Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yay! We did it!

The school musical drama is finally over after 6 months of gruelling preparation. The last 2 weeks had been crazy. We had an intensive practises. The first 9 days camping in the school hall for 6-7 hours was no joke and the last 3 days in the Civic Centre itself too was really really tiring. Basically the last 3 days in the Civic Centre we literally did not get to see daylight unless you step outside of the auditorium. We arrived at 8.00 am and going home around 6-7 pm and the day itself we finally got to go home at around 12.30 am. But it was worth it.

The show turned out to be a huge success with one thousand people watching. THe matinee show we had around 400 people mainly school students and the night show more than 600 people watching. Not bad for a first timer in doing this, don't you think?
Not only that, so far, we have been getting a lot of positive comments from the audience, that was the real icing on the cake.

But to conduct such a drama in this large scale was no joke but all the hard work paid off. Now I can sigh a great relief and hope to get better sleeps. Things were crazy for the last 2 weeks, most of us were deprived from getting a good slumber and not only that we had to endure the negative vibes surrounded us. We pulled it through and am glad. So those of you who just had to give your sarcastic remarks about the whole production, eat your heart out because we were GREAT and you know it! So who's having the last laugh now, hah! Tell me.

So to those of you who came to watch the drama yesterday. Thank you for all your support. To my orchestra members, they said you guys were flawless and am so proud. Thank you again. Yay, people. We did it!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Friends, are they?

I'm used to being misjudged. When I was younger people always labelled me as 'stuck up, show-off, braggart, that KL girl' when in actual fact they didn't bother to get to know me. I may appear 'sombong' but once you get to know me you'll realize I can be too friendly. If you know me, you'll see that I try to be optimistic about things, I don't like to worry about stuff and I seldom talk about things that make me depressed.

As I grow older, I believe I've matured in my thinking hence I try to carry myself in a way that will not portray me as the things that people used to call as it hurts. I begin to train myself to think positive, to be happy, to appreciate life as it is, to be thankful with what I have, not to give a damn with what people think or say about me but at times I collapse. It's difficult to see the bright of things all the time when people keep saying or thinking of ways just to annoy and irritate you. They just love to see you lose your temper so they can have more points just to badmouth you.

I tried not to lose my calm because once I lose it, that's it, friends we shall not be. I know it is not a good practice but it's difficult to be face to face with someone whom I try to be a friend but keeps talking bad things about you. I can take it but if you only have negative things to say about me, that's it man. You're just toxic and not worth to be called a friend.

Some people are just born to be unhappy about other people's happiness. They are easily irritated when a person laughs too much, smiles all the time, contented with what she has, seldom complains about her life. Excuse me, lady, my life is not a bed of roses that's for sure but I'm just thankful, why can't you be the same?

If I were to complain, there are million and one things to complain but what's the use? What good of complaining, it definitely will not solve the problem. Mind you, this is not just a person but a clan and they just love to gather and talk about other people and I know I'm being generalised here but the Malays majority just love to gather and gossip about people. They get other people to gang up with them. They just love to say or hear bad story about other people as this will make them feel superior. You know the attitude of 'I'm holier than thou'. They'll clap their hands when you fall, they'll be smiling from ear to ear when they managed to kill your spirit or enthusiasm. Again this is just a generalization, too bad I have them in my working environment.

Maybe I don't appear to be Malay enough, hence the dissatisfaction? Waallahualam.

Sweaty and Sticky

Sitting in the hall for 8-9 hours is no joke , I'm sweaty and sticky and I'm in dire need of shower. We did the run through of the whole drama, what can I say? I'm still hoping for miracle to happen. Kudos to the orchestra though, many complimented that they sounded good and that made me happy. At least, something positive is mentioned. Well more to come later, perhaps. Adios!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Dancing Queens

So everybody, this is the video you guys been waiting for. Enjoy!

We really let ourselves loose and we had a lot of fun.
To all my students, you guys were a group of great and loud supporters. Thank you for the overwhelming cheer and applause.

At the backstage, nervous, getting ready to rock the floor. ahak ahak.

And my dear students, thank you for the lovely gifts, cards, cupcakes, muffin, cookies and chocolates. Love them all. The munchies were gone in a jiffy basically had to fight with the kids. So I get only to taste some and they were yummy and looking at the crumbs left on the floor, I think my kids agree with me too that my girls can bake and good at it. So thank you from the very bottom of my heart for being thoughtful and putting the effort in giving, finding me the gifts. I appreciate it. Thank you. <