Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Now I Know Why

Though I tend and try to get along with everybody, there are some people that you can't really get along with and there are some people that you just seem to 'click' straight away like you really enjoy their presence and you have so much to talk to with that person, because you just 'click', you know what I mean?

There are some people that you can talk everything under the sun, you joke around with them, the jokes may sound harsh to others but we do not seem to mind, we are of the same wavelength, we understand each other's feeling and at times we tend to finish each other's lines. I'm glad and quite lucky in the sense that I quite have a number of friends who I just happened to 'click' right away. ,Amazingly, it does not take years to establish this bond, there are a few incidences that I just happen to click right away with these people, we may not see each other often but everytime we meet, we have a lot to share and we just enjoy each other's company.

Quite recently, I commented to a colleague of mine that I just love my Form 3 girls, maybe because I have taught a handful of them since they were in Form One. I have watched them grow from boisterous, immature kids to a more serious and lady-like girls. I can see some of them starting to take learning more seriously this year as the have a major exam to focus on compared to the previous years I have taught them.

In fact some of them are having me for almost 3 years of their school lives, and I do enjoy being with them. We 'click' and we are just interested to know more about each other and we just love sharing stories.

And today I was pointed out why we have this kind of 'tight' relationship, according to the chinese horoscope pointed out by my students 3K's students (Kae*shini, Karish*ma and Kary*na) teachers who are born on the year of a tiger will have a good time teaching students who are born in the year of pig RFLMAO! It sounded ridiculous but I just have to agree.

These kids sometimes make me feel important the celebrity -like kind of importance (LOL!) as they are just interested to know more about me, our routine lesson is sometimes filled with 'red herring' and that makes teaching them effortless and fun. And just like life not everything is a bed of roses and just like roses there are thorns, but I take all them as a challenge and constantly reminding them to not take things easy. Although they can drive me up the wall at times, they are actually fine girls who are capable of doing great things but more often that not they have not able to set their priorities right.

I really hope these girl will strive harder in their studies and will always remember their teachers. I know I have a lot of shortcoming and may not be the best teacher anyone can wish for but I believe each of my student has potential to achieve great success and I always pray for the success of my girls. Last but no least 'nagging teachers are caring teachers', remember that!

NB- This batch of students are the ones responsible in introducing me to the Twillight saga and got me hooked to it 2 years ago (thanks to Han*nna Suhaila), not only that they introduced me to the Night World series too, they are the ones who made me continue blogging after the in-house training that I attended (Angela Chong and the gang in 1B 2008), they are the people who made me read the novel P.S. I Love You and My Sister's Keeper and they are the ones who would tell me what movies or dvds worth watching.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

So That's It!

Well! well! well! Whaddaya know

The holiday is drawing to an end. Time really flies fast and the weather is super super hot. Oh wow that was random.

Anyway, we didn't do much, but lazing around at home is just as fun, what more with my 5 kids, but we did do something educational, we went to the Petrosains.

Timing was really bad, the place was swarmed with people and even to get into the elevators took us a few rounds. Some people just don't make way to big family with small kids, they were strong men, young couples and teenagers, you guys takelah the escalator, why go and menyesakkan the lift, pushing and whatnot and you people didn't carry much barang anyway, compared to us with stroller and carrying another child who suddenly refused to walk as the crowd intimidate her and 3 other children notwithstanding tagging along. Sigh! Malaysians have become so selfish, so self-centred, they have lost their sense of empathy and sympathy, how to teach our kids good moral values when the adults don't behave like one. So dont go around and say 'kid nowadays are ruthless' or 'the younger generation is insolent' when you yourself not showing the good examples, you cut queues, you lack the p's and q's, you dont follow the signs when it says No Entry you still pass through, you take other people's parking without feeling remorse oh the list can go on and on. Oooppss...I digress.

So we reached there, all excited to get in at 12.30, when we were told the next available slot is at 3.00 pm. I wasn't happy as Hilman needed his nap but my hubby insisted that we proceed with the plan. As he's the one wearing pants, I will definitely lose. So to kill the time, we went to Kinokuniya, we had lunch, we prayed and we back there at 2.45. The queue was long and it took us almost more than half an hour to get inside. The kids were restless.

Once it was our time, the kids got excited again when they saw the gondola to take us inside. The ride was fun and very informative. Hubby and I were so impressed with the technology used. As we reached the exhibition area, the kids started to run around holding this and trying that unfortunately, they were just too many people, we can't really explore much as we had to wait for our turns to try out all the things there. Although, it was educational trip, we were not able to do much due to the number of people visiting Petrosains on that day.

Enjoy the pics:-
Hilman was blown away with this singing dinosaur

The children had loads of fun at the Space Station

My kids as F1 drivers

We sure hope to come here again and the next time around we are going to do online booking so that we can get an earlier slot and get to explore and enjoy the things there more.

Monday, February 15, 2010


So the holiday is here and yesterday we brought the kids to the Zoo. I think age is really catching up with me as zoo is no longer a fun, amazing place to visit, and walking around the zoo is really tiring what more under the baking sun, the kids were ok, they weren't really impressed with the animals there, my guess is they had enough of animal watching when we were in Ecopark at Bukit Merah last holiday. Hilman was cute though when he went 'Eeee, akut, akut' when we were looking at the snakes and crocodile.

Group photo with the giraffes at the background

Feeding the deers

My girls trying to have a better view of the bulls

Check out Hilman's hat

The fun part was the tram ride and when we dine in MacDonalds as we were so hungry and the things sold in the zoo were damn expensive. I bought 3 bottles of mineral water, 4 packets of peel fresh (the small size) and it costed RM30.50. Even though we brought our own water but the sight of the cold mineral water was difficult to resist especially when you had been walking for hours under the scorching sun, so that explains the damage.

The tram ride, summed up the fun of the day

Today was fun too, we went visiting our friend for 'Gong Xi Fa Cai', this special friend of mine, made us feel so at home. The kids too were so comfortable playing with her kids and the couple was such a great host that 3 hours spent there wasn't enough for my kids. You know the kind of feelings you get with your best friend, you help yourself to the food, you laze around in her living room, the comfortable silence, is just wonderful. So for some people to accuse of being racist shows how narrow-minded those people can be to make accusation like that when this wonderful friend of mine has been getting 'most popular', 'most friendly teacher' award. And this award bestowed upon her was done through votes from the students whereby 70% of the school enrolment are Malays.

So to this friend of mine, I know you're not, you know you're not, the students know too that you're not and they are the best judge as they are our clients, so I hope you are not saddened by the accussation made by some irresponsible, shallow thinking people because majority of us think you ROCK and the best of friend anyone can wish for!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The holiday is here

Gong Xi Fa Cai and happy holiday everybody. Yippie!

Just a quickie,

About 4 days ago, Nabil asked whether I could buy a small aquarium for his class. So below is the conversation that took place between the mother and the son.


Ibu can you buy a small aquarium for my class, cikgu nak.

Cikgu nak? Dia nak buat haper?

Cikgu nak bela ikanlah...

Bela ikan apa?

Cikgu kata dia nak bela ikan Filipina, pas tu saper2 yang naughty kena tukar air ikan tu.

Ikan Filipina? ahak ahak....ikan piranha lah darling.

And that conversation reminds me of a conversation that took place 3 years ago when he was 5.

Ibu I got a new teacher today.

Oh really, what's her name?

Her name is Ms February

Oh wow! That is such a unique name.

Tapi kan Ibu susahlah nak sebut nama dia.

Lama2 nanti senanglah

Later, I flipped open his memo book.

Dear Mdm,

This is to inform you that the En Mozart open day will be held this Saturday 12/4/2007.

Ms Valerie
En Mozart class teacher.