Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Prize Giving Ceremony

It is nice to be acknowledged by the school leavers, though only a handful them came to meet and greet me, it was a wonderful be remembered!!!

So today was the prize-giving ceremony known as MPPH in my school (Majlis Penghargaan dan Penyampaian Hadiah).  Seeing the ex-Form 5s who came with such dazzling outfits, stilletos clad to their feet, immaculate make up, designer handbag, up-to-date electronic gadgets,  put my image in my humble baju kurung and the usual eyeliner and lipstick me with shabby looking shoes and handbag to shame.  Oh my! How they  have grown to beautiful, matured looking ladies and pursuing courses that I have never known existed, made me swell with pride.  Last year's Form 5s have made us proud and I do miss them  mostly  my orchestra members.

The ceremony went well I would say, my orchestra girls played really well and many commented they were good and I am relieved and looking at my principal's face who was wide smiling and gave us a thumb's up made me proud, all the hard work really paid off.  I am happy to announce that I have such pleasant girls in my club, though they often get shelling from us the teacher advisors, they never keep grudges and they are helpful to one another.  There is lots of work to be in orchestra but they are not whiners and I am content.

Thank you girls for a wonderful performance.  We have one more major event to think of the Inter-School String Orchestra Competition on the 17th of July...please make us proud of you again!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Long Overdue Post -Months of Birthdays

Aaaahhhh.....choooo!!! Fuh my blog is dusty indeed, cobwebs galore...

The month March and April are months of birthdays in this family.  It kicked off with Dhaniyah's 4th birthday on the 5th of March, my second brother's birthday on 14th of March, Hilman's 18th of March, my nephew and niece on 21st of March, my mom on the 22nd, mine 4th of April, my sis-in-law, Juliana on the 10th of April, my son Nabil 13th of April, my dad on 14th of  April and my eldest sis-in-law's birthday on the 28th of April.  So basically memang kenyang makan kek jelah.

This year Hilman's birthday fell on school holiday, we took the opportunity to celebrate his birthday in Melaka.  Hubby managed to get good rate for a villa there and we had a blast.  We had a lot of fun. As the villa came with a swimming pool, the kids had a good time, jumping in and out of the pool as in which and when they wish.  The party was supposed to be by the pool side but since the weather was hot, we changed the venue to be indoor.  On the way to Melaka, we bought KFC and we brought some kuih and a birthday cake which I ordered from Kak Yani the Kitchen Guardian.  Since my good friend is also living in Melaka, we invited her to come and join in the celebration.  The whole family came, they brought along their swimming suits, the children didn't waste much time, changed into their swimming attire and within minutes all the children are in the pool accompanied by the fathers, while mothers watching by the sidelines. Shouts and laughter could be heard and it was a wonderful sight.  Thank you Ila for making up the crowd.

                                          The children having a whale time

                                           Happy Birthday Hilman.

The next day we went to the Animal Safari, we love going here as the place is clean and we love watching the shows.

                                               During the bird show

                                                              The elephant ride

                                          The boat ride to the monkey island

                                Aina and Nabil volunteered for the elephant show

That same night we went to Cowboy town, the kids loved the parade but no photos were taken because we had our hands full carrying Hilman and Dhaniyah who were afraid of the fireworks.

The next day, we went to the Extreme Park, the kids tried the go-kart while we tried doing the archery.

             They almost gave us heart attack when they went 'vroom vroom'. They were fast.
My first time doing archery, I did pretty well, I scored 22 points over 100 not badlah at least my arrows ada jugak yang kena the board apa...

We truly enjoyed our stay in the A'Famosa villa and I highly recommend it to other big families like us, we took the 3 bedded room and each room came with a one queen size bed and a single bed, so it was spacious and comfortable.

On the 13th of April was Nabil's 8th birthday, we didn't do anything much but he brought cupcakes to school to be shared with his classmates.

My son the die-hard Liverpool fan.  Photo courtesy of Kitchen Guardian, the person who made my son the happiest boy on his birthday.

He was happy with the cuppies and he declared himself the most popular boy in his school that day as many of his friends admiring the cakes and commented how tasty it tasted too.

Well, above are some interesting events that have been happening and worth sharing for the past one month.  Other interesting stuffs were the kids sports day, my birthday, mom's, dad's birthday but no photos accompanying so malaslah nak report.

Cheerio! More later, perhaps?!!! ahak ahak.