak, because you were being naughty tulah semua orang tak nak kawan. Ibu pun tak sukalah Niyah buat perangai camni. I am now very very unhappy with you too, you know?' Waaaaa.....came a loud wail. 'Shemua orang tak shayang shaya...waaaaaaaaaa...Shemua orang nak marah je kat shaya...waaa...shaya shedih shangat ni, shaya ni shedih shangat tau Ibu......Ibu, Ibu tak shayang shaya ke?

There you are people, my Dhaniyah, the drama queen. Sigh! How to marah lama2 like that?

On another note, Dhaniyah has the tendency to cakap terbalik for example if she wants to eat orange the first time she will said 'nak eron' and there was this one incident when we were all in the car on the way to Terengganu she asked me 'Ibu, Ibu ada bawa tak baju rukung Niyah, malam ni Niyah nak pakai baju rukung.' And my hubby went baju rukung? and we all laughed so hard because what she meant was baju kurung.

Hai Dhaniyah, Dhaniyah.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Drama Minggu Ini

You know my elder son Nabil is so so passionate about football and he is also a die hard Liverpool fan. He can name all the players, the managers, the position they play not only for this club but other clubs too. On weekends and holidays he will stay up to watch any football matches with my husband. Sometimes he'll give my hubby the updates when my hubby accidentally dozed off to slumberland. If he had his way he will stay up on weeknights too but of course we had to draw the line when it comes to school days. (hmmm...just wish he's this passionate about his studies too). Oh well!

Anyway, Nabil has a collection of this Match Attack cards. He has an album almost full of these EPL club players. He treasures this album so much. Every day he will flip through the pages and once in a fortnight he buys a set of this cards from his allowance that he had saved for the weeks.

Lately he has been pestering me to allow him to bring all his Match Attack cards to his Agama school. I of course banned him from doing so as he has collection of hundred over cards and they're all nicely arranged based on the teams the players are in. But he did not give up but kept on asking me the permission to do so, his reason was, so he could exchange some of the cards with his friends. Well, thinking that his exam is over, I thought why not but with one condition he can only bring the extra cards (the cards he no longer needed as he already have them in his album). That was the deal.

So last Thursday, as I was in the car waiting to fetch the children home for the Agama school, I saw my son counting his cards. In his hands I saw about 10 cards, thinking that those were the extra cards he brought, I asked whether he managed to exchange the cards with his friends. He said he didn't exchange but some of the boys actually bought the cards from. The paid him RM1 and some gave him their toys in exchange of the cards. At this point, I was unhappy as he was supposed to exchange them not sell them. He said he didn't ask for the money but they willingly gave. Ok fine.

After picking them up, we usually will go round to find kuih to be eaten for tea. So we stopped to buy these sweetmeats and drinks and tah apa2 lagi, as Nabil was hungry he ate his doughnut in the car, so when we reached home he was still eating hence he has forgotten to bring down his bag from my car.

So at around 6.00pm, they kids were shooed to take their bath. When suddenly Bibik came down and told me Nabil is in the room crying. When I came into the room, I could see he was still sobbing, I asked him what's wrong but he just kept quiet only the sobs were heard and shoulders shaking. Not long after hubby came into the room and asked what happened and he blurted that all his Match Attack cards were stolen. Stolen? How? Apparently he brought all the cards to school and now they are no longer with him. He claimed the Std 4 and 5 boys took them from his bag.

At this point both Abah and Ibu dah mula nak naik darah dah. Despite what we told him not to bring the whole lot, dia tak dengar so memang saja nak kena marahlah kan. So he memang kena left and right from both of us. He dared not say much as he knows it was his mistake to begin with. He was so so upset that he cried himself to sleep tu belum mandi lagi tu. So at around 8.00 kejutkan dia untuk mandi tapi muka dia mmg nampak so so heart broken and frustrated all the cards that he has collected gone mcm tu aje. Before going to bed, he cried again sebab terlampau sedih. Kesian gaklah tengok.

That night before going to bed my hubby said if they refused to give them back, he's going to confront these boys and demand for them to return those cards to him. Myself pun sakit ati jugak lah these bigger kids bullying younger kids like him, kan. Thus terkeluarlah all the nasty words like pergi sek agama tapi panjang tangan, apalah diaorg belajar kat situ, tak sedar dosa pahala, etc, etc. (Ibu ni memang emo sikit). So the next day my hubby said he will pick the kids up from school.

So when they arrived, this eager Ibu pun tanyalah how? dapat balik tak? and my hubby gave me this smug look and Nabil sheepishly said the cards were not stolen or missing as they were in his bag all this while. Huh?! Turned out he checked the wrong bag sebab his agama school bag was still inside my car so the cards mmg ada kat dalam tu. Aiiikkkk?!!!!

Tulah drama sensasi minggu ini. Dengan airmata yang bercucur-cucuran dan berbucket-bucket and Ibu's nasty words yang berkilo2, all for nothing. Buat dosa je.

Haiiyoo.... sabor jelah anak jantan aku ni. mcm-mcm.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Dear - Happy Birthday

Hubby dear,
Happy happy birthday to you *confetti*. Though we did not really get to celebrate this aupicious occasion, I hope today turned out to be a special day for you with the cake the children chose, the card they selected and the practical gift I got for you. It's the thought that counts, kan? So I do hope you are happy to be a year older today. Lots lots lots and lots of love. Muah!

P/S- Am such a romantic wife, no?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My New Toy

Before I go on on my new toy, let me tell you about the Charity Dinner. The dinner was a success. The hall looked posh, everybody was well groomed and elegant. The queen was impressed too. My orchestra members made me proud, they sounded really good and to my ears they were flawless, they were so so so good, I was so proud of them and that actually made me closed to tears. Six long years with them, all the hardwork, the long practices and the headache paid off when I heard them play. Everybody was happy too even the queen expressed her satisfaction with the performances. She even extended her stay from 45 minutes to one whole hour.

The funny thing was during the one whole hour she was around, the hall was so quiet you can hear a pin dropped, everybody dared not move or talk much but the moment she left the hall, there were roar of laughters and chatters. It was like everybody suddenly sighed a huge sigh of relief. It was hilarious.

Now, Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to say that right now I'm blogging from my new toy. My new laptop the Acer 4540. Wahahaha... I'm now a proud owner of the laptop picture below.

It's great, finally a new laptop after pestering for months for a new laptop so last 2 weeks I finally got one. The feeling is exuberant (close to orgasm) ahak ahak. Is that good. However I had to actually refrain myself from caressing the shining metal thing, the LCD screen, the soft keyboard just because I still had exam papers to mark and other unfinished school work to attend to. I dare not touch it for fear of addicting to it and refusing of letting it go. Nonetheless the image of my virgin laptop still sitting in its box never actually left my mind, even when I was busy with my work.

And when the day came, it was just what I expected it to be, the keyboard was soft to the fingers, the screen was nice to look at. Everything looked beautiful even my inbox had nice splash of colours, suddenly. Oh by the way, this laptop is an anniversary gift from hubby. Isn't he sweet? I know. ahak ahak.

Alright I'll sign off here. I've a lot of other (cyber) work to attend to. Restaurant City, Farmville, Farm Town, Barn Buddy, here I come.....!