Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I am upset!

Remember Khairina my 3rd child my blur and unfocussed daughter who is struggling in school?

Well, last week she told me she lost her Maths activity book.  I was so mad, of all the subjects, Maths, the subject she is weakest in?  Therefore she has not been doing her work, we went to quite a number of shops searching for the book and apparently they no longer reprint the book because of the new syllabus KLSSR.

Last Saturday was the Open Day, I dragged seeing her class teacher one because this is the same teacher who penalized my eldest daughter for asking question in class and labeling her as 'busybody', when I got to know the same teacher is to be Khairina's class teacher I had not so good feeling about it.  Nothing happened after that it just that Khairina's performance has been deteriorating, she never has flunk Maths before, the lowest she has scored  was 67% (I know its not great but coming for Khairina I was complacent) until this mid-term when she scored only 37% I was upset.

I've been going through her books and as usual they are all a lot of incomplete work written all over the page, I am unhappy that the teacher did nothing about it, I can help if the work was taken from the textbook but the problem is that it was work written on the board and knowing Khairina she copies things slowly and a loner she ends up daydreaming in class.

When I sat down with the teacher during Open Day she kept on repeating 'I know you're very busy' or 'you must be very busy' as though I have not done much to help my daughter,  She told me about my daughter's missing book, I told her I'm aware of that and that I've been going to bookstores to hunt for the book and I told her if I could have someone's book to bring home, so that she can do the work that she has missed.

I took one home, got it photocopied Saturday itself, there were about 12 pages front and back that needed to be done.  Unfortunately Sunday was a busy day, I woke up 5.30 am to fry drummets for Nabil to bring for his football tournament.  Hub and Nabil left home at around 6.30 am, as bibik was not around I had to attend to the household chores, at around 8.30 I had to put make up on Aina as she has her choir performance at The Curve, sent her to school, bought breakfast and headed home.  Bathed the kids, fed them and took the whole brood to Giant to do some groceries shopping, I was done by 12.30 pm unloaded the thing and drove to The Curve to catch Aina's performance.  Spent about half an hour to secure a parking space when finally Aina called to inform that she has just finished performing.

Got lost in The Curve as we went in through the wrong entrance, walked around for about 15 minutes before reaching her which is at the other side of where I parked my car.  To cut thing short, after lunch and waiting for the heavy downpour to abate we reached home close to 5 pm.  So after shower and dinner Khairina sat down to do her work at around 6.30 pm.  As she was slow in her doing her work and a lot of careless mistakes as she's easily confused with what she was suppose to do etc etc at around 11 pm she is still not done with her work.

I felt pity for her as she was sleepy and I was tired and sleepy too, I told her to put away her things and get ready to bed.  She was worried she didn't get to finish her work and I told her to explain to the teacher that she will get it done the next day.

So today when she came back to school, she was unhappy because the teacher scolded her for not finishing her work and her papers were all over the place as I have forgotten to staple them.  What I am upset is that the teacher made a remark of "Your parents are stupid for not stapling the paper, and they do not want to help you, how're you going to improve like this?"

I was soooooooo mad and so upset, that was so uncalled for making an upsetting remark to an 8-year old girl.  I admit I was wrong but there's no need to use such words!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not sure her rationale of blurting those words, it's like she's asking us to come over and challenge her.  I am not sure if confrontational will do any good as I'm afraid that she will mark my daughter and penalized her even more.

I am still in rage but after writing all this down it has managed to calm me a tiny bit.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hilman and Ibu

Pada suatu malam,

Hilman : Ibu, saya rasa saya suka sangatlah kat Ibu.

Ibu      :  Rasa je?  Ibu loveeeeeeeeeeeeee Hilman

Hilman :  Saya pun.  (and keeps kissing me all over my face)

Ibu     :  Awwww......

He likes doing that now, kissing me over and over again.  Hilman please stay and be my baby forever ok?


Some people can be soooooooooooo hypocrite,
Always having this nice, sweet, am-holier-than- thou look,
But capable of being malicious behind your back.

Some people said they meant well but hide it under a pseudonym,
How could you  mean well when you are afraid of giving out your identity?
It does show that you have a hidden agenda in whatever you are trying to say,
Is either you are jealous or just unhappy and you hope by saying something not so good about other people
you will make them unhappy too?
Sorry it doesn't work with me that way, lady!
My advice to you lady....

GET A LIFE!  Go fly a kite or something!

This is my space so I can jolly well write whatever I want,
If you're not happy, please get lost!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Alahai cik adik oi!

I went to my usual pharmacy yesterday afternoon.  I was in a haste as bibik was not around and hub and Nabil were to leave for their Friday prayer soon.  I wanted to be quick to get my supply.
The usual salesgirl suddenly so surprised to see me dashing into the pharmacy and went 'Dari mana kak?'  That greeting caught me by surprise as she never greeted me that way before.

As I was making my way to the pharmacist, I couldn't help but feel that I am suddenly budging into a serious discussion the pharmacist was having with a young couple.  While I was waiting for the pharmacist to attend to me I could actually listen to the conversation they were having.  The pharmacist didn't actually look happy and so was this sweet, pretty, young thing (not older than 20) the only person who remained calm and didn't utter a single word was the boy beside her.

I could sense something was wrong and my instinct proved me right when I discovered that the girl is 5 weeks pregnant and she's looking for medication to abort the baby.  When she was told to take the pills 7 tablets in the morning, 7 tablets in the afternoon and 7 tablets at night until the fetus dropped, I could see the blood draining from her face because she went '7 biji tiap2 kali? Sampai berapa lama?'... 'Sampai benda tu jatuh lor' said the pharmacist.

The pharmacist realized that I was there, quickly asked me what I wanted, gave me the thing and told me to pay up at the front counter.  At the counter I blurted 'Sedihnya org kita buat perangai camni' and the cashier went 'dah jadi perkara biasa dah kak, ramai dah minta ubat nak gugur kandugan.'

I was soooooo sad, I sat in my car and waited for the couple to come out from the pharmacy, the girl looked forlorn and unhappy, the boy looked calm and didn't say a word until they were out from the pharmacy then only I could see his mouth moving with a slight twitch of a smile.

I am sad so sad and I can't help but to put myself in her mother's shoes on how heartbroken she could be.

A pretty girl like her wasting her youth and time with a boy who's not even good-looking and not responsible enough to father the baby.  Sigh! I am just so sad and I am soooooo afraid.

Ya Allah please protect my children from indulging in such behaviour, jangan fikir seronok je, kesianlah kat mak-bapak ni, yang sayang dan sanggup bergadai untuk anak2.  Fikir panjanglah anak2 oi, kasihanilah kedua ibubapa mu yang telah bersungguh2 membesarkanmu.