Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Having Children is A Blessing

You know like when you go to a function of your hubby's friend and you don't know anyone there and you are not bothered to make friends, you can always entertain your kids, cater to their needs and you will not look out of place or a total loser in fact you are seen as a loving and such caring mother.

Or when you take your younger kids  for check-ups and again you are just too lazy to strike a conversation with other patients you can always play with your children, sing to them and you are not labeled as someone who has just lost her mind or a 'weirdo' in fact you are fun to look at and people will see you as being very creative and fun-loving mother to your children.

Or you can watch your kids playing for hours and you are not seen as someone who are lost in outer space and in fact people will see you of having such a loving gaze towards your kids when in actual fact you are thinking of something else, work, housework, etc.

Or the time when you are too lazy to go anywhere you can always come out with an excuse of having to take care of your kids well-being and it is always  a valid enough reason of you to just chill at home with your children.

Or at the time when you are already bored in a gathering or a function, and your husband is not ready to leave yet, you can always come up with a reason that the kids are restless, tired, etc and that is reason enough for your husband to get going.

Or when you don't really feel like talking to your husband, mom, mother-in-law, the kids can always be the messenger to get your message across.

And it's always a good time to have an ice-cream outing when you have kids.

Yeah these are some of the perks of having children when you are just content with yourself and not putting any effort to make friends. Yay to us mothers!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Plea to All Men Out There

I was just reading a blog of a good friend of mine and the topic is on marital issue and how men tend to easily  forget his responsibility when he is involved with another woman.  It's not something new we have heard it overtimes on how men cheated on his wife and vice versa, but this issue never fails to make people get angry easily, and as woman we do feel for the wife.  The fact that some men who go astray are not financially sound, tends to make your blood boils as these men who are still dependant on the wife to settle some of utility bills, have the heart to find another.  Like a friend said 'ko syok2 sorang and ko expect your wife to understand that this is takdir' is a total bullshit.  I am sorry,there's no nice word to describe what you have done.

Funny enough when I talked this issue with some men, they could highlight it 'maybe it was a small mistake' or 'dah nak jadi bukan dicari'  and they would further broach the topic by saying like 'Inilah masalah perempuan kesalahan kecil suami dia, dia dah tak ingat dah semua benda baik yang suami dia dah buat'.  Kesalahan kecil?  Have a fling for another woman is a MAJOR mistakes in a marriage, tak kiralah suka-suka ke or takde benda ke, but it is definitely not kesalahan kecil.  It is a MAJOR no-no ok? This thing which you think happens to be nothing can get real messy, many hearts will be broken definitely not yours but the family the wife and the kids.  Many people will get hurt, her side of the family and even your side of the family, the one that is takde apa2 and syok is you yourself, you selfish brat! So please don't label it as a small mistake although you have repent, the hurt is just too much, the wound is too deep even time may not fully healed the injury that you have done.

So my plea to all men out there

1.  instead of using your free time -imagining other things that involve sex can you please use your time wisely on how to earn extra money for the family so you can lead a better life for example.

2.  so if you are filthy rich - can you please think on how to raise your kids to be manusia yang berguna kepada agama, bangsa dan negara.  Nurturing it's not suppose to be one sided- it's not the mother's job per se but both the parents.

3.  and if you are not - instead of watching tv and reading newspaper and thinking of the unthinkable can you please make a point to help your wife around the house.

4.  and can you please think on how to be a good or a better husband/father to your wife and kids.  Only then you would want to achieve a better quality life for your family and I believe if you are this type of husband/father you will have no time to think about other women and go astray.

Can you do that please?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Satu Dua Tiga Lekuk

I am in the process of resurrecting my blog, wish me luck! (LOL!).  Anyway, let's start with a short and sweet entry of Dhaniyah and her Bedtime Stories.

One night while putting Dhaniyah to bed, she requested that I tell her  bedtime stories.  I was already bored with the selection that we have wait more like I was bored with the stories that she has chosen because I ended up reading the same 2 stories over and over again, it's always either the Ugly Duckling or When Johnny Comes Marching Home.  So this one night, I decided to tell a story that I grew up hearing it over times 'Sang Kancil dan Buaya' as this time the story is told orally as I had no book to refer to,therefore,  basically the story is being watered down, knowing that I will finish the story within minute, I decided to inject some questions as I go along narrating this piece.  And so I went.....

Pada zaman dahulu, di dalam hutan tinggal seekor kancil yang bijaksana  ....

Ibu    : Dhaniyah tau tak kancil tu apa?
Dhaniyah  :  Tahu.  Teacher Niyah ada satu.
Ibu  :  Hah? Biar betul?  Kancil?
Dhaniyah   :  Ya. Tapi kancil dia tak duduk kat hutan, boleh ke kancil duduk kat hutan?
Ibu   :  Kancil duduk kat hutanlah Niyah, kancil tu animal?
Dhaniyah  :  Bukan.  Kancil tu keretalah Ibu.  Teacher Niyah park kancil dia kat school Niyah.
Ibu  : hahahahaha.....

Ok after explaining to her what type of animal kancil is and after she went ooooooooo.....aaaaaaaa,  I continued the story so in between I asked her some more questions and she kind of followed it well so nothing funny happened there, towards the end of the story when the sang kancil went...

Ibu   :  Wahai buaya2 aku bawa perutusan dari Sultan Sulaiman untuk mengira kamu semua supaya aku dapat memberi penghormatan kepada kamu haiwan yang hebat ni.  (note: not the real storyline, I kind of forget how the story goes but who cares?)  Jadi silalah buat one straight line supaya boleh aku kira kamu semua.  So after the crocodiles have line up in one straight line the kancil jumped on each of them reciting 'satu dua tiga lekuk, jantan betina aku ketuk' knocking each of their head. (Ibu did some action of 'luku'(knocking) kepala Niyah and she started to giggle she finds the action to be ticklish, hmmm... I wonder why).  So the kancil managed to reach  the other side of the river, faced the crocodiles and laughing out loud (LOL?) to the crocodiles 'You guys are being fooled, all I wanted to do is to cross this river without being eaten, Sultan Sulaiman tidak memperutuskan apa2 kepadaku kamu semua sudah kena tipu HA HA HA.  Maka kancil tu dengan happynya makan semua buah yang ranum2 di dalam hutan tersebut.  The end.

Ibu   :  Niyah faham tak cerita ni?  Niyah suka tak?

Niyah  :  Niyah faham, nak jadi bijak kena pandai tipu ye Ibu.

Ibu  :   ???????????????

Alright Dhaniyah from tomorrow night onwards we stick to the usual bedtime stories okay, sayang.